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  1. Hello fellow Second Life residents, I registered about two weeks ago in order to take a look at the possibly great virtual world of Second Life and I hoped to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. But unfortunately I didn't make a single frined this time and had a bad SL experience overall. I do know that a friendship takes time to develop, but I didn't even meet a person I could talk with on several days. There were always only short conversations from 30 minutes to 1 hour. I tried many things in order to meet new people, I even joined groups with similiar interests but unfortunately had no luck so far. So Farewell to everyone who cares, because I am going to leave SL. One last thing I am doing is the following (and I hope that it is allowed to do this in the forum): I still have some Linden$ left on my account and I don't want them to be wasted, so I decided to play a little game and the one who wins will get the L$ I have left on my Avatar. The rules: You have to guess the amount of L$ I have on my account and the one who makes the closest guess will win and I will give this person my money as a present. Everyone is only allowed to guess once and every number can only be used once (who writes the number first is the one who counts) This little game will take one week, until next Friday. Then I will give away my L$ and afterwards I am going to delete my account.
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I will take a look at your suggestions and try them out.
  3. Hello to all the people here, I could need some help creating my male Avatar. I was already skimming through the whole marketplace (complete avatar section, as well as skins, mesh and avatar-base) and unfortunately I couldn't find anything that I really liked. There are so many beautiful female avatar products, but it is really difficult to create a nice male avatar. Most things are either a big bulky beast or on the other side a cute femboy, there is rarely something in between. Furthermore I am not looking for the cheapest things, I would be willing to spend some money for good quality. (And why are most male avatars so much more expensive than female ones?) I would really appreciate it, if someone could lend me a helping hand :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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