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  1. I tried to copy my rl height, which is 5.9. However, I looked like a dwarf around sl. I had to change slightly to about 5.10 to not look so small. But I haven't gone higher than that. It's quite comical how I tower over folks in rl (which is fun when going on blind dates) yet in SL I am smaller than most.
  2. That would in the inworld sales. However, ordering for multiple individuals online doesn't necessarily cause issues. The issue with the online problem was just headcount of literal interactions with it. Which was the problem that spawned most of the comments here. We expect the real world to be super busy, sims have a low limit on avatar count, people sometimes go to these places and just sit there for an hour and block others from going in, and you got those that buy multiple of the items either as themselves to send to their alts, or as their alts.
  3. Lol! Create an inviting profile. Talk to guys. And I don't mean to flirt. I just mean become friends with them. Hang out with them. Same with men and women. Eventually you start to understand the other side and can find someone. All I did to with my current beau, was to basically joke about James Bond with him. There years later we are still here, without blood on the floor.
  4. Won't change though. I believe you can't create a script in sl to combat that for TS reasons. And hey, I'd do that myself if given the chance. I did that with Lelutka.
  5. News to me. I have boats and planes. I haven't used them yet though. I wonder if there are some that allow script edits to be made. May need to look into that. I don't sail all that much but I tend to do a yearly trip. (Last year was an exception).
  6. Cocoon, Insilico, and Drune (when the creator sets it up as cyber, she now has a Steampunk/Dieselpunk version. She repeats though!).
  7. I have countless poses and I have the pose hud. I have considered creating my own poses though, especially for those one-off shots I've done for comedy like sticking my finger up a Buckingham palace Guard as a Tacky tourist; or the mermaid being hunted one. I wish to have some of the imagination I had back in 2017-2019. 2020 has left me going, where's my brain?
  8. Depends on the situation: 1. Out of nowhere = Don't accept. 2. Just met and I'm reading it as a pickup attempt. = Say I'm with someone (which I am) and that I don't talk all that much. If they insist, then no. 3. If We are just having fun and I can sense the person isn't really interested in me. I will friend back. After many years in SL I can tell you that your instincts with the folks usually isn't wrong. When I've thought the person was trying to flirt, it usually is that. Though some of them do it very politely and actually do not bother me most go full Don Juan on
  9. By the way, in all of my comments I'm speaking matter of factly. I'm not indicating that what is done, or not done is incorrect. To be quite honest, I think what Catwa did was brilliant from a PR perspective. It may have been a mess for all of us in the marketplace side, but let's face it. This wasn't a "need", this was a "want" that all of us had. So it worked to get all of us talking about it here and a large volume of people talking about it in world. Thus, curiosity will rise and sales will increase. As I've said before: large enterprises such as Targey, H*M, and Mang- have done co
  10. They will, however this was actually the responsibility of the creator themselves. LL does not only cater to one creator and to their fanbase. They cater to thousands of creators and all other customers. Since these other creators also purchase services from LL. That they will correct this is no problem. But the fault lies on no communication from said creator to LL. Had there been a notice of this event then LL would have provided a options for the creator. Which were more than likely to create dedicated regions for it. Had the creator been a large volume one, they may have even discounte
  11. I wanted to play the devil's advocate with that statement, because some people just are aloof.
  12. Got mine too. I still have the free Lelutka and haven't opened it though. i need time to just sit and essentially experiment with shapes and turn every head into a cousin of the other. LOL.
  13. Right click and add or do what Kayly states. Either way, the reason why your clothes disappears is because you primary attached two items to the same point in your body. You can only attach 1, and add multiple over it. I believe the max is five adds including the primary one on the point. View a point like a joint.
  14. Agree with this. I believe they updated the head but didn't create a new shape for it. I haven't updated my Lake for this very reason. I fear redoing it, but never really having the same shape/look.
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