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  1. Sissygay is correct, by the way - Affiliates get their own special control panel, and they have some limited controls over what they can do with their "share". They can also disable the vendor automatically if the merchant reduces their share below a certain threshold. CasperVend has many thousands of features, and some are less well known
  2. Fixed! Sorry about that. By the way, although we don't provide support directly to affiliates (so that our support team doesn't get overwhelmed!), you can always ask the merchant to contact us on your behalf.
  3. I've been in touch with David, and we're working on it.
  4. Centbair - you could consider one of the free options, like CasperVend Free - there's a small 5% commission payable on sales, but no upfront cost.
  5. This is a public service announcement from CasperTech (known for the CasperVend vending system and the CasperLet rental system). Our products and services are very well known in Second Life, and many of our scripts require debit permissions to function. We're widely trusted by hundreds of thousands of people, and unfortunately, scammers are exploiting this fact in order to scam people. Recently, we've seen a huge spike in instances of scammers pretending to be CasperTech representatives and re-purposing our objects (such as gift cards, re-delivery terminals and vendors). Be very suspicious of any object given to you unexpectedly, by someone you don't know or have no reason to trust. The scammers might use account names close to ours, such as "CasperVendor Resident". The objects often look like ours. They might show CasperTech or Casper Warden as the creator of the object. Use common sense when evaluating whether it's safe to grant Debit Permissions to an object. The scammers try to use the reputation of well-known brands in order to instil confidence in their victims, so please remain vigilant. HOW TO SPOT A SCAM 1. Did the object arrive unsolicited (unexpectedly)? 2. Are the scripts inside the object not made by someone I trust? (Remember scripts can be hidden inside child prims) 3. Is there no explanation as to why I've been given the object? 4. Is the avatar who gave me the object not an official representative of the company or organisation they claim to be from? Think - Why does this object need debit permissions? Why do I even have the object? Things to bear in mind: Products that you have purchased directly from Casper Warden are safe. Affiliate vendors require debit permissions to function. Only rez affiliate vendors from trusted merchants. Our gift cards will ONLY ask for debit permissions once a product has been selected and the "Buy" button is pressed, and ONLY if the balance on the gift card doesn't cover the purchase price. Our redelivery terminals DO NOT ask for debit permissions. The official list of CasperTech avatars is maintained here. Be very careful about subtle mis-spellings of these names. CasperTech staff will never ask for your account password, and will never offer you unsolicited gift cards/inventory.
  6. Throw me a message inworld, I'll help you for free.
  7. Azura Lowbeam wrote: I know I'd feel much more comfortable if in stead the popup would read something like: "Do you agree with a one time deduction of X L$ from your balance to complete the transaction?" That would be ideal. Unfortunately, SL simply doesn't work like that. It's all or nothing with the debit permissions system. Unfortunately, this is one area in which SL has always fallen short. If you don't feel comfortable with granting debit perms, then don't. Contact the store owner and see if they have a top-up terminal available, or perhaps they could issue you another card with a higher balance.
  8. Please, apply common sense. Do not grant permissions to objects that you do not trust. If someone gives you a gift card randomly, out of the blue, it's likely a scam. CasperVend gift cards are safe, however, it's important to note that scammers can use my prims and scripts to make their fake gift cards look legitimate. Do NOT simply base your trust on who created the card. I should emphasize that legitimate CasperVend gift cards will NOT request debit perms unless you are attempting to purchase an item which costs more than the value of the gift card. How do I know whether to trust an object? Consider each positive and negative factor as a weight in your decision. + Was the gift card given to you by a friend? + Was the gift card purchased from a reputable store? + Was the gift card included in the purchase of another product? + Does the gift card respond when you click on store vendors? + Are the permissions of the gift card set to No Modify + No Copy? - Did you randomly get given the card out of the blue? - Do you not know the avatar who gave you the card? - Were you in a crowded public space at the time? - Does the card attempt to debit your account as soon as you wear it? Azura Lowbeam wrote: It's a CasperVend system. It's not that widespread (yet) 2.3 million vendors!
  9. Regarding the phrase: Any real-world currency or thing of value This is not the same as Any real-world currency, or thing of value According to my legal advisors, the way this is phrased (without the comma) implies that it only means real-world things of value. However, if this policy affects you, please seek your own legal advice as mileage may vary.
  10. According to stated policy, even requiring payment to join a group would not be in violation: How can I tell if the games of skill I have created or purchased are subject to and/or in violation of this policy? If you have created a game of skill that requires or permits Linden Dollars to participate and provides a payout in Linden Dollars, you are subject to this policy.
  11. I had previously sought clarification for this policy and how it affects my products (CasperVend Lucky Chair Expansion Pack, CasperVend Midnight Madness Expansion Pack, CasperVend Gacha Expansion Pack). I was assured that my products would be unaffected by this. However, since this action shows that either a) something has changed, or b) the policy is not being clearly described to staff internally, I have asked for further policy clarification via support ticket. ~Casper
  12. (Old thread, but I bring this up since a couple of users have referred back to this.) Rolig, I hear you and I do understand your feelings on this matter. Unfortunately, if my vendors didn't request debit permissions, there would be so much functionality that simply wouldn't work any more. It would render many of our most powerful features completely defunct. Features such as: - Affiliate vendors - Profit sharing - The ability to block a rogue customer from purchasing - Customer discounts / rewards - Group discounts - Gift cards - System maintenance or offline vendors - No copy / limited quantity vending .. and probably a bunch of other features which don't spring to mind right now. In the context of this thread, an affiliate vendor /requires/ debit permission or it cannot pay the creator. I understand that you may not need any of this functionality, and if so, then all power to you! In this case, you can use a much simpler system which doesn't include this functionality. For those who are interested, here is the permissions statement that we distribute with every copy of the system. I hope this clarifies our position! By the way, I absolutely and completely support the idea of a feature which can restrict the amount of L$ a script can pay.
  13. It would be wonderful if this were true. Unfortunately, it's not entirely accurate to say "there's no way for a buyer to pay any amount other than the fixed price". This is restricted by the viewer, not by the server, so in the following situations an incorrect amount could be paid (including L$0) The viewer could be modified, or hacked It's been seen that simulator lag causes packets arriving from other objects to show the wrong pay dialog on the object you're paying A viewer bug could be introduced at any time which affects this Good practice dictates that responsible server software (in this case, our scripts) should be prepared to accept anything from systems that we don't control. For this reason (and the fact that the system often needs to refund a transaction even if the amount is correct, as well as pay commission) all CasperVend vendors ask for debit perms.
  14. I thought i'd shed some light regarding "CasperTech" in that list. We don't operate in the same way as the others, (i.e we don't directly trade L$ for real life money) but instead we provide the ability for people to buy from merchants or rent from tenants using CasperVend vendors or CasperLet rental units, but using PayPal, Credit Card, or other methods. Basically, the customer purchases an inworld item or pays for tier using these options, the money is converted into L$, and forwarded to the merchant or landlord. We use VirWox to process our Credit Card and PayPal options, so the fees are the same as theirs. However, we are soon going to be adding additional payment options (such as UK direct debit) which we will handle ourselves, hence registering as an authorised L$ reseller. Casper
  15. Hello! Actually, CasperLet never takes a commission, not even the free version! Are you sure you're not confusing it with another product? Casper
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