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  1. What educational organization do you represent?The Learn English Network How do you use SL in your educational endeavors?Many different ways. We run several sessions in SL for ESL / EFL learners. When reading with students we are able to immerse them in the world of the book. (So far we have read Dracula in a castle / 20,000 Leagues Under the sea in the Nautilus wearing diving suits / The Rime of the Ancient Mariner on a ship (with an albatross) / The Ballad of Reading Jail in a jail (with a rat and a gallows) / Wind in the Willows along the river bank / Jane Eyre in a classroom and
  2. I think a reduction for creators in SL would be a good idea. IMHO LL could also distinguish tier prices for A M G rated land, and public vs private group only land. All in all though tier prices should be reduced across the board. Let's face it - RL property has.
  3. After a recent series of griefer attacks, the ??? in question wears an attachment that brings the computers of everyone in the area to a crawl. This makes it very difficult to eject and ban them. Is it possible to teleport to another sim (free of the griefer) and eject them from there? Also is it possible to block whatever emitter they are wearing so it can't affect you in the future, hence leaving you free to ban them when they come back in an alt - again?
  4. Thanks for the info. I actually carried on querying Poser World, specifically about SL's TOS, and got this reply:- The only thing we don't allow is the giving away of the actual models, so if you created or added to a game in a way that allowed a third party to extract a mesh/model then you'd be breaking the agreement. Unfortunately this looks to be the case with SL. So, I guess that even if you could tweak stuff enough to get it inworld, it's still a no no. I'll have a look Make Human (It does sound a bit Frankenstein) mwahaha.
  5. Okay, just to clear this up. I contacted Poser World and they replied that their Poser / DAZ studio content is royalty free for commercial use. The real issue, as has already been mentioned, is that the content is too complicated for SL at the moment. However, you can tweak textures to use in your SL creations. As per this thread from Daz 3d. http://www.daz3d.com/shop/tc2-second-life-avatar Please don't ask me how, I'm new to all this, and that's how I ended up in this thread, I was actually looking for answers. LOL
  6. I found this whilst trawling for the same information. However, I have to presume it's okay as I'm a total NOOB to graphic settings etc. It seems really useful, and I'd be interested to see if any of you Gurus agree with it:- http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=718&canMyGpuRunIt=Second%20Life
  7. It's well worth reading your review, if only to see the word "Newbie" next to your name. Made my day! :smileyvery-happy: PS - Have you upgraded since then?
  8. It's not happened to me, but it sounds as if it's something LL should look into. I applaud your reaction to it, but on a more serious note, newbies can be very disoriented in SL and they should be guaranteed a more gentle introduction to SL. I used to direct new people to Orientation Island, but I don't any more due to reports of harrasment, etc. It's okay saying these people are just griefers - should get a life etc, but they are damaging the reputation of SL in general. The first few hours of experience that newcomers have is the difference between new people sticking around and leavin
  9. The worst thing about mesh at the moment? Turning up for a meeting of teachers to be told you have an egg on your naked behind. (I never realised my avatar could embarass me until that moment). So - if you buy mesh clothing, put your prim undies on.
  10. I leave tips in places where I find free stuff (I love free stuff). :-) And I found a very good way of getting people to tip in one sim I visited recently. The tip jar said "Buy everyone in the bar a drink", you clicked it, paid 20 L$ and everyone got offerred a glass of red wine. It's tipping, but innovative and fun. (Just a thought.)
  11. If you like SL, and you can afford it, get a pro account. That way you get 512 sqm of land thrown in, with a modest number of prims, a 300 L$ stipend every week, and LL gets some money to keep the whole thing going and growing. I use SL to help people with their English (for free) and I really appreciate the beautiful sims - just been to Bora Bora beach - fabulous! I use my stipend to upload pictures and sound files, but whenever possible I spend my money in the sims I visit. I only resort to Marketplace when I'm looking for something specific or free. I much prefer to look around a sim a
  12. OK - here's an update. A couple of the adult terms have made it in, but I'm a real innocent (I didn't even know what / where Zindra was / is. As I have to explain these terms to SL newbies, I have spared my blushes. A - avatar / animation - animate / appearance / accessories - accessorize / album / away / abuse / album / admin / advanced / arrive / application / appear / addiction / ask / adult / action / activities / adventure / animals / aliens / arrow / angel / angle / accident / arms / art / ants / antelopes / ankle / ash tree / archery B - browser / beginners / bumps / bake / bat
  13. These are great! I actually thought of "holodeck" later. I'm currently singing the alt SL version of favourite things. More verses please. Might have to leave it out of the lessons though. ROFL Thanks so much everyone.
  14. Hi all, I'm developing some lessons for ESL / EFL learners and teachers in SL and I want to start with the basics and make it relevant to SL, so I've started writing an a to z of second life and would appreciate any input (preferably clean). Not just about features in SL, but what you can do and what you find in SL too. BTW - I am British, so the spelling might be a bit odd to some of my cousins. :-) Here's what I have so far:- A - avatar / animation - animate / appearance / accessories - accessorize / album / away / abuse / album / admin / advanced / arrive / application / appear / add
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