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  1. Gorgeous, great detail, where is she?
  2. My island is subdivided into three parcels but I'm not 100% happy with the result. Is it possible to move the existing lines around or do I have to re-join the three parcels and start again? Thanking you in advance, Sybille Sapphire
  3. Thanks for the link to private region pricing. I could not find this before and the Island Billing link on the Land Use Fees page does not take you there and didn't when I made my mistake. Cheers, Sybille
  4. Hi Aztek Thanks very much for your supportive response.It was a silly mistake to make I know but these things happen. LL are obviously not going to respond - not even an acknowledgement or a no - so rude! So, I'm thinking I will keep it and rent out most of it. I will try and contact you in world. Cheers, Sybille
  5. Nearly 10 days ago now I purchased a private island by mistake. Sadly, I thought the costs were in $L. I cannot afford the $295 per month fee. I submitted a ticket 10 days ago asking for a refund and have not received a reply; not even an acknowledgement. I tried the live chat and they told me to call the support line. The support guy told me that they have a two week backlog but that I should receive a response any day now & that I'll probably get a refund. That was three days ago! The thing is I could afford a monthly fee of up to $75 per month so I am wondering if there is anyway that I can reduce my fee to that amount by donating or deeding the island to a group. From what I have read this does not seem to be possible for islands in the same as way as for mainland. Interestingly, looking back at the information about islands, there is no mention of the differences between islands and mainland with respect to group donations and reducing tier payments. So, I'm at bit of a loss and in a slight panic!! Is there anyway I can reduce the monthly payment by donating or deeding to a group? Would it make a difference if I donated to a non-profit? cheers, Sybille
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