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  1. Gorgeous, great detail, where is she?
  2. My island is subdivided into three parcels but I'm not 100% happy with the result. Is it possible to move the existing lines around or do I have to re-join the three parcels and start again? Thanking you in advance, Sybille Sapphire
  3. Thanks for the link to private region pricing. I could not find this before and the Island Billing link on the Land Use Fees page does not take you there and didn't when I made my mistake. Cheers, Sybille
  4. Hi Aztek Thanks very much for your supportive response.It was a silly mistake to make I know but these things happen. LL are obviously not going to respond - not even an acknowledgement or a no - so rude! So, I'm thinking I will keep it and rent out most of it. I will try and contact you in world. Cheers, Sybille
  5. Nearly 10 days ago now I purchased a private island by mistake. Sadly, I thought the costs were in $L. I cannot afford the $295 per month fee. I submitted a ticket 10 days ago asking for a refund and have not received a reply; not even an acknowledgement. I tried the live chat and they told me to call the support line. The support guy told me that they have a two week backlog but that I should receive a response any day now & that I'll probably get a refund. That was three days ago! The thing is I could afford a monthly fee of up to $75 per month so I am wondering if there is anyway that I
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