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  1. Thank you for your reply, same here! I'm going with invisible. Thanks for helping me put a bullet in it, I'm over it now
  2. Thank you LittleMe, and OOPS! THIS is the correct answer, anway 4 pointa! Invisible it is.
  3. Sue, thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you got taken advantage of by a so-called friend, but your response to it did make me grin! I agree taking the bed up is the only absolute effective solution. I am still interested in at least trying another one if I can. I guess I'm just lazy. Thank you again Sue.
  4. Cinn, thank you for your reply. That is exactly the sort of idea looking for, some sort of visitor counter for either the poseballs or, somehow, the bed, I just didn't know it! Now to track such a script down and figure out the mechanics of inserrting it. I'll keep working on it. Thank you again Cinn.
  5. LittleMe, thank you for your reply. A script modification is the sort of thing I am looking for. I will check out this avenue. And I agree with your second suggestion, unfortunately I have tried and already forgotten to change it back once. Let me paint you a picture: "OK grab the menu" "I can't" Damn, let me fix it" "Still not working" "OK let me stop the bed and try" "Still no" "OK let me try a reset" "Sooooooooooooooooooo, you get your car fixed?" "Yeah cost me $500" "Ouch" "So there's a party at Steam Engine now..." "Oh yeah I love that club" "You wanna go dance?, we can always come back" "Yeah, sounds good" "OK, meet you there" "OK" Sure, it's not a tragedy, just something I rather not repeat. I do have a message in to the bed designer, just thought I'd ask here for help as well. And again, this may all be a passing whim of mine, so I really appreciate any response I get. Thanks again LittleMe.
  6. Rhein, thank you for your reply and information. These are all good solutions. I am still interested in knowing if there is a menu option or device allowing me to see who has accessed the bed menu without using any of the restrictions you mentioned. I know that ignorance is generally bliss, and in the end it may be what I opt for. For now, having already walked in on someone, I still would like to try and see if anyone accessed the bed menu in my absence. I don't want to keep reminding friends who have never used the bed, and I do want to keep reminding any who do. Maybe I'll get over it, that's how I feel for right now. Again, thank you Rhein and thanks in advance to anyone else who responds.
  7. I just rented and furnished my first home, I want my friends to use it freely so all my menued objects are set to Allow All. I have asked that they not use my bed, but I want to leave the menu "open" to all for when I have company there. I'm sure the idea may strike some as ridiculous, all I can say is it is important to me. Is there any way to "track" if someone was using my bed when I was not in it? Something I'm unfamiliar with in the menu options? Or anything else anyone can think of? I'm not looking to be a jerk withy my friends, just want to be able to remind them that my bed is not to be used out of respect for my wishes. Thanks for your help.
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