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  1. For solid, 'opaque' textures I always upload BMPs, which are lossless, and have never given me weird problems. For transparent / semi-transparent textures ('alphas') I use a free PS filter called 'Flaming Pear', save the tex as a TGA and then upload. This ensures that the hideous white line doesn't appear. http://www.robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/EasyAlphas.html
  2. "Respond to high-urgency, business-critical requests more quickly." Well I think that the 3 months that you made me wait might well be a little too long for a lot of people lol
  3. Gosh wow thanks people for all the suggestions... lots of things to try! Not sure who to award the 'correct answer' to... I don't think there is one in this case. I want to give it to Torley because he's Torley ('Yip-Yip' indeed, and nice pic btw), but I'm going instead for Divine, because his/her name reminds me of the splendid American actor/singer from the John Waters movies.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yeah this is what I've been doing already to muddle through.... I was hoping someone might point out a 'disable animation' button somewhere... Problem is that using the alt key blah blah blah is that I just keep getting the back of my av's head lol - for instance I might want him looking at the camera, but stood to one side or whatever...... or looking somewhere different than either directly at the camera or at the object..... I just want to park him looking at something and then have the freedom to pan around looking for the best shot without the dumbass following
  5. I really should know this by now... I'm sure this must have been mentioned before somewhere, but I can't find the answer.... How can I stop my avatar from following the movement of my cursor? I'm trying to take some product pics but he won't keep still... grrrrr I've had this ever since I started playing and I normally work around it but I am determined to find out the answer tonight because it's really bugging me.. Do I need to buy something? Or is it on a drop down menu but I keep missin' it?
  6. I have a sword in my inventory which has 3 different 1024s on the handle alone. I just wanted y'all to know that. I started off two years ago making 1024s and indeed marketing them as 'high res'.... But then I got wise to the fact that they are laggy so I started including two sets of textures in each pack.. a 512 set and a 1024 set. 1024s became increasingly unpopular following a video by Torley on the subject, and much scathing on the XStreet forums, so I dropped the 1024s completely and just made 512s. However I have realised that there will come a time when the lag that 1024s cause w
  7. I've just been doing a bit of detective work.... The site is a scam! Gameim, a FAKE item and currency service provider for massively multiplayer online game (MMOGs) on the Internet, currently offers both buying and powe-rleveling services as well as a trading platform. If you look up gameim.com Scam on any seach engine you will bring up many blogs. Here is a list of some (Most?) of there other sites. They are All scam sites. boldchat.com, vir4s.com, thvend.com, mykamas.com, mmodo.com, mabinogigold.com, igxe.com, flyffpenya.com, botsmall.com, zenyro.com If you used Paypal and go
  8. Sorry to hear what's happened to you elenna. I've just been looking at their site... hmm it looks half respectable as well. I see they've got a 'Live Chat' - have you tried this?
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