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  1. Oh thank you very much-for both! ;-) Im crazy about poses..especially for my vendor pictures. And this idea just came to me:some girls wearing the same dress but in different colors..just running wildy down a street.lol I will have to send you a pic of how it came out That is as soon as ive taken it.
  2. I am looking for running poses. I already have one good pose but need 3 or 4 more.The effect I want to create is a scene where some people are running to catch up with someone. Its for a clothes vendor photo. Tried searching for "running" and "chasing" on marketplace but isntt finding anything relevant. Help please?
  3. Got a message from a girl with her email adress and an offer to get to "know her better".Ive never heard of this girl before..nor am I interested to! I googled the emailadress and its reported as wellknown scammer email.Can I report this person to the Lindens? And how?
  4. What kind of gown are you after? Description? /Sophia Trefusis of Trefusis Designs
  5. I am looking for running static animations. I already have one good pose but need 3 or 4 more. The effect I want to create is a scene where some people are running to catch up with someone. Its for a clothes vendor photo. Tried searching for "running" "chasing" on marketplace but not finding anything good or relevant. Help please?
  6. I reported a post to the mods. Can the person who wrote the post see it was me? Thank you for all your answers. I just got really worried since I prone to become nervous and suddenly that idea hit me "omg what if they can see it was me who did it" As I mentioned before...that post..was unsettling... I could only chose one correct answer but they were all good :)
  7. I tried rigging a mesh following a girls tutorial on youtube. I managed to follow as far as step 3..then it turned into something similar to the da vinci code @_@
  8. Your profile pic is beautiful I like the contrast with the black and white with the red gloves
  9. The nicest compliment Ive ever gotten in SL was when several people IM-ed me to tell they really liked a freebie I had put out at my shop It was kind of funny since it was a mens 18th century suit..but both the girl and guys seemed to like it equally It was hilarious and made my week. There was also the time when I was voice chatting with a girl and she told me I had a pretty accent:)
  10. If you mean when Im inworld...I like to make clothes and visiti exciting sims
  11. I made a medieval templars headress a while back. While its not crispinettes..they are related *shrugs* Sometimes I make custom work(depends on wether I have time),contact me inworld so we can talk about it (Sophia Trefusis) -Trefusis Designs- Templars
  12. Sounds like a great idea I would ask you to review my shop...but I dont know if I make the kinds of items you would like to review.Style blogs are normally about more modern clothing. I create historical clothing(mostly 18th century but also other eras) Crushed Petals -18th century gown- Jonquil -18th century Court gown- Bel Monde -Early 1900s Dress- Clara -1920s Flapper Dress- Let me know if you are interested
  13. I understand. Ive built up my reputation as a designer under 3 years or so,never had to think about making lindens fast.Im not an expert of the SL buisness world in the least..but i say start small,like selling on marketplace. Then you advertise the h*ll out of it. Wearing your creations as much as you can,putting in your profile that you design clothes etc. Costume work is one way to go too...but even for that you need examples of what kind of clothes you can make. What kind of clothes do you create?
  14. One tip: dont try to bend yourself over to try to cater to what you think people will like/buy. That wont get you far in my opinion.Seeing as youre a photographer from before I assume you are an artist.Do you want to continue being artist or do you want to make lindens quickly? I think thats what you have to decide. I vote for being an artist.Its more fun to create something you feel like and have a passion for. There is always a niche open for orginality in SL
  15. A short machinima I shot on a whim during a friends rp event at Versailles in SL. Music is by 18th century composer Mondonville - Sonata for Harpsichord Violin in C - Mov. 13
  16. Hello I am looking for some robot/doll animations or some that could pass as that. I know there are some AO-s on marketplace with doll and robot animations,but ive tried them out and none was quite right so now Im trying to put together an AO with separate animations I bought. The effect im going for is elegant with occasional technical glitches... Got this spinning head animation for example ;) There was a animation shop inworld that had some robot dances (not the domo arigato mr roboto dance) but I cant remember the name for the life of me...even though I took an LM :( It was a pretty big store from what I can remember. If someone got any suggestions I would be very grateful :)
  17. The folks at Snickerdoodle are throwing a fun Halloween Candy hunt! The hunt will start Friday October 7th and run until October 31st at midnight. So come on down and hunt for candies! :-) Snickerdoodle Halloween Hunt starts today
  18. We rp at the same places so I am bound to run into her and her broken english but still demanding IM-s Her way of acting made me really really annoyed. She wanted something from me...I could have done without her measly amount of lindens. I would never try to copy another designers work.Sometimes people will come to me and ask for a dress "just like that designers" Makes you wonder why they wont ask that one. Ive had the opposite problem actually...with people copying my designs >_< Wich was really silly of them because the era we rp in is a pretty tight-knit community with people who dont stand for that kind of stuff. Well most of them anyway--sometimes a rotten apple gets in Thankfully I had enough friends to alert me to that theft
  19. I had an encounter with a rude customer... Maybe this isnt the right forum. But I have to let it out. I met this person walking around one of my shops. She approached me and started saying "she owned most of my gowns" Of course I thanked her for supporting my work. Then she asked if she could comission a gown from me and I said that she should tell me what she wanted..if it was something id get inspired by. She walked me over to another designers stall and stated she wanted a gown that looked similar to "that picture" And I was told to make it as real looking as i could. I wondered if i was the right person for the job as it seemed she doubted my abilities. "No" The more i kept thinking of it the more offended I got :( People have been known to pay 1500-2000 L for my custom work. And that were cases of the customers allowing me to resell those items. I work really hard at my textures and create them from scratch. I didnt know what to say...I said I would do it. Thinking I would make it and put it up for sale and then she could by from the vendor. Then she demanded an extra item,an acessorie. I said I wasnt sure Id be able to make it in one week. I have other ongoing projects and there was simply no way I could make it in such a short time. She kept insisting "one week" So i made an exuse I "have to go meet a friend" Today she IM me with a complaint about a gown she bought from me "its too dark" and mention of the sum she had to pay :((((( Now I may come off as unhelpful and unprofessional.. But the last time I encountered a girl like this she ended up IM-ing me constantly with every small complaint...and copyboted my skirt. Anyone recognize this?
  20. Ah pardon my mistake >_< Of course unicorns are welcome everywhere...
  21. Fun videos Well done! I couldnt help but notice that horse in both machinimas.Must be a very popular horse to get invited to so many parties.lol
  22. Im looking for a girl to be in my machinima...on account of people who were supposed to be in it,has failed to show up online. I am on a deadline :/ and simply cant hold out for the off chance they "might" log on. The theme of the machinima is a gothic story,some would even say a bit artsy. I will need you to be online circa 10 AM SLT. Friday No nudity. No furries. IM Sophia Trefusis for questions and more info...or just reply in this thread :)
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