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  1. Hello, I am looking for a shocked/disbelief animation. Not a static one mind you. I can find a screaming one that has the" hands around face" pose i want on marketplace but I would like one without the screaming mouth...:/ Thankful for any help in finding a pose like that.
  2. Hello Im looking for a homestead to rent preferably an island with terraforming rights. No neighbours. Im going to use it for shooting and setting up props for machinima so privacy is vital. Prim allowance 400-800 Price preferably low in the range of 1000-3000,but suitabilty for my purposes more important. Anyone got a suggestion?
  3. Mess? lolol I thought i was being clever There is a filmyou know with that title- minus the mesh part.and add a Virginia Woolf.
  4. (Not sure if i should post this here...but its a building topic so..) How many can use Blender/Maya/other? I cant do it,I confess. Will mesh sink my buisness? It might. Will this stop me from creating? It wont. The truth is mesh is complicated to make and even more troublesome to upload. How do I know? I made a simple mesh and went to a mesh upload spot. Despite me having payment on file and answering that test sucessfully..It still wouldnt allow for an upload. I predict a long adjustment time for mesh to become widespread.Us "regular" people sure cant use it so far.. Who is afraid of mesh? Let me hear your thoughts about the matter :)
  5. Thank you for the suggestion People are always (well mostly) so helpful in the SL community
  6. Thanks for the offer **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> I´ll visit sometime soon. Still working out the scenes and props i need
  7. Thank you for your answer Yes ive noticed not many put a "go ahead" notice in their about land. I took pretty lightly on this until i wanted to film at a french artsy sim and got sent an IM "that machinima was prohibited" And then I read more on the web...and got nervous about the topic. Ill definetely check Aught out!
  8. Hello I wonder if you could help me out with some slurls :) Does anyone know where to find a long stretch of beach where its allowed to film a machinima? (not a tropical beach!) Ive been a little bit cautious about making machinima since I read some sims forbid them...not wanting to upset the simowners if they should happen to view a clip... Thank you in advance :)
  9. I make historical and vintage(ish) clothes and use MP to sell my designs. Some people find it handier to shop there than to visit my shops. When I saw you could add related items to your objects page I thought "neat,customers will be able to see my avatars acessories (hair-skin-jewelry) I often put a nc with these details. But his would simplify things even more. Only...it doesnt work. Does someone knows how to fix this? Thank you No wonder it didnt work >_< Well it could have been good...thanks
  10. Sounds interesting. I will invade to investigate
  11. It does seem a little bit odd...Unless they mean the timeperiod will be around the end of 17th century/beginning of 18th century:P
  12. I agree with you 100% There are so many of my sl friends who have been hurt in their inworld romantic relationships. So its far from fabulous for everyone Despite their profile descriptions and pictures. Then theres the couple I know who met online (sl) who are now living together in rl. I assume busy and happily since theyre never on anymore...
  13. I also had the same thought. Imagined a sort of Pandoras box when you opened it,lights and magic coming out if it. I really wanted THAT box *sulks*
  14. I look on several SL fashion blogs for new exciting things. Or I just browse around marketplace,another way is to use google like... "second life" +hair + braid , and see what pictures pops up.
  15. I would never judge a person inworld (or outworld) solely based on their clothing. But sometimes its really hard not to.. Gratiously showing too much skin (on both genders) I think is a bit offputting though.
  16. Because otherwise people could copy your designs.
  17. Its SL there are some pretty weird people in here you know But seriously...Some people lack the most basic social skills Several times its happened that people friended me without even saying "hello". Just to have another friend on their friendslist. There even was this one time I took mercy on a newbie I met in a sandbox.Worst mistake ever >_< She followed me saying "This avatar is better than yours,you should test it" me: "Umm..I like my own avatar" IM-ed me constantly with inane questions and requests,in the end I had to mute her. Some people have no shame whatsoever...
  18. Youre sure its your first? Very nice imagery. Keep it up. :-)
  19. I made another one :) The Lorelei-the story of a seductive and treacherous waterspirit to the music of Blackmores Night -Lorelei.
  20. I know people who use Gimp with sucess,but Im not one of them. Im a PS-er for life lol Buy Photoshop Its worth the money
  21. A silly machinima I made to show off my new design. :) It originally started out with me wanting to make a period film opening,but I guess I need more experience to accomplish that lol Its hard to make it look just right....but still its fun to make machinima! The setting is just outside Palace of Versailles in SL. http://youtu.be/SkB55EfPaps
  22. Thank you Altough yours is even cooler lol The girl who built it has a strange and beautiful mind I must say.
  23. My first serious (and artsy) machinima shot at Farstars sim -the Paralell worlds build. Thought Id share it,see what people thought about it.: ) I screwed up with fraps so some great shots were never filmed while ones with me changing the settings on the cam were :/ Could be better but for now i just thinks it ok.
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