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  1. How is it spamming when a)she says she liked it and b)I wasnt trying to sell her anything?
  2. She is not one of my closest friend in SL. But she always IM me when I am on....and the polite thing is to answer. I wish she would complain of things,but instead I get someone who is impossible to talk to unless I participate in her way. I have muted exactly one person in SL. But I know people who are very fast on the mute button
  3. Thank you. Sometimes you just need to get another perspective on things.
  4. I have gotten over myself time and time again when it comes to her.If i get over myself one more time I could just as well lie down and let people walk across me like a doormat. Since when is "everything hates you, you are poop" a joke? Bizarroverse?
  5. I have a problem with a person who has behaved in a very strange and unfeeling manner towards me I obviously should stay away from her but I feel like I should confront her about it. Should I do that or just ignore her? We have mutual friends so I believe if i did that people would wonder at the reason of it. And could lead to serious drama.
  6. Went to a valentines dance inworld yesterday and far from being surrounded by lovey dovey couples there was equally as many people there alone. I am not going to mope around on Valentines day just because I havent conviently found my "soulmate" and/or "eternal love" in time for a special date. Why should I? I have people who love me already...friends and family. And thats who I am going to spend time with.
  7. Thank you I will look into that tutorial. I know about bone weighting for rigging and just the other day discovered the "cloth" modifier Trying to make an 18th century skirt (not so good with whole mesh outfits,so mixing mesh and textures) and I want it to move in a credible way instead of just looking like a box around my waist. Someone mentioned body weight painting manually to get it right but I have also seen some mentiones of assigning vertex groups. Its a tricky buisness this mesh.....
  8. Oh that is great Very similar to what I was looking for. I might not be able to use it for everyday SL, as most of the people I know arent mesh-enabled yet. But it would work great for pics. Working on some 1820s gowns and I am quite mad about having the right acessories. Will definetely check it out when I am able to.
  9. Hello Trying to find some shoes likes this. Im thinking more of the shape of the shoe than the actual color and/or style. I have been looking through marketplace, using searchwords like :flats,ballerina shoes,ballet shoes,slippers etc But didnt find anything like that I had in mind. The closest I came was this,but I dont want the strap and its no mod. Maybe there is a shop inworld that could have what im looking for? Grateful for any help :)
  10. Well Ive managed to rig and texture and even upload some skirts to SL. But what I would really like is finding a good tutorial on weight painting. Ive tried to learn how by googling for information about weight paint and then apply it to my skirt ....but all it makes is either make my skirts go all wobbly or barely be affected. :/ Another thing,Is there an easy way to mirror a sleeve so it appears exactly the same on the other arm? Really happy for any help you care too give :)
  11. Odysessus and The Sirens from Sophia Trefusis on Vimeo. This was a fireworks,water and dance performance arranged by the very talented and nice people at Versailles in SL for their New Years celebrations. The whole performance was 30 min long but had to be edited in the video. It doesnt take away from the experience too much I hope. It never seizes to amaze me all the different ways people can express their creativity in SL. :) Visit -Chateau de Versailles- in Second lifet
  12. Blenders interface is like the Da Vinci code and Rosetta stone all rolled up in one IMO
  13. Oh,Im sorry I didnt mean to imply you were... Well I am a little less trusting than before but if I help someone its because they are a genuine friends or just hopelessly newbie But its like the real world...we cant like everybody. Too bad you had such experiences I found rigging a little less harder now...But still a totally (hopelessley)newbie lol At the moment my Blender is acting up,but im sure there will be a solution to be found. Are you thinking about getting into making mesh?
  14. I managed to rig some mesh skirts in Blender 2.49b and then I used the Collada exporter and it worked like a charm. Today I decided to make a bodice to got with the skirt,and made them into one mesh. I imported the obj. and rigged it to the armature and pressed the Make Real button.Same as with the skirts I had done before but now.... Now all the Collada Exporter does is freeze and when I check the models in the upload Model preview it say something like "model lacked subset.." or "issue with dae parsing" Im using the avatar.blend Anyone know what might be going on? Should I uninstall and reinstall Blender/Python/Collada script or what? Im a real newbie at this so I dont know what it could be. Please help :/
  15. They nest everywhere the little critters. Its a bit weird...Im only waiting for someone to feed them after midnight and theyll reveal their true nature >
  16. You were right But it took some hours lol First one I managed to upload became all freaky so I ended up with some white monstrosity attaching itself to me.But the 4th one came out..adequate Now only to learn those body weight paint thingies...
  17. I managed to upload a mesh skirt that moves with me . It was hell to get it to work though.And its ugly..but it moves and is a mesh. But it was an experience. I am using Blender...thats free. I agree about not saying to people they have to "tough it out". I taught myself how to make clothes for SL, to texture and make flexi skirts etc. But I would never say something rude like that that to another person. I like to help out where I can..to a degree. People have to do some things for themselves or else its someone elses work. I had a girl who I helped out who at the beginning I was happy to be of assitance to...but soon she IM-ed me constantly asking about everything. Like "How did you do this" How did you do that?" For EVERYTHING. In the end she opened a shop and put out her designs for sale. Only when I say her designs...I mean she copied others. Without my permission she copied my custom made textures,copyboted another designers skirts and so on. So that was pretty bad. I think that there are classes out there..no idea where though
  18. I will keep it in mind. Thanks for trying to cheer me up. Of course you can always learn something new (I have to admit my ignorance of what NURBS is though) and I want to be able do it very much.So thats a motivation I have a friend who has managed to rig clothing and told me I could ask for help...but shes on a different timezone so its hard to get in touch In the meanwhile I am struggling to comphrehend Blender.Wondering why Blender wont acknowledge that I have the Python thing installed. Did they fall out with each other or something?
  19. Well..there is definetely smoshing Ive always prided myself on not being afraid to try new things in designs.... so it frustrates me so to think I might fall behind.
  20. Hmmm youre making it sound easy I saw ahead of me hours and hours of banging my head against the keyboard and shouting at the screen "What?What?!" I will try it lol.
  21. lol I havent even got an inkling about weight painting. Im still hacking myself through the mesh rigging jungle...while youre at the temple of mesh
  22. Yes,but thank you anyways :)Its like greek to me at the moment. I feel kind of defeated. That youtube tutorial is about making a shirt...I need one that shows me how to make a skirt.And not a clingy one. I will give the tutorial by Gaia Clary a try...once ive built up my shattered patience.
  23. Is there an understandable tutorial for mesh rigging out there? I tried following one on youtube...It was difficult to follow. I come to a certain step...then it becomes horribly complicated. Would really like to master it. It could bring my designs to another level. I can see the possibilities and I want it so bad. Figured out how to make the 3d models at least but... My textures and designs have been complimented in the past,but now I feel like from being one of the top designers in my part of the sl. (well in historial rp anyway) I could very well end up becoming a thing of the past. Its quite well to announce "weve got mesh! woooo!" But there is no official tutorial,everyone is left to figure it out on their own.I feel quite downtrodden and depressed :/ Is this end of my building? I hope not.
  24. I managed to create this perfect skirt for one of my designs. Suddenly its no transfer :( The prims are mine..so are the textures. But no matter how i try..I cant change the permissions... Anyone know if there is a way to reclaim it?
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