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  1. OMG this has been driving me NUTS! Figures it would be something so simple. Thanks so much!
  2. You have unsurprisingly missed the entire point.
  3. Yes, I know those are the only current tools. That's precisely why I'm saying there need to be additional ones because those are entirely insufficient. The problem is the original creators DO file those reports and the offending listings STILL take forever to be taken down.
  4. That's simply not a valid objection. We aren't talking nickels and dimes here. These fraudulent transactions quickly add up to significant amounts of real money. LL has a significant responsibility here since, let's not forget, they take a cut from every illegal sale.
  5. Well, even as a partial measure, I think adding some sort of human verification to the listing process - a captcha or some such method - would be in order to at least combat the automation.
  6. That's fine. I don't want your business if $1L offends you so much. I was merely explaining the rationale. It's done as a courtesy.
  7. I hope this is actually coming. Would be a tremendous help in creating different brands instead of lumping everything under single name.
  8. I can't speak to inworld purchases, but I can say, as a Marketplace merchant, I began listing Demos at $1L because of how MP handles $0L purchases. If someone is checking out in MP with a $0L total, they aren't taken directly to the checkout screen. They are first directed to a page of other paid listings with a "proceed to checkout" button "hidden" at the bottom. LL doesn't make anything off of $0L purchases so I assume the idea is to entice adding more items to the cart first. This can be confusing to shoppers who aren't familiar with this quirk, so instead I began listing them at $1L to avoid any confusion with the checkout process. If that "feature" were eliminated I would have no problem listing demos for free.
  9. It's becoming increasingly disturbing how slow LL is in responding to fraudulent merchants on MP selling stolen full perm mesh. Every day I see listings for full perm mesh that are clearly recognizable as belonging to other established creators and being resold as full perm in violation of IP restrictions. And it's always the SAME PERSON OR PERSONS doing it. Even though they occasionally get taken down, they will immediately re-list under another name, but the listing images are clearly from the same source, using the same style and fonts every time. I know the original creators are monitoring MP and constantly reporting these listings and "merchants," and yet the listing seem to stay up for days and days at minimum. Meanwhile LL takes down other legitimate listings on meager technicalities with lightning efficiency. Seriously what is it going to take for LL to take this situation seriously and establish a dedicated resource for protecting content creators from these abuses? A number of talented creators have already simply given up and ceased producing any full perm mesh altogether because of this rampant theft. Allowing this to continue will only stifle what little market is left for full perm mesh.
  10. Can anyone offer recommendations for mesh clothing creators for hire? I'm in need of a fairly simple bit of mesh clothing for personal use (not resale), I just don't know whee to find someone to hire to do it. Thanks.
  11. Well, it appears the listing issue Jira has been closed by Spidey Linden with the resolution: Expected Behavior. So looks like it was an intentional change. Listings now have to be activated before they are indexed to use for Related Items, Demos, or for using the AutoFill feature. This is idiotic. FWIW I have posted a feature request to try and get this restored.I don't know what "problem" this change was meant to address, but I can't fathom any scenario where this improves anything. From where I'm sitting it only makes listing on MP a bigger, more inefficient PITA.
  12. Yeah I just love hearing about all the ambitious expansion plans when basic functions still go ignored for years.
  13. Using the latest Firestorm viewer. But the change in the hat behavior didn't correlate to any viewer update, since it behaved just fine with the same viewer about a month ago.
  14. Something very odd started happening today that has not happened previously. I attached a hat to my head - one I used to wear regularly with no issues. But now every few seconds it jerks forward and then back into place. Over and over again. Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else? Any tips on how to stop it?
  15. Quick follow up (and thanks for the assist): Sim was restarted. After clearing cache was again unable to log in to home spot. Could log in immediately to other regions, including other mainland regions. Logged in to another mainland region and tried to tp home and was disconnected from the grid. Will leave a message for owner to contact support.
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