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  1. It seems like this isn't much of a problem anymore since maitreya only clothing is everywhere.
  2. I think the best advice is to learn how to make your own shape and go from there. That was the best advice I was given as a newbie and it still applies today. Your shape is the basis of everything if you are system, mesh parts or totally mesh. There are plenty of shapes on mp that cost 1-10 L. Buy one of those, start tweaking the nose, eyes and mouth. Cam all around yourself, then leave it alone. A few days later try again. You'll quickly find your range of what looks nice. Once you have an idea of how the shape sliders work, then start playing around with skins. When you go back in to make adjustments, you'll naturally gravitate back to your range. The same thing applies to mesh bodies and heads. Play around with them! It's a lot of fun! It's the only way you'll know what's possible.
  3. Another thing I noticed is SL has become secondary to socialization or a springboard for socialization. What I mean by that is, people just kind of stopped doing things inworld like they used to. First came voice, which I didn't mind, but people started spending more time calling you to talk about the same things they would talk about through text, then that escalated to skype. Woe unto you if you didn't have a cam or your mic was broken (before wireless used to ruin cords by running over them)Then came those facebook like features and eventually having a facebook SL page became a thing and to some people having a SL facebook makes you more "real". Lastly, the rise of video games. A lot of people log on to meet up with other people to play video games on Steam (it actually took me a minute to think of that because I'm not a gamer). They'll log on and idle on SL while playing another video game elsewhere. So long story short a lot of people use SL to be social else where. The inception like idea of that is weird and sort of leaves some of us behind. But SL's shortcomings are taken up elsewhere and seem to take up a lot of people's time, more than SL itself does. Mainly its social media and video games though.
  4. I understand what the op is saying. When I first started SL back in 2010, people seemed to be a little more open and friendly. When someone randomly im'd you, it was pretty harmless and most likely you'd have a decent conversation and either you made a new friend or just had a nice chat. Sure there were "sexi timez" people that would hit on you, but they were seemingly a minority. Now...it's a different story. You can still have those things, but it seems less frequent. I remember when I first started a group of people, just saw me and probably took pity on me, but they gave me folders full of shapes, skins and hair. I don't think people do things like that as often. And I wasn't on newbie island either, I tp'd away and didn't know how to get back. I think I ended up in a crappy mall sim somewhere. I still enjoy SL, but I do feel like that little piece of community feeling it had, just isn't there. The mic thing. Most of the time I have mine turned off now and it's mainly due to trolls. I remember being somewhere and a girl was just screaming into her mic, I turned it off, then I found myself getting more and more annoyed at people's mic control andI'll turn it on if someone wants to talk and every once in a while I'll say I don't have one, if a creepy guy im's me.
  5. ...Or it's as simple as one of them copybotted you. Some people have viewers that can do that, your skin, shape, everything you are wearing. Or they have one of those scripts where they can see who created what you have on. But at the speed they did it it sounds like a copy bot. The only thing you really can do is report it, but people that do things like this have many Alts, so it might not do much.
  6. I pop in there sometimes. I also wear the system avi and clothes for fun sometimes it's good to go back to your roots every now and then.
  7. When you say "black" (general you) I'm never quite sure what that means, since black people come in a wide spectrum of colors. When this question is asked, I find it usually means "dark skinned" black. Ok quibble over. Darker skins: Angel Rock is the gold standard of African type skins. Modish just came out with a really nice dark skin. It girls makes some nice dark skins. Lighter skins: L'etre came out of nowhere and his skins are great all around. I think he even has a dark toned one. Mignonne also makes great skins and isn't very well known. Gone from the 2015 list: Glance retired
  8. Some of my best SL friends are people I've approached first. Initiative and not being a weirdo definitely do help, along with common interests. Friendship in SL is an interesting thing.
  9. Try gorgeous dolls in mp. They come in a variety of styles and different hands.
  10. Just a couple of corrections. Not sure how old that article is, so here goes. Most kits for mesh bodies and body parts are free from mesh body makers. Most people have adopted the Omega system which applies the uuid to any part as long as the user has the omega relay or had installed the omega script into the part. Sure making appliers was a pain in the past because you had to make them separately. Some mesh body makers even have the omega system already installed. It's much easier to create now with the omega system. As for the default body, I agree it would've been easier to just come out with avatar 2.0, but LL never did. I think if they did, people still would've complained in some way about it. I think it all comes down to LL making money off the MP transactions, which is a small percentage every time someone buys something, but those little transactions have to add up. The default avi isn't all that bad. A couple of weeks ago, I helped someone do a default avi and I thought it turned out nice. It didn't look as good as a mesh avi, but the difference between a default avi and a mesh avi is definitely noticeable.
  11. We're on here, there just isn't like an African American sim or anything per se. Another girl asked the same thing in lifestyles a couple of weeks ago. We linked up a couple times, chatted, shopped, etc. Then she disappeared. I'll send you a request.
  12. Fiore is a very high quality skin, you should be on your way to an updated look with that.
  13. The skin looks like a glance skin, which is no longer being sold. Deesees or Meghindo might be about as close of a match as you can get. The hair is really nice, but I'm drawing a blank on that one. The shape you might be able to find a similar on mp and tweak it.
  14. I have an alt from when I made clothes regularly. Instead of changing body parts, I would just switch to my alt with the brazilia and Lola's to check my work. There's nothing wrong with having Alts, it's when people start doing dishonest things like friending you to try to get you to talk about them, it gets a little weird. As long as you're not being dishonest about it, can't really complain.
  15. Most people use the fake bake to be honest. You have to adjust the opacity until you get the desired effect is all.
  16. If it was everything you were wearing, including your skin and shape it's possible you were copybotted. There are certain viewers that can allow someone to copy everything you are wearing. It's still a thing. Something similar happened to me about two months ago. Long story short a "friend" wanted to hang out and show me their new house. So I went over then she started acting weird, not talking, kind of just standing there. Fast forward a couple of weeks, I go to a club and I'm camming around and the host looks like me....but it was her....but it was me wearing the same outfit I was wearing that day. I freaked out a little, because it's a weird feeling. I im'd her "I like your new look, it's kind of familiar" and she logged out. It definitely can happen. If you type in "sl copybot" you can see it done on YouTube. I was angry at
  17. I think the other girls hit the nail on the head, it depends on what you're wearing. Some applier things look pretty good on a mesh body. Though I mainly wear mesh, a nice pair of jeans or a bodycon dress from an applier is something I'd buy and wear. Another thing to consider, there's a whole population on sl that isn't catered to at all by mesh clothing creators the "urban" market. All that is really there is applier clothing for that market.
  18. I'm pretty sure it's a toddleedoo avatar in a picture that's been post processed a little bit.
  19. That's funny, I had the same experience with Slink a couple of years back and a nasty customer service person to boot. I haven't asked for a maitreya kit, but they're probably flooded with requests, just ask nicely in a notecard and cross your fingers.
  20. You're going to have a hard time finding something exactly like that. Although it's a very pretty style. You do have choices though. These are some of the ones the girls I know and I use. Long styles: Iconic is a go to, I don't like their limited edition selling, but I own several. Other styles: Illmatic (or whatever he's calling himself these days, he changes names like every six months), Analog Dog, Emotions, Little Bones, Fabulous (only on MP) and Boon has nice braids and updos. Hope that helps some.
  21. Get whatever kind of omega relay your body uses. Go on marketplace type in omega "whatever body name here". Or go to one of the many applier fairs that happen monthly inworld. Profit.
  22. I definitely would invest in a security system or orb to block people from coming into your personal space. I may be a little cynical but I don't think there are too many "new" residents these days. I run into a lot of people that PRETEND to be new, but truly new...that's rare. Most of the noob things I notice people doing are the same things I notice people that have been in the game for eight years do. Bumping into people. Typing in local and IM at the same time. Asking for Ls. Asking where to buy things. Not knowing how do do basic things like modify a shape, etc. Getting on mic and being too loud or barely audible. Some people do it for fun. I'm guilty of having a noob shape and skin I like to change into every now and then just to be tickled by people's reactions. Sometimes interesting conversations come from it, but I never do it to be malicious or deceptive. Some people just like to start over and be annoying in the process. I talked to a guy that had an eight year account, no AO, freebie clothes, etc super obnoxious and that's the way he liked it....for some people the "noob" thing is perpetual.
  23. I know this is a little late but Catwa has a lot of big hair!
  24. Actually there are! Remember the Great Gatsby came out a couple of years ago? Collab88 did a theme like that once. I got a Flapper dress and hair from there. Try the Secret Store on MP, they have a few 20's, 30's and 40's style dresses.
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