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  1. I want to make a machinima music video that requires use of a vehicle, but it would be pretty bland just shooting from the default "behind the avatar" view. Plus, it would be very hard to maneuver the vehicle with the camera at an entirely different angle, especially from the front where I cannot see where I am going.
  2. I have been wanting to start a line of skin tight clothes for men and women to sell on the Marketplace, but the one big thing that is blocking me from getting started is that I cannot find a creator who has made quality shading/highlight templates for both male and female avatars. I am partial to Eloh Eliot's templates, but she still has not made a decent male template. The reason I want to find male and female templates from one creator is for continuity of style. Using a female template from one creator and a make one from another creates a sort of stylistic disharmony between the two. And don't ask me about "fake bake." I already have tried using it and I still cannot figure out how to make it look fashionable. Also, I am no good at shading an avi by myself. Every attempt I have made ended up looking juvenile. So, I am looking for both a male and female avatar shading/highlight template in psd format that is suitable for making form fitting clothing (no wrinkles or wrinkles that can be turned off). I would really like to go through with this endeavor. Thank you very much for your swift and helpful answers.
  3. Please forgive me for reviving this thread, but another issue I just discovered has been bothering me recently. Vetox.biz, the website of the simboard's creator, is dead. That leads me to believe that Simboards are no longer being developed. There are things I would like to see in a FS Simboards that are not there, such as multiple animations assigned to one keystroke that could be selected at random. Or at least a way to switch animations while boarding, without using the Simboards menu. I have been looking around Marketplace for something better but found nothing that met my expectations.
  4. I typed in "simboard" on SL places search today; no results. That must mean there are no simboarding parks for me to ride around in anymore. Is the great sport of Simboarding dead? I haven't heard any news about it recently.
  5. I am trying to script a gyroscope/orbitron type ride that smoothly changes rotation. I thought out the script for a long time and decided to log into SL to test it. vector rot; float rotx = rot.x; float roty = rot.y; float rotz = rot.z; float multi; rotation defRot = ZERO_ROTATION; default { state_entry() { rotx = 0.0; roty = 0.0; rotz = 0.0; multi = 0.0; llSetRot(defRot); llTargetOmega(rot,multi,0.0); llSitTarget(<0.0, 0.0, 0.0>, ZERO_ROTATION); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key av = llAvatarSitOnTarget(); if (av) { state occupied; } } } } state occupied { state_entry() { llTargetOmega(rot,multi,1.0); llSetTimerEvent(0.25) timer() { float randflx = -0.5 + llFrand(1.0); float randfly = -0.5 + llFrand(1.0); float randflz = -0.5 + llFrand(1.0); multi = 1.0; randflx + rotx; randfly + roty; randflz + rotz; if (rotx > 2.0) rotx = 2.0; if (rotx < -2.0) rotx = -2.0; if (roty > 2.0) roty = 2.0; if (roty < -2.0) roty = -2.0; if (rotz > 2.0) rotz = 2.0; if (rotz < -2.0) rotz = -2.0; } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { if (av = NULL_KEY) { state default; } } } } I am always getting a "syntax error" at (1,16). I don't understand why. I spelt everything right. I did not forget to add semicolons. Why am I still getting this error? Please help. Thank you.
  6. ............. The requirements and my current setup tell me that I will not have a smooth experience from the get-go. I am actually compelled by the features of the Phototools suite that comes with Firestorm. I think the only difference between it and BD, judging by the photos you supplied, is that the graphics in BD are softer. Can you still make decent nighttime shots with Firestorm, even though you say BD is better suited for such?
  7. Well, the recommended setup must run BD without lag. It should also be noted that my current computer's psu handles 250 watts at most. I am planning on asking for a new computer for my birthday soon. I can't stand the one I already have only allowing 4gb RAM max even though it is a 64-bit machine. What do you mean by "If those specifications are much higher than your computer is capable of?" Are you talking about the minimum requirements? Or are you implying that my computer won't handle photorealism?
  8. But BD still requires 6gb of ram. My current computer can only handle 4gb at most. Also, it requires a quad core CPU which I don't have as well as a super expensive gpu.
  9. Does anyone know a viewer that is excellent for photography? Kirstens Viewer is discontinued as is Nirans/Black Dragon Viewer (the system requirements were too high anyway). I have seen the Firestorm Viewer with Phototools but I don't know if it can create the decent photorealism I desire. I don't know what to think of Exodus viewer; it has more combat oriented features than photography features it seems. And, I have heard that development on Exodus is super slow.
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