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  1. Hiya, My RP family & I are looking for an active child or teen to add into our family. We had luck last time on the forums here and we have 1 daughter who RPs with us. We are semi-para/para RPers and are looking for someone who enjoys that kind of RP and can at least emote a few lines in response. You do not need to necessarily send paragraphs as a kid but we are just looking for someone who likes to immerse in storyline. We roleplay at Cedar Creek primarily but also on private land and other various places around the grid. We're really looking for someone who wants a long term R
  2. Message me in world or send me a message here, I've been in SL for 12 years and would be happy to help.
  3. Here's a more recent. I do portraits via commission if anyone is interested as well 🙂
  4. Out of curiosity, what types of places are you referring to that are meant for children?
  5. Dropping several people who replied a notecard in world if you're interested in fleshing out your opinions for me for the blog that I requested in the first post 🙂 Thanks for all the replies!
  6. Yes. I've experienced this. You can just feel when something is off. It may have even been the same place, though I don't recall the name.
  7. Well, in the context of this post I am specifically referring to avatars who label themselves as a child or youth avatar, not someone in a gray area being accused of such.
  8. I'm a roleplayer and I've done some really dark and controversial storylines... but never while they were actually happening in real time. It's fine to incorporate RL topics into your RP, and to each your own, but don't you think the timing of this is kind of in poor taste? Most people are coming to RP and SL for escapism.
  9. I'm going to IM you in world if you don't mind! As for everyone else, I hear you and understand where you are coming from. The purpose of this blog is to discuss this in length. I think it's unfair to presume all people who play underage characters are sexualizing them. I've been a resident for over 10 years and have interacted with many who are perfectly PG (of course, I'd ONLY interact with these types) but I'm also not ignorant to the fact that those who are breaking the rules are here, and they make me just as uncomfortable as you. I've teleported into sims labeled PG an
  10. Thank you both for responding. I'll send you a message in world! If anyone else eyes this post, I'd like to add to the 'survey' with some people who aren't ok with child avi's or have concerns. Please reply or message me if you're interested in chatting! If you want to be anonymous in the blog, you can be as well
  11. Hi There! I'm working on a blog about Child Avatars in SL and how people view them. The goal is to delve more into Child Avi's, why people play them, and also why people are against them and overall opinions on the subject. I'm looking for a few people on both ends of the spectrum who would be willing to be interviewed for this, so I can ask you more about your opinion and just get data from people in general. If you play a kid in SL, are OK with kids in SL or are fully against it and are interested in chatting about it, reply to this post or contact me in world. T
  12. Jaylah Sass

    Para RP?

    I know a lot of people dislike this type of RP, but this is a post for people who do enjoy it, thanks! I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on sims or locations that are primarily semi para/para RP. I am looking for a sim that is freeform and doesn't require the use of HUDs and meters which seems to be the case at the big name sims right now. I'm just looking for something to scratch the itch when I have the urge to write, and I'm not interested in sims that have an overly complicated joining process that require you to read decades of lore. While I admire their creativity, th
  13. How do you celebrate holiday occasions in SL? Do you decorate, attend events, dress up? Share any pictures or memories you have and come back and share for any of the holidays throughout the year! For Christmas, we like to put full perm gift boxes under the tree with gacha gifts inside and open them up! Our tree was stacked this year. Another year for my birthday, two close friends at the time threw me a surprise party and they had someone come sing live on our parcel. It's honestly one of my best birthday memories, RL/SL included!
  14. Nothing deep or cool here. 'Jaylah' was a name I really liked when I was like, 14. I started on the teen grid and later moved into the adult grid. I'd totally change it if I could because now I'm not really fond of the name lol. But hey, we have display names for that!
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