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    Para RP?

    I know a lot of people dislike this type of RP, but this is a post for people who do enjoy it, thanks! I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on sims or locations that are primarily semi para/para RP. I am looking for a sim that is freeform and doesn't require the use of HUDs and meters which seems to be the case at the big name sims right now. I'm just looking for something to scratch the itch when I have the urge to write, and I'm not interested in sims that have an overly complicated joining process that require you to read decades of lore. While I admire their creativity, that is not for me. If without recommendation on a location, I'm also looking for anyone who would want to write different types of stories of different themes! I'm looking for post apocalyptic primarily but would be open to supernatural and other suggestions. I'm also open to writing in Discord one on one, or in a group if the interest is there, but our timezones don't match up I really prefer long term, slow burning stories and love plotting. I'm not after any specific goals or story types and just want to collaborate creatively with other writers in SL from time to time. If that's you, please reply here, send me a private message or feel free to contact me in world!
  2. How do you celebrate holiday occasions in SL? Do you decorate, attend events, dress up? Share any pictures or memories you have and come back and share for any of the holidays throughout the year! For Christmas, we like to put full perm gift boxes under the tree with gacha gifts inside and open them up! Our tree was stacked this year. Another year for my birthday, two close friends at the time threw me a surprise party and they had someone come sing live on our parcel. It's honestly one of my best birthday memories, RL/SL included!
  3. Nothing deep or cool here. 'Jaylah' was a name I really liked when I was like, 14. I started on the teen grid and later moved into the adult grid. I'd totally change it if I could because now I'm not really fond of the name lol. But hey, we have display names for that!
  4. I just switched to Legacy. I've been loyal to Maitreya for years and nothing has made me want to switch until I tried Legacy and instantly fell in love. Maitreya wasn't curvy enough for the look I wanted, but Belleza was too much. I've found this to be a perfect middle. 😍 Here's a comparison .. Legacy 1st pic, Maitreya 2nd .. Legacy just looks so much more feminine in my opinion.
  5. Hey there! I am bumping this. I met a really great roleplayer through the forums last time and now that we're settled in, my IC family is looking for someone to play the sibling/my characters daughter. The character is a NPC currently, and we'd like to make her active in the story, if you are interested in playing a young child (12-18 months) message me here, or in world and I'll give you more info.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for someone who would be willing to play a child or teen (14 or under) in a family roleplay setting. It's important to note that roleplay, to me, is defined by emoting. We do paragraph RP, but don't require that you do the same, as long as you can emote. We would be roleplaying all sorts of things to keep it exciting, like day-to-day, family trips, holidays and so on. My IC family is a little unorthodox - think of us like the Addams family. We're characters built on urban/criminal backgrounds, who have traveled all the popular sims in that genre, and who now RP privately around the grid and at our home in SL, so there's a really rich backstory there. We're looking to add a kid into the mix, as our current kids are NPC'd or alted by us occasionally for scenes. We would build a story with you, not expect you to fit into any pre-cut mold. You must understand the difference between IC and OOC and that we are playing characters in roles, not a reflection on the typists themselves. We're having a hard time finding kids who want to actually emote and create stories through roleplay, if this is something that interests you, I'd love to chat! Reply here or message me in world any time!
  7. You can message me in world! I'm 27 and down to hang out with people!
  8. ^^ Um... maybe make your own post? Hijacking someones post where she's clearly asking for casual friends and RP... and basically saying you'll only RP with them if they fit YOUR sexual fantasy (not to mention this post stated NOTHING about anything sexual/BDSM) and preferences is rude as all hell.
  9. Hi! Apologies if this already exists, I've not been able to find it. I'm looking for a script that would be able to invite people to various roles within a group. For example .. Object 1 invites to Role A. Object 2 invites to Role B, and so on. Does anyone know if anything like this exists or if someone is able to create it, I would love to work with you. I need some various group related scripts and would love to talk out my intentions in more detail so I can look to hire you. Please let me know by replying here or contacting me in world!
  10. I'm looking for someone who needs a character for their storyline on an urban sim. I do like to RP in a sim setting and prefer the theme to be urban.. open to ideas. Basically if you have a female character you are missing from your story I am open to playing her. I'm really looking to branch out into some urban sims and get a new storyline going. IM me in world to discuss..
  11. Style So Chic is currently looking for active bloggers. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147462 You are asked to blog actively about the store at least one time per month. The more, the merrier! Blog spots are limited, if you are interested please contact me in world and I can provide more info. (jaylah.sass) If I am offline, please provide a NC so I do not miss your contact. Thank you!
  12. I've been around SL for 8 years now :) Took about a year off and now that I've come back, all of my friends have moved on. I'm really just interested in meeting new people. I'm very opened minded. I used to be a hardcore RP'er in SL.. it was basically all I logged onto do, and while I still write from time to time I'm more interested in just hanging out with new people and finding common interests. We can explore, shop, take pictures together.. sometimes I create things for fun (nothing serious), love to decorate and go dancing, go to the beach, listen to music or lounge around my tree house. Honestly I just love everything SL has to offer.. I just need new people to enjoy it with. Feel free to PM me in world if you feel the same way!
  13. Hi! I'm a paragraph roleplayer who has been RPing on SL for over 5 years now. I recently came back from a leave of absence and have been getting back into roleplaying again, but I'm considering taking a different route. I'd really like to become a part of someones storyline. Maybe a character you've always kind of had to NPC, but would like to see brought to life. It can be a family member, friend, enemy - I'm really open to all types of options here. I am open to any urban type settings - I have played previously at a bunch of sims like Dead End, Crack Den, Severa Beach, Crael, the list goes on.. but this is the type of vibe I enjoy in a sim, more of the urban dark style. But again I am open to ideas, so please feel free to offer them to me. I want the character to be female. That's pretty much my only requirement, the rest is up for discussion. Although I'd like some flexibility in the story, we can work together to mold it. I'd just really like to return to the RP scene with a bit of pre-existing plot already going, I think it will be fun, and would be beneficial to both of our stories. If you feel you have a role you'd like to discuss, please PM me in world. Leaving a note card wouldn't hurt either, so I can be assured I'll receive your info. Thanks for reading!
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