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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all you sunshines! 🌞 I am looking for 1-2 more roommates to live with me at my beautiful main home! Having plenty of prims left and two spare rooms to fill, I figured why not get some company! By the way I am in Europe - so ideally you are, too or at least frequently online during European day time. 🙂 Here is what you'll get and what I expect: - I'd expect you to actually be active, spend time at the home. You can make use of almost all its amenities (and there are plenty). I don't need just some dead weight rezzing a single bed in the room and then never to be seen again. 😞 - If you are looking to socialise, hang out, (light) roleplay together, go out together, have movie nights, small summer parties, karaoke, dances, etc. then you are the right fit! - I'm a rather private person, so I expect my roommate(s) to be discreet - what happens at home, stays at home. - Also I'm more of a quiet type. So while bringing a friend or two over sometimes is totally cool, bringing 10 friends over every night is kinda.. too much for me, to be honest. 😉 - I kindly ask to respect one thing: This is not a photo backdrop or a simple homepoint. I actually live here, I have private photos and stuff here, memories, etc. It is my actual home. Some included amenities: - The Estate has proper EEP settings (a realistic 24hr day cycle), a beautiful skydome, fireflies in the night and even ambient sounds! - The entire home is wired with functional lights that can be operated through wall switches. - The huge terrace has its own TIS Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, tiki torches, an amazing MudHoney jacuzzi, a functional BBQ, a large and cozy seating area with a real fire and much more. - The Aven TV in the livingroom can play radio (we have an actual radio, too), Twitch streams, YT, even karaoke and more! - The Estate even has its own home theater and its own Pool, Spa & Sauna floor! - I run a top notch security setup, so no worries about griefers, your Exes showing up or other intruders! 🙂 That should be more than enough information. Let's discuss anything else personally! Please IM me inworld if you're interested. Photos:
  2. Hey! I am wanting to progress my story at FH and need a male RP partner to do so. Brief backstory - Vi's husband works away a lot, her loneliness and frustrations in her marriage are increasing and she is seeking out male companionship ((that will lead to a complex romance)). RP partner is required to have Mama Allpa. RP partner is not required to reside in FH but would need to consider how they are linked to the town to help facilitate meeting Vi. It is also entirely up to RP partner what their backstory is. If this sounds like something you're interested in, please contact me in-world : violet.hexem or discord : violet#2801 I look forward to hearing from you!
  3. I'm looking to do some best friend pics with my sibling. We have 3 characters each, so 3 sets of pics. - Must have a portfolio, preferably a Flickr. - I'm looking for action shots. Us talking, laughing, moving around. We don't want to just be standing staring at the camera. - I don't like the fake smile filter thing. - Not looking for major editing. Soft editing only. - Will book probably close to end of September or beginning of October. - If goes well, will be returning customer! - Realistic lighting. I'm really not a fan of the fades or the blue lights. I want to see shadows and details. If interested please PM me in world with your rates and portfolio at Nix Starlight. Thank you ~ 💜
  4. NotPrxi


    Hi. I have been looking into Sci-Fi themed locations hoping to find ANYTHING that dealt with robots, androids, gynoids and all those cool things but at the same time, hardly even consider RLVa. So far, what i have found were AFK brothels, places packed with people playing dead or MMO sims which reserved the Halo 5 treatment. I had to read world lore, factions lore, backstories, guides, rules, ongoing events then, craft a character that makes sense and somehow make it fit into a massive roleplay that barely has players. Is there someplace, someone or some group that doesn't ask ANY of the above? I basically am looking for D/s ownership of sorts.
  5. Hello, everyone I am in the looking for someone who can be a part of our band. Currently we need a guitarist we will provide training how to be one.......We are also looking for more people to join our team. We need people to help with marketing and promotions. We have future plans more bigger perspective, we will be filming our videos with the band and different themes music styles. So if you are interested and want to join our team then please contact JohnAlucard Avedon or sarahadam resident for further information. This is a Paid Job, pay will be discussed during interview. You can find me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/Sora.Haruki86/ Under construction https://noireslacryma.wixsite.com/website
  6. Hello, I'm seeking a family in SL. I've always craved a family in SL but haven't really known where to look. I currently reside in the city of Roseville. I have an extra bedroom if you would like to move in with me, for more role play opportunity. I role play as a 24 Year old, I also enjoy photography, shopping, and exploring different parts of SL. Not sure what else to put here so feel free to message me inworld alexus0marie
  7. Greetings, friends! Just poking my nose around to see if there are, perhaps, any undiscovered or new low-fantasy medieval RP sims. I would have in mind, such themes as REIGN or The Tudors, and would seek, in such a RP, the position of a Lady's Maid, Nobility, or I suppose Royalty if such a position came about. I know there are several GoT sims as well as some new Viking ones, though I much prefer the scandal and politics of life at court. This has been and will be an on-going search, likely for some time...so please feel free to contact me if you know of any, or if you're like-minded and would enjoy getting together to maybe set up a small group for such RP while we wait for something larger.
  8. Phyllla

    Avi comission?

    So i've tried and i've tried, but i just cant seem to make an avi on my own. its such a chore to navigate SL's menus to try to get it done, and after a long hiatus i'm back at square one of learning. Is there anyone out there that knows who to go to, or what channels to get an avatar made for me? ((NSFW likely)) I dont have the patience to try to make an Avi myself anymore, and just want to hang out with my friends.
  9. Hi there~ The name is Miyavi Corella, I’m a high class exotic entertainer, unfortunately things have hit a rough patch. I’m looking for a sugar daddy, someone I can spoil. Make you feel like the king of the world and more~ you may have seen me around SL, I frequent many freelance places, I want a sugar daddy, or mommy, I don’t discriminate, who has time to spend with me. I guarantee you will never leave my company unhappy, I aim to please. Send me a message sometime~
  10. So i just started to get back after a long break, but i do hope i can meet some lovely people that are willing to tease around and being naughty :3. Though i would say i may need a update on some my outfits, im currently looking for femboy furry outfits or ones that are tempting to be groped or Played with :3 Maybe some new people to recconect with since well.... kindof a lonely dragon atm XD. But i will be working alot so i may not have to much time to have fun or dance around for people so please bear with me. ^^ And think i really need to get my own home so i can also work on a lovely home x3
  11. Aesling Spire is seeking experienced and dedicated role-players! Aesling Spire is a brand new role-play sim set in the Warhammer universe with a grim, chapter-based roleplay story to build off from. They are recruiting all those who seek adventure and the thrill of immersive role-play in a unique fantasy setting! Aesling also desperately needs male role-players! If you like war and fighting role-play, Aesling has something for you! Stop by and immerse yourself in the deep and exciting storytelling experience that Aesling has to offer! Contact: Uthred Ragnison (asavarkull), Raven (Mizzeyra), OR Jeihlynn Tau Fett (Jeihlynn) for more information! Tell em' Isthraelyn sent you!
  12. Aesling Spire is seeking experienced and dedicated role-players! Aesling Spire is a brand new role-play sim set in the Warhammer universe with a grim, chapter-based roleplay story to build off from. They are recruiting all those who seek adventure and the thrill of immersive role-play in a unique fantasy setting! Aesling also desperately needs male role-players! If you like war and fighting role-play, Aesling has something for you! Stop by and immerse yourself in the deep and exciting storytelling experience that Aesling has to offer! Contact: Uthred Ragnison (asavarkull), Raven (Mizzeyra), OR Jeihlynn Tau Fett (Jeihlynn) for more information! Tell em' Isthraelyn sent you!
  13. Hi, my name is Evelyn Colling and i am seeking a job in the following positions: Club Hosting, Club Managing, and Emceeing for events. I have skills in posting to SL Events, greeting the people, and making notices (club hosting) and also i have skills in presenting pageant events and award ceremonies (Emceeing) Clubs or event organizers should reply to me right here on this post or you can IM myself personally. I hope i can work for you the best i can.
  14. Hi all! I'm hoping to start a centaur herd once I've bought my BC Centaur, but if someone could direct me to a common hangout or just add me if you're interested that'd be great! Feel free to comment with ideas for the herd as well or for meeting places! Thanks ??
  15. I am looking for an experienced, fast and professional scripter to help me script a simple mesh gumball machine. We want a light show mechanism built into the machine as well as an animated ball spinning down the machine and out of the prize door. Please send a notecard with your name and best quote for this job to resident : Eilfie Sugarplum. Thanks!
  16. Hello I am a 29 year old female in rl and secondlife and am seeking a partner of the same age or older. I want someone who can emotional support me and is open minded. I have two online dads/ one of which who is also my dom. I live on their land so you do not need to have a house. I would however like an account that is over a year old as I feel they would be less likely to take off without warning. Be warned I am a full time artist so if I don't answer don't panic. I do like to run around stores and events [i love collecting gifts or do hunts] so It would be nice if you did to or didn't mind iming me while i did so. I am planning on becoming a blogger so I'd like you to support me in this endeavor. If your avi is a child one please donot apply as i am not looking for that. Please note im not looking for a rl partner so this would be inworld only. In recap, looking for an open minded, emotionally supportive man or woman of my own age with a good personality who either like to follow someone to different stores or doesn't mind im while i do.
  17. Hey, My name is Ezra and I'm pretty new and looking for a job in Second Life. I normally can only work for 45 - 60 minutes because of stuff I have to do in the outside world. I have no experience working in Second Life, but hey, there's a first time for everything, right? I don't usually push people away and I can be quite playful. Anyway, if you think I'm right for you, IM me? Thanks for reading. Enclosed: a picture of me
  18. who's into cuckolding . Dm me if you're interested. (In client or on here.)
  19. Greetings! I am searching for like-minded antagonists/ villains to join a Multi-Genre Family that plays in Fantasy, Supernatural/Urban Roleplay. I know I know the word Family brings to mind small child avatars, parents, grandparents, and such. We are not like that. We are all adults. We call ourselves a family due to the fact we a Dark Father that keeps us in line, and we treat each other like family. We squabble, we harass each other, trust each other, confide and vent to each other. We also play other games outside of SL to avoid the Burn out that often comes with long days or weeks of Roleplay. We also support each other when Real Life(Gasp! That thing!) comes to throw curve balls at us. We are always talking either it is in SL or Discord, but we are always talking and supporting each other. We have a rich history that is always being added to, that we are proud of. Established Halloween of 2017, we are still small but our stories go back to the founding members and their desire to have a group that not only supports each other out of Roleplay but in Roleplay as well. As for our Roleplay. We are open to new and great ideas. We love Fantasy and Supernatural and enjoy the Antagonist/Villain Roles. We do have a soft side for those we call friends but often times we thrive on being dark, out for ourselves and hell has no fury for anyone that gets in our way type characters. If this is something you like then please contact us. The Hallow Family Website Or come Visit at: Lost Hope, Home of the Hallow Family
  20. Looking to hire a photographer for my store. Just recently got back into making things for it and would like an experienced photographer to work alongside me in creating the photos necessary to properly advertise my products. I make a wide range of things. Skins, mods, shapes, objects, etc.. There is no limit to my store so long as I am able to create it! Please drop me a notecard in secondlife with some example photos of what you are capable of along with your secondlife username and prices. If I like them I will contact you in secondlife and we will start working together. Thanks so much, Hacker Bluebird Owner and founder of L.O.O Creations.
  21. Hi! My name is Ariana Valentine (Miley Mowbray) I am seeking a job in SL, I am experienced in various departments, from the good old dancing days, to managment. From retail, to sales agent and manager, from designer to photographer, from creator to business owner. Feel free to drop me a message with any questions you may have for me! Miley mowbray.
  22. After trying a few times to find an rp dad for my children at dating agencies I've decided to try here in forums. Most dating places only offer people looking to be with only one person not joining a family and having kids and pets and etc. Every guy so far has been only about me and me only wanting me wanting my attention but not the kids. Even when I tell them not connecting with my kids will get you dropped quick. A little about my family I myself am an Elf 2 sons & 3 daughters all adopted (one son is a furry others are human) 1 daughter & 2 sons (forever kids but not included in parenting) Pet: Wolf named Zaja All diverse in sexual orientation All diverse in age (Toddler to Adult) Majority of the children roleplay (Varies in skill) We live together on a 1/4 sim on private land. The children all have their own rooms so they know how it is to have space and they know how to give each other their own personal space as well. There are various common areas at the house for the family to relax in. As well a lake side retreat and study on land for the kids to also take refuge. We have a family group for the land so that we may control and maintain who can come in and out, if accepted you will be required to join landgroup. Requirements for Co-Parent (Must be Male can be married or dating as long as partner accepts the children) Has a home Doesnt ask the kids for L or gifts Has a child safe home No incest No ***** spends time with the children Likes furries comes to visit the children at home participates in family days doesnt try to force the kids to do things Requirements for Partner (Must be Male - Single - Active) All Qualities of a co-parent Isnt a freeloader contributes to family (Ideas, Time, etc) Not lazy Not clingy (Other requirements can be discussed in private) Picture of our home attached, still decorating
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