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  1. Hi Cori, I use the highest settings for photos, ultra with all settings switched to highest levels. In DOF i use the setting I need right in the moment for the pic, every pic is different. Maybe you have to update your grafic-card-driver? I had to do it. After the update everything worked right. Here is the link to DOF in wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/DOF
  2. Hi ^^ As a photographer in SL I work with DOF and lights and shadows too. I think this feature is really great and it makes the photos more realistic then ever before. Here 2 excamples of my works : Annabel in the city Coffee and white vine Created with Firestorm and GIMP I love to work with it :-) @ Cori: maybe you have to switch off antialiasing in the preferences. Antialiasing and DOF (or Lights and Shadows) don't work together. Hope this will help you :-)
  3. Well, I have to say that I don't need the webprofile and this damn social networks like facebook or twitter. I don't send any private datas into internet and for me all people are crazy who do that. We all know that facebook for excample saves all data at their servers, even files you have deleted (they are deleted in you account but they are still at the servers). I want to play SL and not facebook or twitter. I don't understand why everyone and everything has to be in this social networks. Why for excample should I visit any company in facebook??? This is just a cheap way to advertise fo
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