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  1. LindenLab did lots of things in last year to implement Facebook to our beloved SecondLife. SL is one of the virtual platforms in which OculusRift is tested (see beta viewer: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/Second-Life-s-Oculus-Rift-Integration-is-Ready-for-Beta-Testers/ba-p/2544572). Now Facebook bought Oculus VR including the Rift! I hope Facebook does NOT want to buy Second Life too!!! Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a Social Media 3.0. Second Life IS social media 3.0 for 10 years now. So SL would be the next step for Mark! Please LindenLab, don't sell our beloved virtual world to the enemy Facebook!!! Stay independent! We don't want to be a part of Facebook. Maybe it would be better to stopp the work of implementing the Rift. We don't want to be addicted by Facebook!
  2. I have tried SL with my wlan a few years ago too, but it didn't worked fine, so I switched back to my cable. After that it worked good again. Friends of me told me at that time, they have tried it too with wlan but sl needs too much bandwith and so on. Maybe Leliel is right, but I think SL don't works well with wlan.
  3. Hi Cori, I use the highest settings for photos, ultra with all settings switched to highest levels. In DOF i use the setting I need right in the moment for the pic, every pic is different. Maybe you have to update your grafic-card-driver? I had to do it. After the update everything worked right. Here is the link to DOF in wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/DOF
  4. Right click this item and send it back to the owner. That should work.
  5. yes, it looks very good. think of it that you can costomize the firestorm viewer like this too and with different skins! you can use it with or without sidebar too :-))
  6. Hi^^ in the original LL-viewer 3 you just can use the chat-window as you said: - one window with horicontally tabs or - single chat-windows for every single IM and the puplic-chat I use Firestorm (mesh) and do use the vertical tabs too and I think this is the best solution for it at the moment. You can switch Firestorm preferences to see IMs in puplic window too. You will find it in: Viewer>preferences>firestorm>chat>general>show IMs and group chat in chat console Have fun!
  7. Hi Dylan, yes, sometimes SL is just annoying. Let's try two solutions: 1. Deinstall your complete viewer and delete the whole sl-folder. Eventually do a registry-cleaning after it too. Then download the newest installer-version and install SL again. Now it should work again. 2. Try it eventually with a third party viewer. Firestorm from the Phoenix-Team for excample is a very stable and fast viewer. It's still in Beta-version but it works great with all features and everyone I know is happy with it. here is the link for the download: http://www.phoenixviewer.com/ Click at right side *Firestorm Beta for windows* and you will get the download. I hope this will help you and you can have fun again in SL :-)
  8. Hi ^^ As a photographer in SL I work with DOF and lights and shadows too. I think this feature is really great and it makes the photos more realistic then ever before. Here 2 excamples of my works : Annabel in the city Coffee and white vine Created with Firestorm and GIMP I love to work with it :-) @ Cori: maybe you have to switch off antialiasing in the preferences. Antialiasing and DOF (or Lights and Shadows) don't work together. Hope this will help you :-)
  9. Du kannst die enviroment settings unter World > Enviroment Editor > Environment Settings umstellen und dann *diese einstellung für meine region nutzen* oder so. siehe auch: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Region-environment-settings/ta-p/999713
  10. Ich benutze selbst kein PayPal, habe aber schön gehört oder gelesen, dass das mit PayPal schon mal ein oder 2 Tage auch dauern kann. Sollte ich mich da vertun, sorry. Mit Kreditkarte klappt es von einer Minute auf die andere.
  11. Du kannst dir einen eigene sim von LL zur Verfügung stellen lassen. Das kostet dich zu Beginn US$ 1.000,- und eine monatliche Bearbeitungsgebühr von ca. US$ 295.-. Wohlgemerkt US$ NICHT L$!!! Diese sim ist dann, soviel ich weiß auf einem eigenen server bei LL, also kein lag usw, was auch der Grund dafür ist, warum das so teuer ist. siehe diesen link: https://land.secondlife.com/de-DE/private-regions.php
  12. Hi Intica, ich weiß nicht, wie lange du schon SLspielst und wie gut du dich auskennst, vielleicht hast du deine erhaltenen Waren nur nicht gefunden. Sieh unter Objekte nach, dort sollten die Sachen ganz ober zu finden sein. Meistens sind Waren, die du im Marketplace kaufst, *geboxed*, das heisst, das die einzelnen Teile (z.B. die Kleidung) in einer Box oder Schachtel sind. Diese Box mußt du irgendwo, wo du rezzen darfst (also bei dir zu Hause oder in einer öffentlichen Sandbox) auf dem Boden ziehen und dann kannst du sie mit rechter Maustaste anklicken und öffnen. Den Inhalt ins Inventar kopieren und danach die Box wieder entfernen. Der Inhalt sollte dann im Root des Inventars unter einem eigenen neuen Ordner zu finden sein. Solltest du die Sachen auch in den Objekten nicht finden, so befolge am besten die Tipps, die du bereits von den anderen Spielern hier bekommen hast. Ciao Tommi
  13. Das neue web-profil ist so ne sache.... ich mag es nicht besonders und es bringt mir nix, das alles mit Facebook, was ich persönlich hasse, zu verbinden. Du kannst evtl. versuchen auf Firestorm Beta Mesh-viewer umzusteigen, dort funktioniert das Profil so, wie wir es von früher gewöhnt sind. Hier ist der link für den download, falls du es probieren willst: http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
  14. I think too, your set is good enough, even the 2GB, but your graficscard (radeon 4600) could be too old for the new sl-viewers. ATI is at 6900 now (high end) and I use a 6850 at the moment. With windows 7/64 bit, 4 GB and this Radeon 6850 i can play SL with ultra graphics, lights and shadows and depth of field more or less good at around 20 FPS. Depents to the sim i am in. You should be able to play with high grafics but performance is not only issue of graficscard. You also need a good internet connection and DSL could be too low sometimes too. Try it with different settings in bandwith (sl's default is at 1000 kbps). You will find it in Preferences/Network and Cache at the top. Maybe raising your cache to around 1024 MB could help a bit too.
  15. Well, we have got mesh into sl now. Maybe the quality of the avatars will change with it in the future.
  16. Maybe you can ask the owner of this shop which skin the model used for this pic.
  17. OMG, alcohol is a drug? damn! :matte-motes-evil: I like beer very much (here in Austria it is just a normal drink like in Germany. By the way: Russians say beer is no alcohol), Scotch, Bourbon, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Cachaca, Vine, Martini, Aperol, Campari and so on is very good too :-) I also like to mix cocktails like Mojito, Martini Cocktail or greyhound too. For me it's just an issue of how much you drink, not if you drink alcohol or not. Weed would be okay too (unfortunally it's illegal in most countries), cocaine, heroine, opium and all the so called harder drugs have to be rejected cause they really are not good for our health. Rock'n'Roll can be great too (don't listen too loud, you ears will thank you) Sex is wonderful and exciting and for some people out there it's sort of drug too, but it's still not illegal :-) So don't use too much of all these drugs and enjoy, so you will stay healthy :matte-motes-smitten:
  18. If version 3 don't works for you, maybe you could try it with Firestorm Mesh Beta. This viewer works good for me, here is the download.link: http://www.phoenixviewer.com/
  19. I don't have an own sim, so I don't know much about that, but maybe you just have to restart the whole sim?
  20. Hi Tammy, this is a very old issue and it's still there. I know this very well too. Three solutions that work: - ask a friend to send you 1.- L$ and your money will be back after it and you can send the dollar back to your friend. - go to any vendor or voting-board or anything else where you would need money to pay for it, click at this vendor and ch oose pay (even when you don't want to pay) and sl will registrate your money again and it will be back. - click at *buy lindendollars* in the top-bar ingame and even when you not buy any L$ you should get your money back too. I hope this will work for you too greetings Tommi
  21. Well, I have to say that I don't need the webprofile and this damn social networks like facebook or twitter. I don't send any private datas into internet and for me all people are crazy who do that. We all know that facebook for excample saves all data at their servers, even files you have deleted (they are deleted in you account but they are still at the servers). I want to play SL and not facebook or twitter. I don't understand why everyone and everything has to be in this social networks. Why for excample should I visit any company in facebook??? This is just a cheap way to advertise for them. Another point about the profile: I am photographer in SL and i do lots of professional profile-pics for my customers and send them the photo ingame. Since this new profile is released we can't use ingame photos for the profile. We have to save the pic to our harddisks and load them up to the profile. Lots of people don't know how they can do that, so I have to explain it to all this customers. This is very annoying too and so I can understand why lots of residents still don't like the new official viewer and use the 3rd party viewers like phoenix and firestorm and so on. With this viewers the profile still works like in earlier days. Please change this feature in V2/V3, so all residents can use their ingame-pics again for the profiles! Everything else, like Lights and Shadows, Depth of Field and Mesh is really okay and I appreciate and enjoy it. But I really don't need facebook or twitter in SL and i also think the profile is for SL and only for SL. Bye bye Tommi Waydelich
  22. I agree to you. Mesh is a really interesting point for SL, but I see that most of the people still didn't realized that there is a new thing called MESH and they are not really interested in it. Those who always use Phoenix and nothing else then Phoenix don't know anything about it (and of course lots of others too). When I talk to friends, I hear all the time: *Mesh??? what's that?* - LOL. So I think, it will take long time till mesh is well known and really a part of SL. I use Firestorm and switched the tags to see the viewers of other people and most of the time I still see Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix around me. It's a good point for phoenix of course, they did very good work with this viewer, but now the times of phoenix are gone. Maybe LL should send out general ingame messages, so all people will know about it^^
  23. The best parties are the parties where people actually hold conversations. You do remember conversations right? LOL, sure i know it, i said: The best partys are events where lots of people are in and lots of talk, noise and gestures! Maybe gestures are too much, sometimes but always fun^^
  24. I wonder why you are bothered when you get a free (!) rock ingame. I never got a rock and i think this is not fair! I want a rock too! noone gave me one, sniff ;-(( Imagine, what you could do with this rock! Use it as a paperweight, decorate your house or apartment with it, place it in your garden, between the flowers and the trees and lots of different possibilities more! So be happy with your free rock or..... detach and/or delete it or send it back to the creator, whatever you like to do (use a hammer to destoy it would be fun too maybe or be creative and use it like a sculptor to create a new statue)^^
  25. I don't understand why some of you are against gestures. Visiting a club or concert without gestures is like cooking without water. If you don't like the sounds you don't have to mute anyone! You just need to switch off the *Sounds* in your preferences. Or switch off gestures sounds is possible too. But where is the fun in going to a club with great music without gestures? The best partys are events where lots of people are in and lots of talk, noise and gestures! Just listening to the music is no party, no club.... you can listen to music at home at your sofa too. :-)) Avatars without gestures looks like noobs, you don't have to use them but it's less fun in the clubs without them. My opinion :-)
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