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  1. My answer is pretty similar to Morena Tully’s. I don’t necessarily have a preference appearance-wise, although I can’t disagree that some of the beachy locations are really beautiful. It’s definitely more about the community for me. I was so excited about Bellisseria because of the potential for the community aspect that SL seemed to be lacking. I’ve mostly had mainland or rentals before but have never been one to isolate myself or put up ban lines. That would ruin all the fun and spontaneity of SL for me. I really just want an active neighborhood with cool neighbors or at least something going on sometimes. I have a traditional in Ashton Village right now, right on the border of Millbank. The area itself isn’t spectacular, although there is a little canal behind the house but I think it could have been done better (don’t kill me for being negative, please). I’m holding onto it in hopes that they’ll do something cool with Millbank that will make it interesting to live that close. We’ll see.
  2. And now we're neighbors. Well, you're technically my alt's neighbor, but still...
  3. When you hit the refresh limit, just log out and log back in.
  4. Keep refreshing. Lots of abandons have been going around.
  5. I met the people who abandoned the plot when I came to check it out. They said it was too small for them. Definitely my gain there.
  6. There were so many times when I was refreshing that Bellisseria was in the dropdown menu but not at the top. I just got in the habit of checking it every time I refreshed.
  7. I just noticed this little public spot right beside my plot and saw someone sleeping in the tent. haha. I love Bellisseria.
  8. Just tried again and grabbed this spot in Lake Tatakaka. Definitely think i'll stay for a while now. Not close to the train tracks anymore which is sad but man, this spot is really beautiful.
  9. Trad right now that won't go away. Everybody's trying to get them campers, I guess.
  10. Hadn't been on for a day or two so I missed the camper release. Abandoned a houseboat to try to grab one to check it out. Caught one within 2 minutes. Not sure if I'll stay but I'm liking this theme/area more than I thought I would. Mine is close to the train tracks and I just saw someone go by on a train. So cute.
  11. Yes, seen a ton of houses in the last little bit. Also saw (and missed) a houseboat.
  12. Seen quite a few traditionals tonight and zero houseboats. Are houseboats just that popular in comparison to traditionals or are there just less of them to go around?
  13. Oh wow. I didn't realize it could take that long. All the ones I had released before had been taken within a couple of minutes tops.
  14. Abandoned a house in Cadhaire a little bit ago, someone claimed it within a few minutes and abandoned it again. Now it's been at least 30 minutes since they abandoned it and it hasn't been claimed yet. Any idea why it might be taking so long? I don't think it's even been released yet. Edit: Finally got tired of waiting around to see if it got claimed but as of 31 minutes after I made this post, it was still owned by Governor Linden. Weird.
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