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  1. The 2nd season is a million times funnier if you can believe that.
  2. That sounds awesome, actually. And hilarious. Now I've gotta find a volunteer to let me mount their head to my wall.
  3. What We Do in the Shadows is back for season 2 and it's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen. Definitely 5 stars. It airs on TV on FX but is on Hulu as well. It's based off of a movie which is equally as great and two of the actors from the movie are producers for the TV show.
  4. I bought this skin on October 10, 2011. I wonder why I wasn't very sought after in the kink sims back then... 🙃
  5. I agree, I also try to keep some kind of welcome sign up for this reason. And for the people who don't want visitors, all they can really do is put up a security orb, as annoying as that is, or god forbid, ban lines. Could also not be on ground level... it's not foolproof but I have a lot less random visitors when I'm in a skybox as opposed to being down there where it's easier for people to get to you. That's true. But if everyone followed that, we wouldn't need to be having this discussion right now.
  6. I actually really enjoy when this happens. One of the things that drew me in the most to SL was the spontaneity of it all. A lot of that seems to have gone away in the last few years. The only time it really bothers me is if they start being annoying. For example, I was on my sky platform the other day and some random person flew up to it and immediately started trying to push me off of it. That's not cool. So far he's the only person who's ended up on my ban list. I do think some people tend to get way too bent out of shape over it when it's a pretty easy fix, but to each their own.
  7. Ah, that explains it. I was wondering if it might be a release but wasn't sure if they did them this late.
  8. Been seeing houseboats nonstop over the past several minutes. Either multiple going around right now or no one's taking them.
  9. That's true. I'd be just as content anywhere else though, especially since I'm hardly ever home anyway. It's sat mostly empty since I got it and I just think someone could do something really nice with it.
  10. I'm still in the first traditional I snagged in Ashton Village. It took me so long to get it that I never wanted to risk giving it up. It's an okay spot but I'm really just too lazy to pick everything up/put everything back down again if I wanted to get back in the game. It also borders Millbank and I'm still waiting to see what they end up doing with it.
  11. About to abandon my alt's camper in Lake Tatakaka. I'll release it at 3:30PM SLT. It's a really fantastic plot, I'm just not there enough to justify keeping it and I feel guilty for keeping it from someone who will get more enjoyment out of it than I do. Good luck. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lake Tatakaka/234/140/35
  12. My answer is pretty similar to Morena Tully’s. I don’t necessarily have a preference appearance-wise, although I can’t disagree that some of the beachy locations are really beautiful. It’s definitely more about the community for me. I was so excited about Bellisseria because of the potential for the community aspect that SL seemed to be lacking. I’ve mostly had mainland or rentals before but have never been one to isolate myself or put up ban lines. That would ruin all the fun and spontaneity of SL for me. I really just want an active neighborhood with cool neighbors or at least something going on sometimes. I have a traditional in Ashton Village right now, right on the border of Millbank. The area itself isn’t spectacular, although there is a little canal behind the house but I think it could have been done better (don’t kill me for being negative, please). I’m holding onto it in hopes that they’ll do something cool with Millbank that will make it interesting to live that close. We’ll see.
  13. And now we're neighbors. Well, you're technically my alt's neighbor, but still...
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