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  1. Do you wish to reconciliate with your past, enjoy your present and pave the way to the future of your dreams? Have you always wished for a better life? Join us at SOM to show you how!!! We are a community interested in topics such as: The 7 hermetic principles, the Tree Of Life, the Law of Attraction, how to utilize the conscious and subconscious mind, The Kabbalah, The Qabalah,Gnostic Christianity, Roscicrucians, the Golden Dawn, the importance of self-affirmations, the importance of I am statements, how to perform different forms of magick, how one can draw from prior religious or spirit
  2. If in sl it is not allowed, warn your friends outside of sl about the specific merchant. Most of us do connect with other people from sl on skype and other social media.
  3. it says there was a problem charging your paypal account, while a few minutes ago i purchased succeffully other stuff from other sites using the very same account....
  4. I have a verified paypal account but i can not get lindens. How can i solve this? ty in advance for the help.
  5. Would you like to meet up with my family in world? We live in heaven as angels working hard to make our armors and potions to fight against the demons. May be you will find a good rp parrtner within us. I am Siera Oskar, looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. Hi everyone!!! I am part of an incredible Angel Family and we are looking for more members to join us in our battles against those malicious Demons. We would love to meet new friends from all walks of life: furries, Doms, Mistresses, subs, males females, she males..... We just want you to be yourself and have fun with us. Should you like to know more info about the hud game Angels and Demons and how to join our ranks do not hesitate to hit me up in world: Sierra Oskar. xoxoxoxoox :smileyhappy:
  7. Hon, specially in a game it is really easy to avoid women complaining 1. you can block and mute them, 2. noone obliges you to answer their ims or listen to their voices, 3. you do not have to log in sl if you do not like it. It seems to me that YOU ARE COMPLAINING THE MOST!!!!
  8. I believe "proper rp sims" tend to vanish and concentrate more on ooc dances and stuff, because rping in a specific era requires spending a lot of rl time getting knowledge about the specific time and place in history. People are kind of lazy putting effort in having fun.....For example even if you rp in a Star Trek environment you need to know something about it!!!! I think people get more kicks in endless rant rather evolving themselves even through sl and rping.....
  9. Nice post!!!! Usually dances are ooc and quite boring to me.....rp sims are for rp. If i wanted to chat i would have stayed in fb lol.....:smileyvery-happy:
  10. I do voice only if I wish to. So do not worry about him, I assume he was not worthy of being your friend.
  11. It was YOUR choice to pay so much money, it was YOUR choice to get up and leave. So do not blame others, you were certainly not cheated on.
  12. You can always introduce yourself by using the name you really like or correct people when they call you you the wrong way. I am sure they will get used to it.
  13. Dear Jinx, Personally I hate alts. When you are with someone -in the full sense of the word- you do not wish to be with someone else. He is cheating in your face when you are together and you watch him, and he is cheating behind your back. If you like the situation keep it that way. If you do not like it just change it....simple as that. I wish you all the best!!!
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