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  1. Sorry, i think a rental is a "service" paid for .. and is not a landlord a Merchant for their property. Did not mean to mislead .. just do not see a difference .. just a different product.
  2. No, Amethyst .... i was renting some land and living on it in a house i built for 6-7 months. Some how when i opened a box I bought on MP it rezz and object that intruded on my neighbors land .. I was not aware of this. After signing off and later trying to return to my home i found the landlord had banned me and removed all my property off her land without any notice ... due to intruding on my neighbors property. When questioning what was going on I was muted. I had paid for a few weeks ahead and sent a notecard requesting the refund of this advanced payment and was told that was not
  3. Where would one leave a "review"? I was warned that speaking negative against a Merchant or avi on sl was grounds for ejection from SL .. so hesitant???
  4. The problem is being able to warn others by mentioning the Merchant by name without breaking the TOS by speaking negative? Without this ability the Merchant will just continue to prey on people ... There should be a list where one can check on the integrity of Merchants.
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