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  1. Do you wish to reconciliate with your past, enjoy your present and pave the way to the future of your dreams? Have you always wished for a better life? Join us at SOM to show you how!!! We are a community interested in topics such as: The 7 hermetic principles, the Tree Of Life, the Law of Attraction, how to utilize the conscious and subconscious mind, The Kabbalah, The Qabalah,Gnostic Christianity, Roscicrucians, the Golden Dawn, the importance of self-affirmations, the importance of I am statements, how to perform different forms of magick, how one can draw from prior religious or spirit
  2. I do voice only if I wish to. So do not worry about him, I assume he was not worthy of being your friend.
  3. Dear Perrin, I am in gor for over 3 years, played in most gorean sims, and I have never seen a kajirus or a thrall being banned from any land. Many good friends were gay or whatever, we always had much fun and they never had a problem as long as they kept everything IC and gorean. There are even gay sims still, and even saw a few men hanging around with their thralls here and there. As far as TOS and land owners let me put it this way: they pay, they play!!! Hugs....
  4. Hi Daemion. Personally i do not see this as a problem. If someone was intereferring with my rl ( fb and skype is rl) i would explain politely and defriend. You need to decide what you and your rl partner want. If it bothers your other half you need to do this. Take care and hope everything goes well.
  5. Thank you Sephina for your reply. May be you are right and your comment was taken into consideration. All feedback is welcome. I just stated my opinion, some will like it some will not.
  6. Dear Syn since you are not ready to be dominated, may be you should not enter a D/s relationship right away. Go around, talk to people in the bdsm community, read some stuff, join activities and groups. This way you can slowly develop within the specific field,and have time for yourself as well, while you process things. You can also try having bdsm sessions you can enjoy and as soon as they are over you go home. It seems to me you will have more fun with those rather than with a full time Master. At least for now that you are exploring. Good luck, smooch!!
  7. In my opinion, it is totally wrong. If someone is happy with the rl relationship there is no need to cover the voids with a virtual one. I mean i would not like it at all if i had my man "stealing" time from our rl each day for a cyber flirt. This already sounds problematic.
  8. I have the same problem, as being from europe. do you think we can search together? hope to find you inworld
  9. Personally i would like to be able to get my soul back if the one who owns it proves to be an untrustworthy a......hole!!!! besides if i was to sell my soul for linden i would have done it myself without a pimp....the electron is too expensive and the soul swapping its a fuss.
  10. True Masters are respected, fake masters are feared.....
  11. True Masters and Mistresses will eventually make you beg for their collar because you admire their personality and you want to be with them. Fake Masters will just force their collar on you.....Simple. Be careful if you decide to put it on your neck.....
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