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  1. Well, for me, I have had a Gorean relaitonship as slave for about 7/8 months at most before having to leave him due to his age being far too young for me (and I was only 19/20 myself then). The next longest usually last about thre months, so I can understand that, but I only partner if I am roleplaying as a Free. I have found that without the Master's phsyical presence, it is far harder to leave your life and play court to pixels - but, perhaps that is just one of my own personal struggles. However, I have found most of my dearest and nearest friends in-world in general have come out of thes
  2. Hi all, ok, so last year I got into the mood to relog into my '08 account, and when I tried, it said it was on hold. All right, so I submitted a support ticket, got a reply and when I gave them the information, nothing happened other than I recieved an email saying the case was close. So... I tried again today. Is there any way for me to find out why it is on hold? I mean, I love SL and this avatar as well, but the nostalgia would be great. Even better, do you guys think its possible for me to get my account back - or how I can? Thanks! Sefa EDIT: Thanks so much for your reply, you're righ
  3. I can help, if you still need it. I love making shapes.
  4. DrLife has very nice Asian skins as well.
  5. Hey! I have to suggest Mynerva.
  6. Though this store is Gorean based, it also has a hefty supply of other free ones: try the Animations Roleplay Shop.
  7. Al Vulo has very similar skins; I have one in a darker tone with red an dorangeish stripes I got in a hunt a while back.
  8. Seems to me it would be best to seek out Asian based places; I suggest D!VA
  9. I think it looks a lot like YourSkkin & YourShape (YS &YS).... The first is almost identical to the a pale version of the frebie Megan there.
  10. I suggest Mynerva too, they have a kids section, if I recall.
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