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  1. Hard to remember the pre-facebook/Youtube era... uhm... yeah, Wikipedia; media/press web sites; some weather forecast site; IMDB.com.
  2. Alwin, I am sorry: please believe me, I was saying the truth, I was really happy about that. At least you really answered to my question.
  3. Thank you for keeping useful statistics!
  4. I can't log in from some three hours. I can't access secondlife.com site. status.secondlifegrid.net seems like a pic, a static image never changing My ISP allows me to reach the rest of the world, so where is the bug?
  5. I hadn't that problem with latest release; instead, several gestures stopped working and with 90% of logins I have big issues in inventory fetching.
  6. Here web sites are back, but no way to log in.
  7. "Login failed. Often this means that your computer's clock is set incorrectly. Please go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date are set correctly. [SERIOUSLY?!?!?!] Also check that your network and firewall are set up correctly. If you continue to receive this error, please go to the Support section of the Secondlife.com web site [UNREACHABLE] and report the problem."
  8. Ahhh... it's only intermittent. What a relief.
  9. No inworld, no secondlife site, no marketplace site.
  10. Thank you LittleMe, but my inventory is well managed from years.
  11. There are other posts and it's evident. But since I can see people is writing here NOT to help, farewell.
  12. Messages: "Logging in..." Screen shot: black login screen. Amen.
  13. Already did that hours ago. Unuseful. A lot of users say the same. Not a local problem. Grid status is becoming ridiculous.
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