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  1. By the way... so why "login credentials" and not "settings"?
  2. You then mean settings backup from one PC are valid only for that PC? That sounds interesting... and sad.
  3. So, I got a brand new PC with Windows 10. I made all the needed system updates, yesterday. Today I installed Firestorm (x64, I logged in with my username and password, after checking the "Remember" box. I went inworld and checked how it was running, making little changes to my Preferences. I set Backup/Restore Settings path to an USB key folder where I had my settings saved. I asked Firestorm to restore my settings and it replied of course it had to be restarted. Ok. Then it restarted, and displayed this message: "We were unable to decode the file storing you
  4. Hi Chaser, where could I find that statistic? I used to follow https://e*****up.com/slstatistics/online-now-last-24hrs but it's gone from a long time. (e t i t s up dot com)
  5. You are welcome Sparka... je vous souhaite un beau après-midi.
  6. And, after some 7 hours - and a support ticket created by a friend - suddenly it worked. 😲
  7. Just when a friend of mine in another country opened a ticket... https://i.postimg.cc/d1m3QLBc/20200829-ticket.jpg suddenly all started to work... ? no... I still can't login.
  8. Of course it's not ISP-related, since we are trying to connect from several countries and by several ISPs.
  9. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/ last update: July 31. If you believe.
  10. https://secondlife.com/ first page is showed, although login does not work at all.
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