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  1. DISJOINTED!!! yes! that's the word I was looking for! I've felt it too, but couldn't find the word I wanted. Thank you for expressing what the new forum feels like to me.
  2. Buena suerte. Espero que alguien puede ayudarte.
  3. Hey People! I've always enjoyed reading the forums for sheer entertainment. Although the forums is harder to read these days. But, now I need some information. I've got a little bet/competition going with a friend. He's gonna find me some cool Mermaids to see and I gotta find him some Centaurs. Is there a fantasy zoo anywhere in SL? Or a menagerie? Anybody know of places where to go to find Centaurs? The "search" in world didn't provide anything useful. I'm not a member of the roleplay groups, so I'm not sure I'd be welcome there. So I'm hoping you all can help. Thanks in advance.
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