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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/San%20Michele/77/152/22
  2. Can't you check your browser history to find the site?
  3. Well, that isn't a video card, it's integrated graphics. It's about equal to a very low-end graphics card. You will have better luck buying and installing a graphics card.
  4. To use parcel streaming the video needs to be in a Quicktime format. The data rate needs to be at a reasonable level or the video won't play smoothly. I use Blip.tv to host QT-type files and stream the original upload. Shared Media is *much* easier and doesn't require any special format. For youtube use http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v= and the the rest of the video's url that would come after the '=' to get a pop-out version.
  5. For youtube use http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v= and the the rest of the url that would come after the '=' to get a pop-out version.
  6. Go to the Edge Matching Layer. With the selection wand set to contiguous select outside the body. Switch to the Shaded Grid layer and delete the background.
  7. So these items are no-copy for you not just the buyer? How many different items? I have to say it sounds weird to me.
  8. You'll have different fps for every place as SL streams. One thing you might check is in Preferences>Graphics>Hardware. The default setting for Anistrophic Filtering [used to be and maybe still] is ON - which impacts fps for no good reason. You probably just need tweaking then you'll get good fps rates.
  9. All I see is a mostly alpha texture with blurry diagonal lines.
  10. It's a pain, but I'd probably contact the creators and ask them to resend.
  11. I still have Win XP hah - as it ain't broke ;-D I will get Win7-64 Pro one of these days when I can afford to, which was a bright spot to Wi8 appearing as it'll make Win7 cheaper maybe.
  12. My friend impetuously installed Win8 on the first day, overwriting her Os. Now she's bought Win7 again to reinstall that. I think the 'Preview' moniker made her think it was something it is not. Windows OSs are usually no damn good until about a year after release, if then, anyway.I wouldn't be in too much of a rush.
  13. It used to be the easy eye tickboxes etc. as on TPV still, but LL changed it to make it harder for some unknown reason when they did all those peculiar things to the UI.
  14. There's some great man stuffs out there - the advantage is there's less to wade through if you are like me and hate shopping. Remember some hair is unisex. And - WELCOME!
  15. That's a minute problem. We've ALL had oopsies and brain farts - don't try to keep that crown all to yourself.
  16. I *think* the GTX 560m is about equivilent to a GTX 275, which is what I have at the moment. I run with shadows nearly all the time, depth of field when I want it, high settings usually, with decent fps. You'd have more card memory which will be good, but laptop processor speed is lower than desktops and I don't know how that will shake down. Someone knowledgeable weigh in on laptop proceesor speeds and what'd be good, please :-D
  17. I love Second Life but I'm not addicted to it any more than I'm addicted to Photoshop. It's both a creative tool and a social collaborative showplace, and acts as a spur to learn skills that I might not've had access to had I not been here. I have dear friends and a fantastic list of accomplishments. It isn't for everyone but for me it's the bee's knees.
  18. Check the file's alpha channel in your graphics program as it sounds like it's not correct.
  19. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: The default condition is that sim owners make no mention of machinima. I supose that's frustrating. Maybe you need to organize a machinima friendly sim owner alliance or something. Yes, I know that's the default. I am just experimenting to see if posting the information makes any difference whatsoever. Probably not, but we shall see.
  20. Is this to do with the self-attaching HUDs that are part of the game-making tools? We all knew that'd have a sticky road, but I wasn't expecting the trouble to show up so soon.
  21. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Maybe the complete absense of permission to film in any land covenant you've ever seen is an indication of a desire to be asked for permission rather than blanket ignorance on the part of sim owners. One size doesn't fit all - undoubtedly there are those reasons and more. Particularly, to me, a sim that is a beautiful creation obviously set up as a public place (including a tip jar so visitors can help support the sim costs) might benefit from giving permission to machinima-makers. Sim owners can do as they like; I'm posting this information because out of the bazillion sims out there it's possible some might be owned by people to whom this information is new and useful.
  22. I should add that the skin will look different on every shape - the skin itself doesn't alter the underlying structure which is the Shape itself. You are always wearing some skin or other and some shape or other; you 'replace' those, rather than take them off. If you want a quick package you can buy a complete avatar on the SL Marketplace or inworld. Use DEMO skins to see how you like them. Another thing everyone uses is an Animation Override - called an AO. These change the movements your avatar makes from the default to ones that express more of your style. They can be bought as a whole package or you can buy animations separately and make your own. If you are a writer consider blogging your adventures. I love reading stuff like that :-D
  23. There are some things you can change using the Appearance sliders to make your own Shape (such as height, head shape, and so on). Other things you are better off buying or making yourself if you are an artist (skin, tattoos, hair). There are a lot of free things and lots of them are high-quality, too, especially for new players or as gifts from shops or prizes in hunts. You can also buy a shape or use a free shape (and modify it if it has mod permissions). Clothing comes in combinations of texture clothing layers, sculpty attachments, and mesh clothing (which is new). In particular boots/shoes, to me, are much better in mesh than otherwise. New, too, are all-mesh avatars - and keep an eye on these as we'll probably see interesting developments in this area. I've seen some gorgeous black skins, both male and female - you might want to browse the Marketplace or possibly start a thread asking for recommendations. There's a ton to consider including Permissions, overall scripting, and so on, but you'll catch on in good time. For now gear up and make your avatar exactly the way you want. Good luck, and have fun!
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