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  1. Ever since the restarts this week I haven't been getting ANY messages, IMs, group chat, group notices. If I log out and back in again I get a few notices and some sent to my email but there should be a LOT more than what I'm getting. Some friends report that it says I'm offline when I'm not and when they chat with me their messages go to my email as if I was. If I purchase something on MP I have to log out and then back in again just to get it to deliver. I'm running the latest release of Firestorm and up until this last bunch of rolling restarts have had no problems. It appeared to have been fixed for about two hours the other night and then suddenly no messages again. I'm completely at my wits end I've not seen anyone else posting about this issue and there's nothing in the server status about them working on a problem. This is my last resort to find some answers. **Edit...please note i'm not concerned with receiving offlines via email, what I'm concerned about is being logged in and not receiving ANY messages, IM's or group notices AT ALL and no one can send me IMs either they don't get to me. I'm on a LAN not wireless.
  2. A little late to the party here but I just wanted to say thanks for these tutorials. I'm way, way, *WAY* ahead of myself watching them because I'm still learning basic Blender LOL but I can see they will be more than a little helpful when I get to this point.
  3. *headesk* Thank you for pointing that out...*doh*.... I knew it was something simple that I was overlooking.
  4. OK I'm sure this is probably operator error but I'm wracking my brain and can't figure out what (if anything) I'm doing wrong. I created a texture for a pair of pants using one of Robin Wood's templates. When I attempt to upload (temporary or otherwise) only the back half of the pants texture on the template is visible. I am saving it as a 512 size tga. Help? The back half looks great but I think she's going to look a bit conspicuous walking around frontless. ;)
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