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  1. I think I'm just going to uninstall SL Viewer 2 and forget about it. Its obviously not going to work on my computer and I'm not going to bother with it.
  2. Its not the router. Its my video card. And the link you gave me for Customer Service doesn't redirect me.
  3. Yeah I did check and it is up to date and it is the right kind of card for SL.
  4. I was able to download SL Viewer 2 and it will open, but I get an erro message saying the video card is out of date. What should I do?
  5. I tried defragmenting the hard drive and checking the connections. I even uninstalled and reinstalled SL Viewer again and it still won't load.
  6. Yes I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It may also be that I have too many files on my computer and that could be causing SL viewer to crash...?
  7. When I click on the Second Life icon on my computer, it brings up a small window that says "Loading Second Life." It goes away and is replaced with another window that says "Crash Logger. Sending to server 1." Basically it won't open Second Life. I tried reinstalling it and it still won't open up. I have all the system requirements (Windows 7), so there shouldn't be a problem. Anyone know how I can open SL Viewer?
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