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  1. Hi Taryn feel free to add me, I am new too but have figured out alot of the mechanics already and would love to hang out 🙂
  2. Hi, I am Mai! You guys sound fun! I am super into RP Cyberpunk, futuristic, dystopian type stuff. I also love deathrock and industrial music. I will send you a message inworld! 🙂
  3. Hey all I am Mai and I am a few months into SL and have found it pretty lonely so far. Sometimes when I explore I dont even run into other people. Where are all the places where people go and hangout and chat? I went to a couple clubs because I love dancing especially to EDM and indie dance rock music, but at the club nobody said ANYTHING in that chat and it seems to be the case every club i go to. I dumped all this money into getting the best stuff for my avatar but now Im wondering if it was a waste? A little bit about me: I am on the east coast and am SL+3 I love building so
  4. Hi Im new and literally know no one on Second Life. Im really silly and sarcastic and love to meet new people and explore. Please feel free to add me!
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