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  1. DISCLAIMER ‣Logistics and budgeting will be discussed further with interested parties ONLY via inbox. ‣Candidates must be self-motivated and knowledgeable about software. Entry-level to seasoned professionals are encouraged to apply. ‣Criticisms or unfounded doubt/backhandedness will not be addressed by me because, unfortunately, members engage in patronizing and berating behaviors. Although, you have the right to express your opinion; Honest inquiries, questions, or concerns outside of the fields I've mentioned are acceptable. ❝The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.❞ ⁃ Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. I appreciate the time you took out to write all of this out. Truly. You have made points that I am very aware of, but I cannot let those deter me, and rather than climbing the ranks I am focusing on evolution of second life quality and furthermore consumer values and inclusion. Just as any other platform that supports creator expansion, there are those who are more open to change than some. On behalf of my second life "longevity" I might say, I am certainly experienced. I have mockups of what my profile will entail, but I keep that in mind especially in regards to public appearances. Once again, thanks so much for your response. It feels like a dead horse at times.
  3. Greetings Forum Passerbys! At the moment, I am a single person (female) on the plight of many contributors such as game creation/optimization and user-friendly mesh body utilization. As an aspiring 3D enthusiast, I believe I can provide a comparable level of character creation and aestheticism to software like MetaHuman, Reallusion Character Creator, DAZ3D, and with the same rendering appeal as Iray, Octane, Redshift, or Arnold. I am willing to go through the trials and tribulations of next-generation second life assets, or as some would put it, "putting the pedal to the metal." With that in mind, I am undoubtedly looking for members who are familiar with these applications and plugins and who share similar motivational interests. I'm looking forward to learning from my future contributors as well. Allow me to introduce the brand formally. EBONics Origin is a second life startup that competes to install high-quality game assets such as a signature mesh body AND a line of mesh heads. EBONics is a derivation of the word "ebonics," which is a combination of "ebony" and "phonics"; Meaning: American black English regarded as a separate language rather than a dialect of standard English. Aside from literal definitions, this brand was envisioned and will ultimately cater to the black/African American female demographic, and it encourages consumers to read between the lines through appropriate brand marketing. Mesh heads will have the well-known african facial genotype, while the body will have a sporty build with rounding where the ends meet. Of course, with proper Second Life rigging and customization, a variety of ethnic appearances are possible. Mesh body parts and mesh heads will be created by me in the start, with an open mind to refinement. I've only been on Second Life for 8 months, but I've already purchased four mainstream bodies and a fairly new body that had been discarded for lack of consumer readiness. I've dissected their usage, optimization, user and developer friendliness, resourced blogs, and have gained a well-rounded understanding. What I'm looking for is: - Brand Marketers (Up to 3) Proficient in logo design, graphic design, UX/UI design, and general HTML5/Css understanding, Typography (Flexible) Proficient in software such as Illustrator, Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver, and general media networking (Flexible) Logo Types Requested: Lettermark (for purposes of lower quaility handling such as Second Life Marketplace LOGO) Will need 800 by 800 and 45 by 45 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Wordmark (for purposes of higher quality handling such as websites and banner use) Will need 800 by 800 and 100 by 700 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Combination mark (for purposes of image adverts and social media marketing) Will need 800 by 800 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Pictoral mark (interchangeable within Combination mark) Will need 800 by 800 Best file types: .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .svg (editable and easily transferable with lossless quality) Social Media Handles: Facebook, Flickr, Professional website (Flexible) - Mesh 3d Modelers (Up to 3) Mesh Requested: Clothing, shoes Other: Mesh body/head(s) refinement Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Maya, or 3ds MAX, UV mapping (Flexible) - Scripters (Up to 3) Proficient in the linden scripting language Scripting Requested: HUD systems (Flexible) - Riggers (Up to 3): Proficient in software such as Blender, and general second life viewer functionality Rigging Requested: Mesh body, hands, feet, Animations, Poses - Skin Creators (Up to 3) Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, DAZ3D, Rendering, UV mapping (Flexible) *Flexibility determines multiple roles that a person can take up, and in the concentration of proficiency of said software or additional software unmentioned My Skills: Proficient in software such as Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, DAZ3D, Marvelous Designer, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Typography, Illustrator, Visual Studio Code, UI design, general HTML5/Css understanding, general second life viewer functionality *and constantly learning Mesh Body: Front View [ CENSOR WARNINg ] Three Fourths View [ CENSOR WARNING ] Features: - Optimum/Default body shape - Optimum/Default Hands + Feet Upcoming Installments: - General refinement - HD Nipple/Areola types + No Nipple for mesh fitting - HD Breast types - HD Genitalia + Pubic Hair - Alternative Body types/Deforms (Abiding by the 3 Somatotypes) Future endeavors include HUD, Alpha, Physics, BOM optimization, fitted mesh, interactive clothing and HD SLUV skins, normals and bump mapping. Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton Hands: (Square Nails Previewed) Features: - Optimum/Default Hand Shape - Up to 3 Nail types (Square, Almond, Stiletto) + Natural - Up to 3 Nail levels (Short, Mid, Long) Upcoming Installments: - Static/Animated poses - Nail Systems HUD Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton Feet: Features: - Optimum/Default Feet Shape - Flat Feet type (Stand) Upcoming Installments: - Up to 3 Feet levels (Stand, Arched, Tips) - Up to 3 Feet Lengths + Toes - Feet/Toes Animations - Included in Nail Systems HUD Rigging: *No In-depth rigging - Set to t-pose to optimize Second Life skeleton (mostly) *Images taken in Zbrush Project span: Approximately 6 months to a year *and ongoing Reference: Top-Selling Mesh Avatar Bodies Drastically Hurting Overall Second Life Performance Second Life: Female Body Statistics Second Life: Female Head Statistics The 3 Somatotypes
  4. @Alwin Alcott No, this was not intended for promotional purposes. Does that restrict me to not being allowed to admit I’ll be creating for it? No, I don’t think so. If I wanted to promote, I would promote, and care less what anyone else thinks. Have a good day.
  5. @TariLandar Yes, I totally understand where you stand. I’m actually on the far skinny end of the spectrum of body types and I prefer skinny on most occasions, or if not, proportionally appealing at least. What attracted me to this body was mainly the details, I’d say this body has more intricate features (like the hip dips I spoke of). I will say that the crevice of the hips where they start to meet up with the lower leg does sit lower than the regular anatomy , which tickled me in a not-so-good way, but I can’t wait to see the finally version because I believe in this product. *Thumbs up*
  6. @RowanMinx Love your profile picture by the way! And about the Kupra body having been made by a well established company, I had no idea about. (I’m also confused in the deviation to the Kardashians upon this discussion, lol)
  7. @Janet Voxel You’re right, they hold validity as in they’re their own opinions. And I’m not asking about a “curvy” body per se, but the MIRANA, and more importantly opinions on new and upcoming bodies.
  8. @RowanMinx Lol! Yes, they do include underwear. And yes, you have a point about the Kupra Body, but even then, it’s not just the Kupra body that got it the attention it got, it was through leaps of faith, social media, and, would you look at that, clothes being made for it. Me, personally, I got quite fed up at the skin-tight and short-short everything niche of the Kupra Body. Even then, seems impossible to step outside without being arrested, lmao. I hold my maitreya to a challenge.
  9. Wow! I’m happy people are having conversation. I feel like my perspective is so uncanny since I plan to make clothes for this body in the near future. And yes, people certainly are buying the body at it’s promotional price, haha. I wavered on all the aspects and it’s more like a business venture to me in the end. Genuinely, I do like the body, but the rush of consumers with high-demand marketing and many eyes on it (for negative or positive reasons), it seems like the perfect investment. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out. The upcoming body will be BOM compatible, and come with many other features to enhance customization.
  10. @Tari Landar I do agree with you on the price, but you mistake me if you think I expect everyone to like the body. I wanted to point out that the “hips” shouldn’t hold any negative bearing to the quality of the product because that would be hypocritical of all the other bodies that are accustomed with surplus hourglass figures like BBL or KUPRA. And it’s funny to me that the shape is even argued about, seeing as there are sliders for the waist and hips if you don’t like that sort of shape. But, I digress. Thanks for your opinion.
  11. Oh, well that’s one way to look at it 😅. Although, your characterization of bodies seem pretty air right. Personally, this is the only body I know with realistic looking hips (and butt), as you can create variation and dips if it’s what you prefer, which debunks the “bango” element of your hind sighted criticism. On other bodies that have tried, the hips end up looking like brick walls with butts similar to that of bad ass shots when the saddles are increased. I’m glad for your opinion though.
  12. Hey, everyone! For everyone who hadn’t known, there is a new body called MIRANA out on the marketplace and in the MIRANA Industries’ inworld store. Still in it’s beta version til New Years, I’m curious to know how different people feel about the MIRANA body and/or new and upcoming bodies, ranging from the potential to longevity, or any other feelings.
  13. Hey! I would be happy to decorate! My legacy name is forbittenapple
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