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  1. Hello! I'm on the market for a snorkeling system that you can rez out and just touch or sit on to begin snorkeling. I'm building a bora bora residential sim and I want to offer snorkeling as a perk to the renters. Preferably something with swimming/snorkeling animations. I googled to see if there was anything like this and I found something called TD Snorkeling system, but unfortunately when I clicked the link it was broken and just linked back to marketplace homepage. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi my name is June I'm a female DJ. I use VirtualDJ2021. I'm looking for clubs and events to dj at so hit me up inworld at junejewels: secondlife:///app/agent/c0360d59-0a38-4c82-a4f8-c7a5e8f00118/about
  3. The Villas at New Ibiza is looking to hire waitresses for our restaurant! Your job will be to serve roleplay dinner, which is always held at 6pm SLT. We need someone who can be on call each evening at 6-8pm SLT for our 1st and 2nd shift dinners. There will be training included. If interested message Junejewels inworld or fill out this application: https://forms.gle/LAVRe2RhcBTpk5ab8
  4. The Villas at New Ibiza is a new resort on Second Life that provides the ultimate package of peace, party, and paradise! The Villas were created out of a need for a vacation sim in Second Life that offered premium roleplay experiences at no additional cost, for the sake of forming new connections with other guests and TVANI team, as well as for making new experiences for the adventurous and sociable people of SL. https://thevillasatnewibiz.wixsite.com/thevillasatnewibiza Message Junejewels to book now!
  5. Full sim private region for rent! 20,000 prims Contact Junejewels inworld for more details
  6. I'm looking for a rotary phone that is fuzzy/flurry. I remember seeing it somewhere in a second life blogger's picture but I can't find it now. Thank you!
  7. Has anyone seen a water jet pack that let's you fly above the water like the ones in real life. It would look like this.
  8. Does anyone know of an active witch community sim preferably set in modern day?
  9. I'm curious to know the planning process behind creating a sim. Specifically the layout. I see some amazing community sims and I'm just like, "Where did you even begin to start making something as intricate as this; how do you turn a blank sim with nothing on it into something like this?" I'm someone who's always struggled with composition and layout and can't make a pretty sim unless I have a map or reference pictures of rl places so I can replicate it in second life. It's the same thing with other games like sims and animal crossing: new horizons. My island on animal crossing looks like an actual hot mess. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get better at this. Do you guys draw out a layout for where you're going to place buildings etc for your sims. Is there a program that makes creating maps easy? Like a program where you're just like "Ok I want a house in this exact spot, and a river in this spot, etc." I haven't come across anything like this but I would love to give something like this a try.
  10. Oh ok lol, thank you, yeah I was wondering about that as well, I'm uploading the mesh model in 4 different parts because of how big it is, so I suspect the physics model will be the same thing.
  11. Hi! I have a hotel. It's 5 floors and 4 rooms to a floor. The designer that built this made it all separate pieces. Do I need to make a physicals model, for every single piece (ex. every individual stair) or can I combine all the pieces in maya and just do the physics model as one whole piece. Which one do you think would be easier? And would anybody be willing to help (I'm a complete noob at this.)
  12. Hi! I have a hotel build (5 floors, 4 rooms on each floor) And I'm looking for a texture artist who could take my vision and make it come to life. I know what colors I want and where but I'm not good at making the textures look realistic. How much would you charge for this? You can comment below or message me inworld at Junejewels
  13. Right so basically I've spent $250 USD on a hotel build and now when I try to upload to second life it says Error: DAE parsing issue - see log for details. I googled this error message and have done everything the people in other forum topics told me to do, but it's still not uploading. If anyone who's good at this kind of thing could look at the obj file and fix it for me I would greatly appreciate it because this whole project has been nothing but absolute stress and I need it to end. Thanks.
  14. Hi! I'm looking for a talented clothing mesher to make a employee polo shirt for my resort. I need the shirt to be fitted for female bodies: Slink HG, Maitreya Belleza, and Legacy I need it fitted for male bodies: Signature and Belleza Upon being hired I will give you the logo so you can put it on the polo shirt. And I will give you the color palette. I've looked everywhere up and down for a full perm polo shirt that's rigged for these sizes but to no avail. This doesn't have to be an exclusive just my resort, meaning I don't mind if you also sell the shirt on marketplace or in your mainstore. Here's an image of what I want the shirt to look like:
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