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  1. Seraphim Club is expanding days and set times. With the new expanded days and time Weds are now open along with sets available in early morning hours. We are looking for Djs, Hosts, and Dancers for Wednesday through Saturday. 12am to 8pm. Djs and Hosts are 100% tips. Dancers tip range according to level and experience. Training available and all mature avatars welcome. Seraphim Club is part of Seraph Falls D/S region located on the adult region: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/199/74/61 Interested? Applications are done through Goo
  2. Hey Addison, Might want to check the group permissions. VIP is not set up for anyone to join off those group joiners. Still glad to see The Venue is back!
  3. Seraphim Club is looking for a wide range of staff members of high quality appearance and energetic entertainment. Club commitment to you: 1. Actively promote theme based sets through social media groups, Flicker, Second Life groups, Second Life Events. (everyone contributes to success) 2. Provide constructive feedback when needed to better experience for everyone 3. Receive constructive feedback and input on ways to improve. 4. Provide a no harassments location for all residents of Second Life. 5. Seraphim Club will not engage in misleading or "fake" traffic n
  4. ChachouPrincesse Club manager Gleanr Ellsmere Club recuriter. Sariphine Nateas Club owner All three of us are in the club right now. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/209/49/63
  5. ▒▓████ Seraphim Club (Adult) █████▓▒ On spot interviews: Djs - Host Thursday -Friday-Saturday ► Comfortable in adult club ►Dancers: Basic, Voice, Voice lovense equipped ► DJs: None rap and county music ▷ 100% tips ►Hosts: Engaging with minimal gesture usage ▷ 100% tips ► Location is 100% voice live with voice & Lovense dancers
  6. when you have an opportunity to come check out Seraphim Club at a Seraph Falls We are looking for text, voice and/or lovenese equiped dancers. Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/188/78/61 Dancer application: SF Seraphim Club Dancer Application (google.com)
  7. Seraphim Club, part the Seraph Falls D/S kink playground is looking for energetic and entertaining staff members. The region features two massive dungeons an ever growing array of toys. Designed escort, match maker, and photo contest areas. AFK house slave options, private sky boxes, and public play areas. Seraphim Club operations are Thursday to Saturday currently. Please take the time to visit the location before applying. Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/188/78/61 We are committed to provide a safe and accepting environment to all adult appearance avata
  8. real question is what are you looking for a job. The club life of the grid has about 8200+ clubs that do Djs, Hosts, Dancers, Managers and more. Usually the "Part Time" of this is one or two sets a week at 2 hours a set. Other jobs can be consumer services in stores or real estate. They can be more hours but are options. So the question is what do you really have a passion for. There are very few "SL Jobs" that you are going to be able to make a REAL WORLD living doing. However, if your expectation is just be able to have some $L for inworld there are a ton of options. Do an inworld sear
  9. ChachouPrincesse, if you are also comfortable working in an adult strip club environment we would be interested in meeting with you at Seraphim Club part of Seraph Falls on http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/183/75/61 This is an adult kink playground and club with club operations Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and other activities throughout the region during the week. The club does feature Lovense equiped dancers and voice active throughout the sets. Should this sound worth a look to you please IM me or owner, Sariphine Nateas.
  10. Mona....would would be very interested in talking with you at Seraphim Club at Seraph Fall on region Tarja. Please when you have some time reach out to myself or Sariphine Nateas.
  11. Want to experience the club in action: Flicker Photos Applications: Dancer Application Dj Application Host Application Thursday Sets 12-2pm Dj Moushou 2-4pm DJ ϓ4ɴ 4-6pm Available set time 6-8pm Wacky DJ Gleanr Friday Sets 12-2pm Dj Julya w/host Julya 2-4pm Dj Lodo w/host Manero 4-6pm Dj Sixtus 6-8pm Dj Puddincup Saturday Sets 12-2pm Dj CandyLene w/host Drika 2-4pm Available set 4-6pm Dj Darkmoon 6-8pm Dj Eli w/host Yona
  12. Seraphim Club is looking for dancer of various levels to work in a premium class club and kink adult playground region. If you are interested, Dancers of emote, Voice, and equiped with Lovense toys are encouraged to check out the location on: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarja/187/81/61 Club actives of Dj and Host are Thursday to Saturday 10am to 10pm with Dancers welcome 24/7. Seraphim Club is a division of Seraph Falls.
  13. Electric Dance Club (E.D.C.) heat up the grid daily with fresh entertainment. Djs spin styles from EDC, Electro, HipHop, Dubstep, Top40s, Trance, Rock, Industrial, House, and hardstyle. Hosts are engage with very few gestures focusing on the guest to join the parties. Dancers bring the magic and temptation to the stage with those bodies that just make your jaw drop. Looking to find that perfect place to work in Second Life. Check out Electric Dance Club. Feel the place for yourself and see if it is just what you have been missing. We look forward to meeting you. Applications and
  14. Grand Opening set for Wed. Sept. 11th. Featuring: DJ James Eastman, DJ Saguinius Constatine, DJ Tyny Southpaw, DJ Thunder Vicodin
  15. Higher Order is now taking applications for Host/ess and DJ positions. All positions are 100% tips. Experience is preferred by not required. None experienced must be at least 30 days old or have a firm understanding of the platform that is Second Life from an older avatar account. The location also serves as a development and training ground for Live Mix University. Staff members will have the option to work with Live Mix University if they so choose. Club location is on a mature region of mainland. Agent limit is based on Linden Labs settings of 44 avatars to the region. The club will be voic
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