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  1. There's a group called Nifty Names that has some good ones. But don't join unless you have a Nifty Name.
  2. One of the "radio" related bots just visited me. [name of alleged bot redacted] can be added to the SDR list, if anyone is keeping such a list. EDIT: OK, never mind lol. I see now this thread serves no purpose.
  3. SDR stands for "Software Defined Radio". It is basically a digital radio that samples radio frequencies digitally, vs the more conventional analog radios we are all used to. They are in common use these days in ham radio. I know this because I am a ham radio operator myself. I've noticed other avatar names related to RF ("Radio Frequency") that are associated with these bots. As I come across more of these radio-related names I will report them here.
  4. I'm not sure that's right. Doesn't LL OWN everything that has been created and/or uploaded, instead of being licensed to LL by the creator? If so, since they own it, they really don't need any permissions from us. It seems that would also call into question what we could do about it if "our" intellectual property was scraped from SL and uploaded somewhere it shouldn't be. Since LL owns it, not us, wouldn't it have to be them taking any actions?
  5. You could go to the SL website, change one of your alts to "scripted agent", then see if they can get to your region. Caveat: There may be a delay in setting the alt's scripted agent status and when it actually takes effect in world.
  6. The wording of the official release says you can add whitelisted bots to the estate's allowed list, not the region's whitelist.
  7. I can say for sure most of the large sailing estates have banned bots.
  8. So are you saying that the estate company creates a NEW estate for each full-region renter? Because that is the only way what you are saying could be true. Otherwise, the full-region renters would have estate rights over every other region in that estate.
  9. They can't -- it is all regions or none. They could create a different estate and move some regions to the new estate, then set one with deny_bots enabled and the other not enabled, but that could be just too much work.
  10. This might be a point of confusion. Unless the "owner" is paying their tier directly LL, it might be less confusing to refer to the the other island owners as "private island renters".
  11. Oh in that case, of course. I was basing this discussion on private regions (sometimes called private islands) purchased directly from LL with tier paid directly to them. In that case, the owner has full estate rights, including deny_bot.
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