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  1. This isn't the right thread for beginning scripters looking for example scripts. Please scroll down below the list of pinned threads and you'll find plenty of script examples there.
  2. No problem, just let me know what you need. Thanks, I'm at my wits end on this one!
  3. Has anything changed regarding HTTP requests during the last couple of weeks, or last couple of sim rollouts? I ask because starting somewhere around 10 days to 2 weeks ago, about 1.25% of all my requests fail with a 502 error (or 499 error if it was a https request). This problem does not depend on load, script, time of day, day of week, or region: About 1.25% of all requests fail, spread out 24/7, with no discernable pattern to the failures. I ran a test where I pinged my server every 30 seconds, for hour and hours on end, from a client outside of the AWS cloud, with no lost requests or errors at all. That same ping from inside SL results in the mentioned 1.25% loss due to 502 or 499 errors. I don't know what to make of it, or how to troubleshoot it further. The server setup is a dedicated linux i3-9100 server, running nginx, php, and mysql. The internet connection is a 50mb up and down fiber connection. It has been running with no errors for over a year (up until 2 weeks ago).
  4. Why stop at casinos? They were banned in SL long ago. But using the line of thinking you refer to can also be extended to chocolate. Is chocolate the next thing to get the ax?
  5. Wow! Brings back memories of the good old days...
  6. I'm not so sure that is true. I use Firestorm, and since my first name is a single character it usually does not show up in search. I say usually because every once in a while it works. I have purchased a couple of abandoned parcels lately, and the Linden that came to set the land for sale to me had to IM me to get me to come there, so that I showed up in their "Near Me" list. So even the Lindens cannot find me in People Search. Do Lindens even use Firestorm?
  7. Ah. Now I know what collateral damage means as applied to computer programming...
  8. I now have evidence that not only are the regions crashing, but are at least sometimes rolling back. Look at these entries from my chat log: [08:05] GWS Server V2.40: "MARVIL PLATFORM" reports "Joebob Nootan" has left. [08:40] GWS Server V2.40: "MARVIL PLATFORM" reports "Joebob Nootan" has left. [08:40] GWS Server V2.40: The scripts in this server stopped running 0 hours, 1 minutes, and 5 seconds ago, but are running again as of now. Possible causes: Sim was restarted, Scripts were turned off, or SL was down. Notice the 35 minutes between the 2 notices that my bot had left. Also notice that the second notification came at the same time or immediately after the region crashed. The only way the second notification would have been sent is if the region restarted from a previous state, one from at least 35 minutes earlier when my bot was still present. So I reaffirm my opinion that these are not restarts, but are in fact crashes.
  9. Normally a region that is "stopping" won't let you enter it.
  10. It wasn't a yellow box restart. It was: Enter the sim, then get logged out quite abruptly in about 5 seconds. The gray box asking if you want to Quit or View Chat says I've been logged out because "the region is going down". I just crashed another sim, entering with the same boat as yesterday (Bandit 170). This time it was in the Blake Sea area: Albach. Took almost 5 minutes for it to come back this time.
  11. I don't think it is restarts -- the regions are crashing. In the last 30 minutes I have had 2 of them crash immediately after entering them in a boat. The logout message says "the region is going down", but since they come back up within 2 or 3 minutes that means they didn't go down, they crashed.
  12. Is HTTP going to be turned on for scripts at some point in the near future? The biggest part of my needed testing with the cloud needs HTTP enabled.
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