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  1. login on in a different region will work but that only works for about 5 mins then its back to being greyed out
  2. I've tried on the LL viewer and the same problem, cant add or wear, attach, detach or unpack
  3. Since yesterday I cannot wear, add or attach items all the options are greyed out this happened randomly. I tried clearing cache method using the Firestorm wiki forum suggested on another post but that didn't work, this also only happens on my account on my pc, please help!
  4. thank you both, I'll try both and see where that gets me
  5. So I'm not sure if it was something I did, however my rear view camera angle no longer works after logging off and back on to Firestorm viewer. I've tried researching the forums and asked google and tried all the camera fixes even redownloaded Firestorm second life rear view showing front view angle. It makes it harder to walk as I cant see anything around me. Can anyone help with this?
  6. is there any update on this?, were you able to get your voice to work because I am having the same issue
  7. after reviewing the site and following the instructions I am still unable to hear the voices
  8. Hey, I have been having issues with hearing the voices on second second life. At first I could not for the life of me get my mic to work. I finally got it to work, however the sound wasn't coming though clearly so I decided to stop using my mic, since then I have not been able to hear voices in the chat. I've checked all the volume levels, all the visible voice features and I still cannot hear the voices on the mic, can anyone help with this?
  9. YESSSSS the layers worked!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I feel silly for not even checking in the first place
  10. i'll try this and follow up. Thank you for all the help
  11. i have both redux and classic, i've tried on both
  12. I do not have BOM, I have even redone my body completely to make sure I dont have any layers I might not need
  13. Thank you everyone for your help, that did change the issue I was having
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