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  1. I have tried - Reinstalling drivers, relogging after turning voice off then on, setting device settings, going to a region which has voice and resetting, restarting my whole computer, checking slvoice has an exception in firewall, trying different HTTP fetching options, shutting down all applications that use voice, relogging and ending slvoice process, tried a different viewer entirely... As I said, "everything" listed in the wiki. I MUST stress this isn't an issue with my own microphone itself (it works in other programs) the issue is I have no "dot" at all and cannot hear voice either.
  2. So my voice was working before, and then suddenley I have no dot. I've tried everything in support section of wiki, even doing a clean install. I am NOT asking about my own voice, I mean SLVoice.exe itself is not working. I have no dot, and since most of my friends on SL use voice, it is incredibley frustrating I cannot hear them. There has got to be an issue with SLVoice.exe itself. Can someone help me find my log file/set one up so I can post it? EDIT: Found the log file, find it here: https://pastebin.com/4Q1DYypj
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