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  1. You iz bold wif dat one. I have unpopular opinions related to that (more to do with the mixing of G and A-rated content all within the same platform and trying to sell that to a new audience than any sort of dislike for the avatars themselves), but I can't see LL doing that at this stage.
  2. Ehhhhhh. I'd say no, but mostly because so many totally G/PG stores choose Moderate sims, seemingly by default. A kid avatar should, in theory, be totally fine shopping for some pets or some plants or a barbecue or PG furniture or something. My guess is store owners just choose Moderate so they don't have to constantly police what customers get up to in their shop. Makes total sense looking at it that way, but we know how that goes sometimes. 👀
  3. Ugh. I've gotten in the habit of derendering avies if I show up somewhere with more than a tiny handful of people. That attachment thing is nightmare fuel and I'm good never seeing it again. Oh no worries! The thread is moving pretty fast. 😄 And I agree with you - if you're in SL, you're going to see some ish. Unless you only ever venture out into General land (and I wouldn't even trust that to be honest), it's impossible to curate the perfect PG experience. You can help that by turning off sounds, derendering avatars, and cam shopping. Just gotta get used to ignoring things, really.
  4. I just did! Tho not nekkit entirely. Ummmm, I did see a mature public sandbox in a recent-ish Second Life video with nekkie avies standing around, so I guess that's a thing? I haven't been to a sandbox that isn't Builder's Brewery in a million years, so I can't vouch for the accuracy.
  5. An absolute ton of non-clothing stores are on M land. There should be zero expectation of nudity if you're hitting up JIAN (a pet store) or Tarte (a home and garden store) or Wasabi (hair store). Speaking of which: Not naked, but I did run into someone in an extraordinarily tiny thong with her #$@ all hanging out bent over spamming adult gestures (something something wet something something something) while shopping for animesh pets in a cutesy store on Moderate land the other day. It's rare, but stuff like that happens. I just ignore it and roll with my sound muted anyway, but I can see how that might bother others.
  6. Discord can be used via a downloaded app or via the website. You can either join established servers (for stores, events, in-world groups, etc.) or start your own for friends. It's got more use outside of SL as well. It's pretty much a central hub for all online gaming due to its screen sharing, gifs/custom emojis/stickers, bots for moderation (or utilities or games or music), stage features (for events and discussions and performances), and voice chat capabilities - both one on one and large group. Some RL companies also use it as a central hub for customer service and whatnot.
  7. This is very true. I used to help newbies out a lot, and found none of them knew any of the lingo (of course). I'd usually run into them standing around naked and lost in skin or head stores, or friends would gently push them in my direction since I was the only one with that kind of patience. While I never mind helping, it got to a point where I simply had to stop doing it. It'd take sometimes up to 3+ hours or longer, and a lot of that time was spent going over all the lingo, what vendors are and how to use them, how to use unpackers, features of their head and body HUDs, how to find head skins and body skins that match, how to get rid of that horrid neckline (why oh why does that ONLY ever happen with newbies omg - it's consistent), BOM vs. applier, what are materials and what do they do, rigged vs. unrigged hair, SLUV vs. Evo X, etc. etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love doing makeovers and it's very fun to see the excited "hey look at me NOW!" updates days/weeks after completion once they've got a handle on things, but the TIME it takes to get a person from brand new to maintaining their shiny new up-to-date mesh look without outside assistance is unreal. I don't even know how to streamline that.
  8. It's a fair bit different these days. I came to SL from EQ2 and I believe I started playing WoW at around the same time (I forget - we're talking back in 2005). I do have a good 10-12+ years in there, but I've been in SL longer. I had some breaks in both. WoW was the overall better experience for me from a social POV, but the gameplay's changed drastically over time.
  9. Very true. I'm extremely behind the times still using only one single monitor these days. Most PC setups have at least two, sometimes three, and streamers up to four or more. A mix of landscape and portrait orientations, depending on the use. A tiny mobile screen ain't it. Desktops (or consoles, if the in-game voice chat doesn't suck) are essential for serious multiplayer gaming and anything extremely graphics heavy (someone's out there buying up those RTX 4090s). For mobile options, a lot seem to like the Steam Deck for the easy access to the Steam library, and devs are very under pressure these days to make their games Steam Deck compatible right out the gate on release. Mobile (phone/tablet) gamers tend to like more casual games and RPGs/JRPGs.
  10. I don't personally think all this is going to work (cleanup on aisle Mobile). Have they seen M land lately? 👀 I couldn't even shop for an animesh pet this past weekend without getting spammed by adult gestures. Hopefully there are no plans for voice chat on mobile, either. I keep mine off (and all sounds), but I've been watching some of those new to Second Life videos out of curiosity (mostly to see how new people take to the Senras) and...oof. M sims are lit.
  11. I saw a comment last night on a video of a guy trying SL for the first time - "The game gave you a James Charles avatar to start off with" And now I can't unsee it. Funny, but still nowhere near the creepiest thing for me.
  12. I don't know about that. The unpredictability of content seems to be one thing Twitch isn't a fan of (and I'd be surprised if Google or Apple let that slide, either - I guess we'll see how that works out).
  13. Pink and teal or I riot. Besides, pastel goth is a thing. Not MY thing, but it's a thing. I could make it work if I had to. 😄
  14. Yes, it's live. I'm watching it on Rowan's YouTube link.
  15. What this person was describing seeing definitely wasn't on the teen grid. 👀 Besides, that would be for 13ish and up.
  16. Yyyyuuuup. One only has to dip into YouTube comments under recent-ish videos to see all the viewers reminiscing about how they started SL at 11-15 years old oh so many years ago, boy those were some good times, this video brings back memories, saw some weird stuff, tho...
  17. Ah, Claude. The sassiest of sassypants. I do wonder if we'll eventually get more information about what SL intends to bring onboard for this proactive moderation and how it'll work, but I doubt they'd let us in on those secrets.
  18. I guess it depends on the model! Much of my freelancing these days involves working on LLM and chatbot training projects. If there's one thing they still struggle with in this here 2024 (aside from totally making things up and getting a bit too sassy for their own good), it's nuance. Maybe one day they'll get there. Maybe. 👀 I personally hate the idea of using AI for content moderation and hope they don't go that route, but that's just me.
  19. Clearly I need to take myself to bed, because this too made me laugh out loud. Oh, I agree with you on this one. I just think it's a big ask. After a good three or four "what is violence, really?" discussions, everyone in-world has to get onboard with moving all their stuff around. Changing sims like musical chairs n whatnot. Maybe it's easier than I'm making it out to be. Not sure. The way I laughed. That attitude is so prevalent in games and films, but something about the "fade to black" part sent me. I've never seen anything - movie, game, TV show - come out and imply that "hey guys don't worry, we're hiding all that icky hand-holding and kissing." They used the word "romance," not sex! Had me straight up wheezing, lol. And they already secured that ESRB Mature 17+ rating from the other stuff so, why not go all in at that point, LMAO. 🤣
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