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  1. Both of my current peeves I’m pretty sure have other threads but.... Finding an item I really want, only to discover there is no demo available. I’m fairly new to 2L and wasted a ton of money early on buying things without one! My newest peeve is a bit specific but a peeve none the less... shorts or jeans for women. If I want them skin tight, low rise or torn to shreds with my bum cleavage on display?! Not a problem. I’ve looked all over for baggy khaki pants, jeans and surf shorts. (Yes, in RL I wear surf shorts over my bikini bottoms, I’m weird that way!) the selection is minimal! I totally understand designers producing what sells... but the option would be nice.
  2. It took hours but I managed to comb out my dreads.. 😂
  3. It took hours but I managed to comb out my dreads. 😂
  4. Thanks Anita, A friend sent me the same link pretty much just before you did. It seems that it was the Firestorm AO that was the problem! I followed the steps in the link and deleted the appropriate folders. I've been logged in with firestorm for more 20 minutes now and haven't crashed! which i know isn't long, but previously Firestorm would crash after just a few seconds! Thank you everyone for all the help and suggestions! I'm actually kind of curious if anyone else had had this happen!?!
  5. Thanks Lyssa, I’ll try... but so far when I’ve logged in, no matter where... it’s still about. 4-5 second before firestorm crashes!
  6. Thanks, In the mean time I've successfully logged in with the 2L viewer as well I thought I'd try another viewer (i randomly chose Catznip!) both work fine. So I don't think it could be my account. One thing that comes to mind earlier, when Firestorm was working, I had one crash when i was trying out the firestorm AO?! (And it still open when i log in.) I'm not sure if this could be an issue?! Either way, I'll get in touch with Firestorm in world!
  7. Hello, Like the Title says, Firestorm keeps crashing on me within seconds of logging in. It worked fine a few hours ago but now... maximum 4-5 seconds and it just shuts off. (I have never had this problem before! Any suggestions or tip would be much appreciated! Cheers
  8. Thank you Nalates, I appreciate the help!
  9. Sorry, It’s a... AX-001 BasicallyGirl (Oracul Animation HUD)
  10. I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this but... I was informed earlier today that every time I changed animations (from standing to a backwards handstand In This case..) on my AO hud, it was informing everyone in local chat what I was doing in in bold letters! 😕 For some naive reason I alway just assumed only I saw this... (whoops!) Just very curious if there’s a simple solution to remedy this?! Thank you (as well as apologies if this is in the wrong spot?!)
  11. Uhmmm, after 7 hours?! Am I missing something?!?🤔
  12. I agree Alwin, though all I admitted to was that I “had a bit” which after the fact I realized was too much info already. I won’t be making this mistake again..
  13. Hello, I’m not sure if this has been touched on before or not? The other day I was doing some window shopping In game, when I was approached and messaged by someone. We got to talking. The conversation went pretty much to money right away... how they needed it and inquiring how much I had (To which I answered vaguely!) and if I knew a way to make it fast. Call me suspicious but this persons Avi was spectacular looking, so this came as a surprise! later they revealed that this was a new account and they had previously been banned for “griefing”?!? and that they had in the past caused another residents graphics card to overheat or become damaged in some way?!? This combined with the money questions made me extremely wary to be around this person. I’m just curious... is this griefing an actual thing and has anyone else come across this kind of thing?? Cheers
  14. In all seriousness, I think it was mentioned earlier, as I read this I just got a feeling there is more to this story than the OP is willing to admit.
  15. Omg, I have this happen to me on a regular basis,!! I used to try to say something witty like. “”Sweetie, you spank my ass in a dream, you better wake up and apologize..” which I should of known would only confuse said “spanker”. Like you, I then proceed to tear them a new one. Only to be called “F*cking slag, whore....or whatever. A note to the men thinking of doing this?! A hello will pretty much always go over better than slapping a random girls ass!
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