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  1. One thing I want to point out (Not claiming you’re like this!) I’ve been hit on by people with truly stunning avatars but after the initial “Hi Emma...” message... the conversation goes flat. My point being, I believe attraction to be very important but it only goes so far. Someone earlier mentioned finding something you like to do. I luv to surf and Am always looking for better waves. I’ve met a ton of men and women in my search And had some amazing conversations and made great friends doing so. At the risk of starting to ramble like I’m prone to 🤪 I think your focus should be having fun... and being yourself. Because in my experience meeting someone special seems to happen when you’re not looking for it! Cheers
  2. Sitting at my computer, with A huge pile behind me.... 😑 Sh*t, no excuse now....
  3. Well, this figures.... I have the day off, nothing to do... and the server goes down. SIGH!
  4. Hey everyone, Thank you so much for all the advice, tips and suggestions. You all rock! 🙂
  5. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if I could get some advice or suggestions on Something that has come up with my Avi. This isn’t exactly an urgent matter, just something I’d like to see it I can fix (if possible?!) i love having a tattoos (I mean a lot!) on my Avi but something I really wanted as well was full body freckles. This has created a problem. When I apply tattoos over the freckles they seem to cancel each other out. I have kind of found a solution but choosing where my freckles will appear and sacrificing some Ink! Many people in game have mentioned BOM to me as a solution. Any ideas or tips, comments are welcome! Oh, I’m wearing a Maitreya Lara body!! Cheers!
  6. Ginger in RL here, (I blame my Irish and Scottish parents! BOTH gingers too! I never had a chance!!) 🙂 Deciding to be one in 2L was a no brainer. I only wish my hair in RL was as straight! 🙂 Still attempting to get my body freckles working with my tattoos... (Hey, everyone needs a hobby right??) I never thought Being a Ginger in 2L would garner so much attention welcomeD and I unwelcomed! So much so I had to put a line about it in my profile! Until reading this topic, it had never really dawned on me how few I see when I’m bouncing around 2L. Though ones I have seen I usually Message them with a nod and a smile... not flirting or hitting on, just acknowledging being part of that secret club! 😉
  7. You mentioned 2L seems to be an “insiders club”. In all fairness I have to respectfully disagree. Sure there are tons of people who seem to have what I see as incredible insight and knowledge about how things work here..Having said that, I have never encountered a more open and helpful group in any type of online environment, I was practically minutes old and I had people asking if I needed help, walking my dumb ass through things, offering friendship. Is everyone like this?? No, no they are not! I can only talk of my experience and mine has been a great one...be it total strangers asking if I was okay when my classic avatar seemingly exploded 2nd or 3rd day or when I went into panic mode when I couldn’t find my (expensive!!) mesh head after purchase! I could go on and on, I don’t want to attack you for you post but honestly, from reading it, you seem to be set in you opinions (so be it, I can be opinionated too!) but you have such a quick and angry response to people just being silly... lighten up, sift through the comments as you please, take from them want you want. Cheers.
  8. Hello, I just became a premium member and selected my house and, uhmmmm how do I put this?! Was slightly let down by the location ?! Please, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t looking for or expecting a house by the beach right on the water.. but, my house is boxed in on all sides by other houses... in what I can only describe as a sink hole!? Maybe I’ve watched too many YouTube videos but I was kind of expecting... an actual neighborhood you might see in and suburb. Houses lining streets and such. From my initial look at it now, the neighborhood seems very much just slapped together.. Thoughts?!?
  9. Wow 1st post on the forums! 😋 Hey Polyhymnia3, As someone who extremely new as well I just want say, I feel your pain. I don’t think I’ve had quite as much trouble navigating the game as you seem to have but I agree it is all a little overwhelming! My best advice is patience and do not be afraid to ask for help! Perhaps I’ve been lucky?! I have met and been helped by so many people so far. Stick with it and use the resources available... it’s all there, however daunting it may seem! Stick with it and good luck! (A fellow “newb”)🤪
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