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  1. For the actual question, if you update to Maitreya 5.1 you won't have separate hands or feet anymore. Update is free as a redelivery available at the main shop. (5.x has a redelivery option in the Maitreya HUD) For sailors it's always a good bit of a no-no to wear multiple scripted attachments on the same attach point, it still has too much of a chance to ghost one of those attachments.
  2. In the heydays of RLV this was a feature. Have a folder or item partly named like an attach point the item(s) would be put on the addressed attach point. But haven't really encountered that in ages. And I don't think it really was ever to work outside the #RLV folder hierarchy. Of course you'd expect the official SL viewer to be entirely immune to that effect. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Protocol/RestrainedLifeAPI#Shared_Folders
  3. Not an expert in SL bans but it's likely a ban on the VMs MAC address. You may want to try redefining the MAC of the VM and see if that helps. Certain virtual machines default MAC address classes seem to have gotten a blanket ban for SL.
  4. Actually you can do it by detaching and reattaching the attachments in need of an update. Mesh body autohide settings, navigation HUDs used for sailing or anything that would require an update. I'm not very regular about it but I do it usually for sailing cruises and it's usually just the body and the Nav HUD anyway, no big deal to do.
  5. If I had to come up with a guess it would be an active gesture that replaces /me in chat with /4. Try disabling your gestures and see one by one which one does the replacing.
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