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  1. Yeah, I got mine working too. I had been searching by price. Once I unchecked that box it all works now. Thanks.
  2. I don't seem to be able to search for land in the search forms anymore. All I am seeing is land that will be put up for auction. Am I the only one having this issue?
  3. Parcel Name: THE BUILDERS BLOCK Parcel Size: 4096 Sq.m Prims Available: 1406 Location: Timescape - The Builders Block, Timescape (57, 199, 3994) - Moderate Land Type: Rocky Hill Buy Price: L$ 4,100 (1L per sq.m) - Negotiable Selling this land to make room in my tier. It is great skybox land. Could be good for a surface dweller if you are a good builder. The skybox and platform can stay if you like. There is a teleporter to the ground so you can see that too.
  4. Yes, the parcel price is right. Thanks for letting me know. SOLD
  5. Parcel Name: CLIFFSIDE OCEAN VIEW Parcel Size: 1024 Sq.m Prims Available: 351 Location: Jourdain - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jourdain/93/84/47 Land Type: Grass and Sand Hilltop Buy Price: L$ 92,297 (2.2L per sq.m) This land has great scenery. It is elevated with views of the water on 3-sides.
  6. Sorry, forgot the SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kraizek/84/213/23
  7. Parcel Name: SEX ON THE BEACH Parcel Size: 1024 Sq.m Prims Available: 351 Location: Kraizek Land Type: Water Buy Price: L$ 9,262 (9L per sq.m)
  8. There are some ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. 1. Make your skybox above 3500 meters. 2. Make the area a no-fly zone. 3. Make the land private so that anyone using a camera cannot see avatars if they are not on the land. 4. Limit all sound and voice to the parcel. 5. Use ban-lines, but since I truly hate those helicopter/boat killers, just get a good orb that you can cycle down to a 5 to 10 second warning. If someone wants to work hard enough to fly up to 3800 meters fall onto your skybox and look in for 10 seconds, give them the ***** metal of the year. Otherwise, you are quite secure and private. The L$150 per week might be a challenge though. I have a 560 sq.m place on a quiet sim and I can set you up at 125L per week.
  9. BUY or RENT Land Type: Water Land Size: 3072 Sq.m Prims: 1,054 Selling Price: L$ 15,498 Rental Price: L$ 825 Per Week About: This is excellent land. Next to a neighbor who has an open water land policy, so there is unblocked access to a full SIM of open sea water to boat/sail. At 4000 m. there is a beautifully appointed ONSU penthouse and below a private beach with pier and boat docking. Rental tenants may design the beach as you see fit, and can request the skybox be unfurnished. Buyers may keep the skybox and furniture if you would like to use it, just return all unwanted prims.
  10. They seem to have fixed it. It would have been nice to have some sort of notice though. Thank you for your feedback.
  11. Upon visiting a property that I have in Devil Ray and later shopping for a prefab at the Trompe store, items are not rezzing, or derez in front of my eyes. In addition, I cannot teleport away, and if I try I get logged off. Also, I will either continue flying, walking until the system kicks me off. I had to refund a new rental tenant due to this. Am I the only one experiencing these issues? I can find no news or status suggesting why I am having these issues.
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