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  1. Can anyone help with this issue? Firestorm all of the sudden will not load. Well it loads and is in the taskbar, but the window will not open. I've tried my main account and my alt account and no dice. My SL viewer is working just fine, but I never use that, it looks like a foreign language over there to me. Yes, I do have a high-end graphics card and it was performing just fine minutes before the issue Yes, I do have enough RAM and I run Windows10 64-bit.
  2. Ah, one of my favorite parcels! So beautiful
  3. Script Use You can use scripted objects to enhance your land ownership tools. Generally, such scripts should: Provide adequate warning to the undesired Resident. Only work within the property lines (this includes projectiles that cannot operate beyond the parcel boundaries). Not be excessive in the removal of the unwanted Resident. Pushing an avatar off the property or teleporting them home is generally acceptable; intentionally applying a script to disrupt someone's Second Life connection or online status is not allowed. Scripts or no scripts, you cannot use land ownership as a way to unfairly restrict another Second Life Resident's personal freedoms. This may not be clear for some folks. Nevertheless, the spirit of this official document is clear, as bullet points 1 and 3 clearly mentions adequate warning and not excessive. There are plenty of good orbs, one that I know of that is at the staggering price of L$1 that can be set to parcel. Again, the spirit is to provide freedoms to users and at the same time trying to balance not using those freedoms to restrict others freedoms. This is a struggle that all societies have, so, why should it be different here? My point is that with knowledge and the desire to be a decent human, then lets try to be more corporative. You can always decide not to do that.
  4. This subject crossed my mind when I sold a parcel to someone and explained security features. Not only that occasion, but several others where many people have returned to SL or are new all together. Several individuals are unaware. So, just to be clear. Your suggestion is to invest $500 USD in order to drive on 65k sqm of self build road, instead of making use of the roads that SL provides? Interesting, and it speaks volumes.
  5. Perhaps understanding rhetorical questions may be something that you might want to look into. If you have ever sailed a boat or driven a vehicle, you may know that controlling these vehicles, especially over sim crossings can be a challenge. All be it, that it has improved over the years. Nevertheless, most people in my experience are not trying to invade your privacy. More often than not, since these vehicles move quickly, texture loading, lag and such are the major reasons for anyone crossing property lines. Drivers, boaters and pilots are more focused on controlling there vehicles and quite frankly are not very interested in you and what you might or might not be doing. Hiding ban-lines only ensures that you unknowingly crash into them. Yes it is every individuals choice. It is also everyone's individual choice to be a nice empathetic person or something other than that. I thought I read the zero notify language somewhere, so I may stand corrected there. Nevertheless, it is pretty much a RICHARD move.
  6. As I look around it seem apparent that many people don't understand ban-lines. Did you know that your ban-lines only go up to 85 meters? Did you know that they are very intrusive to automobile and boat travel? Did you know that they are completely ineffective for skyboxes higher than, well 85 meters high? All that to say, if you have a skybox over water that is on a sailable path, your ban-line only serve to impede other's enjoyment and experience. If you have a creeper on your hands, they can cam into your parcel or just fly up and peek in. Therefore, a reliable security orb married with proper land management keeps your space truly private Granted, if you have a parcel on the ground, ban-lines are effective; ugly as they are. We should all consider carefully before using these hideous things, that are ineffective at height. There are often occasions were there are ban-lines coupled with a zero notify orb. The immediate boot, zero notify orb is a violation of the TOS. So please, be decent and be careful.
  7. I'm looking to hire a contract mesh designer for one off projects. Several custom items are needed and steady project opportunities are available. There is one short-term project that needs to be completed fairly quickly. Please provide photos/examples of your previous work.
  8. Yep, figured something was amiss. I was holding my head right and everything. 😜
  9. Is it just me or is something fishy? When I try to buy land for me or my group I end up getting this error message: "There has been an error while fetching land buying information. The login server couldn't verify itself via SSL. If you continue to receive this error, please do to the Support section of the SecondLife.com website and report the problem." I've done this and in my research on SL status everywhere says all is fine; pumpkin cookies and rainbows. Anyone else dealing with this issue?
  10. Well, let's address the elephant in the room first. If your prims were over his border, he has every right to return them. Granted, that it is not the mot neighborly thing to do. At the same time, you don't know the history, perhaps the last neighbor was a serial encroacher. I say this to say, try wearing his loafers before sending a harshly worded message, you stepped on his toes first. With that said, I do agree a message to you about your prims may have been best. Secondly, you can send a report to SL and report the neighbor for abuse. According to the TOS, his behavior is prohibited. The issue here is that I rarely see LL take any actions to enforce the TOS. I would suggest reaching out to the neighbor, but I think that water may have gone under the bridge. However, you can attempt to apologize and let them know that it was unintentional. However, those sharp words resulted in him throwing his own daggers. So, in conclusion, my suggestion is that in the future, try to approach others with a bit of kindness and empathy. It will in the end make your experience much more enjoyable; no weird eyeballs and such.
  11. I have some projects that I'd like to complete, that need scripts and I don't know the head-end, from the butt-end of a script. Therefore, I'm looking for a good scripter that I can hire out on a contracted, project-by-project basis. Please send me a notecard inworld if you are interested. Thanks, Blake
  12. https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/IU9HxJJqcT7JuxU5/available This is a web-link to the CasperPanel, it has photos of the 4 various styles to chose from. This can panel and LMs can be accessed from the previously provided LM to the inworld shop.
  13. BudgetBox 50-Linden Skybox Rentals http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//96/109/3227 For those of you who may be first timers or on a budget. All studio apartments include the following: ~ 50 Prims for renter to rez ~ Scene changing window ~ Web TV/Radio Streaming ~ Security Orb ~ Sofa (with animations/poses) ~ Bed (with animations/poses) ~ Bathroom (with animations/poses)
  14. No, not for what I'm doing.
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