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  1. exactly,now i know it works phew and ppl are were right,it came in the drop down and i wasn't doing that until today so i may have missed a ton lol
  2. wanted to let anyone know that may be interested that i accidentally clicked on a Bellisseria as i was in shock lol but its a boat so if anyone is interested i will let it go in 2 minutes...unsure how to provide the link but its in Cayo Lejano
  3. Absolutely true,it does look perfect,nice green grass,trees,roadside and nice water to enjoy at the back
  4. And the front is at the roadside? that I actually great,I have seen many like this in Hammond Park and would love it...What location is this?
  5. i should try the phone more,it's worth a shot....i tried today for a short bit but since i was out didn't get much time and usually when i am home i use my computer so rarely on my phone
  6. i think it has to do with right place right time kind of thing...for some its easy they can have many and abandon and pick one up right after...alls there been so far is always Meadowbrook but now been doing the drop down thing and so far still nothing but i also know it all depends if anyone abandons or not...i don't mind being patient its the fun of trying anyway plus i look forward to tomorrow or when there is another release to try...its all about having fun
  7. yep its how i got the first one but since nothing at all not even error messages so not sure what's happening
  8. absolutely make sure,i am not good at this either i only ever had the one which i really liked it was a beautiful spot but too beachy for me as well,i prefer on a street so after 2 days decided to let it go and i struggled to do so but i am trying to look for one that suits me but not as easily as it looks lol
  9. thank you so much,i use to get error messages before i actually got mine on Friday but nothing at all since so not sure if something is wrong with my account but i'll keep trying...Hope you also find the right one for you
  10. Congrats...but wow that is a sad situation but good for you for getting another :)...i tried but nothing came up for me at all
  11. awwww lucky you getting a house there,it's a nice place,i been walking around there and Hammond Park off and on the last few days lol
  12. yeah i had a water side home but prefer on a street for decorating purposes
  13. well geez just got home and was hoping for Whaleback or Hammond Park and of course missed it lol
  14. Yeah been trying from my phone but so much harder this Way lol
  15. I am away from home lol...has there been any releases yet? I am so hoping they won’t release Hammond Park yet till I get home and that’s if it even comes up at my end since Gentle Grove I tried with yesterday and nothing came up at all
  16. thank you so much,i will definitely be checking that from now on,probably why i never see any at all lately...
  17. Oh i see,i never do that....before it would just show up automatically,so its good to know to check for that...thank you
  18. That's the only way i do it is manually,I have tried auto refresh but feel like i am wasting time in between each refresh,It's much faster manually...I only started doing this since Thursday,got my first home on Friday but had lots in between i missed but since there's be nothing,everyone made it sound so easy by getting many and abandoning but it's alot harder to me then i would have expected lol
  19. Good Morning/Night everyone,Hope everyone has a wonderful day/Night...I have a question...Is it normal to have nothing come up at all in 2 days,not even a boat,trailer or an abandon and not even anything during a release? Since i abandoned mine on Sunday morning there's been nothing at all,not even close lol Thought maybe i messed up a setting or something lol...Now i feel like maybe i should have kept mine even if it wasn't completely what i would have preferred but was still a beautiful spot...
  20. that's very good to know as i have seen a few areas with the SSP that are very nice but knew they had no name yet so wasn't sure what would happen,only thing is since i left mine on Sunday morning,i have had nothing come up at all not even a boat or trailer and even now trying for Gentle Grove so not sure if something is wrong but most get something pop up at least and so far not anything popped up for me
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