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  1. That's true no one really knows,i will just have to keep my fingers crossed that it won't happen tomorrow,i have been checking off and on to see if any pop up since but not one so far at my end anyway and yet a friend got one yesterday in Verdant Falls which is a great location as well...i am hoping to get a house on a street cause once i do i am planning to keep it long term,only ones i am not really crazy about is ones by the water,well actually i am ok if my backyard is by water just the front of the house at a street and i don't care for a sandy lots....
  2. thank you Chloe,i was scared that they would have released those tomorrow as i will be away for most of the day
  3. No had nothing to do with it,believe me if i was truly ok with it i would have stuck with it no matter what lol,i struggled for 2 days as i loved the view but just figured i would be happier with a home on a street....
  4. That house was mine,i got it on Friday and was so excited since it was my first then took 2 days to think about it as i was scared to let it go as it's truly a great location by the water and private and also for fear i may not get another but the ONLY reason i let it go is because i am not much of a beach type although this wasn't completely a beach location meaning not an all sand lot but more water front,i much prefer a house located on a street well at least the front of the house anyway,i love being creative and decorate for different seasons and occasions like Hallowe'en,Christmas etc...and i felt being along the water or beach wouldn't have given me that feel and since the front of the house faced the water and i was not along a street i decided to let it go originally for a friend to try and get which ended up not working....i am hoping to try for Hammond Park,Gentle Grove or Whaleback since many homes that are more to what i would like especially some have the backyard facing a pond/stream type and the front at street...but if i never get another i will be ok with that,i was blessed to get one....Would anyone have any idea when these locations might come up?
  5. do you all know when Hammond will be released....also do you know if someone abandons a land if it comes up right away to take or just depends? oh and one more thing can't someone just transfer the home to someone rather then have to abandon it?
  6. thank you so much for the help...yeah i saw someone above my location,must have been him
  7. do you all know if the red writing of the property will come off or how i do it and also my green land lines,not sure if i have to do something?
  8. thank you so much,didn't know we can watch from the mini map,that's a great idea for in case in the future
  9. i actually kept getting the error that is unknow but kept clicking the link that was in that error and finally i got it
  10. OMG thank you,thank you,thank you,i got one in Rocky Heights by the water....woohoo
  11. thank you both of you both the tips,it truly helps...i looked at the very beginning of joining SL but then gave up then,but now i came back to look at the areas again and want one so not giving up this time lol
  12. yeah seems nothing is coming up anymore,now that i got a great tip it's over lol but i will keep trying cause you never know
  13. oh i see,didn't know that so feels like i am sitting around wasting time...thank you for the tip
  14. thank you so much.......the problem is they only allow us 10 tries in 10 minutes lol
  15. where is the abandon thread,i keep refreshing and getting some houses available in Bellisseria but every time i try i get a error message
  16. thank you so much for the info, i will be definitely checking all of those out i know I am very new but before joining second life I watched a lot of youtube videos to get an idea and came across a few of the Bellisseria and love it, i know that this continent came out I believe back in April so obviously no places there left unless someone abandons one, but would hope that maybe they will come out again with pretty homes like that again and a lovely town...the new places that are provided at the moment aren't my type but I don't mind patiently waiting, but in the mean time I would love to visit the Bellisseria Continent...thank you so much again for the info
  17. hello everyone, i just joined SL in Hopes to have a home here but seems we have new homes to chose from which I don't like, this is a much more beautiful continent...how can someone come and visit your beautiful continent...I have searched everywhere on the maps and such and put in "Bellisseria" and can't find it anywhere....hoping one day I can get a place there...
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