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  1. i have a question,i know we are only able to try out 5 houses in a period of 24 hours or should i say abandon 5 houses in 24 hours...Do you know if it's 24 hours in a SLT period ? So let's say i have abandoned 4 yesterday in a periods of about 6 hours so from about noon SLT to 6pm SLT and wanted to try one out this morning before the release and making that the 5th if that means i wouldn't be able to try out for the release and would have to wait now passed noon SLT as it would then make 24 hours from the first i abandoned yesterday or is today a new day entirely so can start over again? OMG i hope i made sense lol sometimes abandons come up but i don't want to take a chance if it will screw up my chances for Permaglow if it comes up although chances are it won't but would love to look at abandons cause you never know sometimes they can be great so it's nice to have a peek and check them out
  2. what are the regions that are ready to go other then Westvale and Permaglow?
  3. it is trads but i was there a few days ago,i see the red border at the top but no green borders on parcels or red lettering so not sure what it means...
  4. any predictions for this mornings release? i went to look at Westvale a few days ago it had the red border above it but didn't have the green parcel border and no red lettering on the houses,wonder what that means?
  5. Still hoping for Permaglow but the stress is getting real lol
  6. right again woohoo lol....tells us what will be for tomorrow lol
  7. thank you both,its the Blushed Living wrap porch w/screened room for continental
  8. lol...i keep hoping for Permaglow,the stress i am having wish they'd just release it already lol...i guess i will have to check at that time to see
  9. if there's a release this afternoon,what would be your guess and what time? lol
  10. Oh there is good ones,the one i have now is an abandon and its a nice place...if i dont get the location i want then i would be fine with an abandon
  11. Oh Gosh,the stress OMG lol i keep looking to see if i see any blue dots in that area i am not even sure what to look for to see if it releases,only thing i ever go by is when someone posts it...
  12. When an region is to be released it will always restart first? Does this mean it will show up red on the map like it does on restart days? I can't take my eyes of my computer i am even afraid to blink lol
  13. Ok,so this might be bad or good but i decided to make an alt a few days ago as i really am hoping to get one in Permaglow,Gosh what this place has done to me
  14. I am so surprised as many wanted Hammond Park...i walked around there yesterday and saw that many of the lots seems to have changed hands already but not sure maybe the dates were just wrong
  15. Thank you and Congrats on getting Hammond Park...i know you really wanted there, i am happy for you
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