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  1. someone would need to be quick then especially if trying to watch a few regions lol also what happens when a region restarts,can anyone be there when it happens?
  2. will it state linden homes for a while before or right before it gets released?
  3. what happened was that she kept trying yesterday morning for a release but kept getting abandons and since the release was quite late yesterday she kept thinking she was getting a house from the release hoping it would be some of the areas she was hoping for but were only abandons but then one of the areas she wanted was Hammond Park but couldn't get any yesterday due to abandoning a few that morning....it's hard cause you don't want to miss a release but never sure on when it will release alls we know is it's usually in the morning so you keep trying...
  4. oh ok,so that makes it hard if someone abandonned 5 times in a row pretty close together,the problem is that ppl try to get a home especially around release times and since you can't see what the location is you grab it and realize that it wasnt part of the release and if you wait to long and you notice the release hit off you might be to late to try ...so its very touchy and because of that ppl tend to try for a while before the release actually hit with the chance of getting 5 then losing out on the release...wish we knew when release times are so you can try closer to it
  5. thank you both,i wasn"t sure what the answer was so didn't want to answer before getting advice from the more knowledgeables here :)...so you can try again from 24 hours from the first abandon home and not the last one?
  6. i have a question,is there a limit of how many homes you can abandon in a period of 24 hours? someone asked me this as they keep getting something saying you have reached the amount of home ownership please try again in 24 hours...so thought i'd ask here
  7. i have a feeling that for a friday night there will be a big finally for the week maybe Hammond Park or Permaglow lol....but who knows lol
  8. i could see that happen lol...and what about the writing does it have to be red or green?
  9. so you mean if i click on some of the homes it will then say linden homes instead of protected land....thats a good thing to know...thank you so much
  10. how can we tell when an area is ready to go or about to be released? wonder if there will be another release today
  11. ok thank you,i haven't checked out anything from months ago only this forum recently when i got into wanting a Bellisseria home...thank you so much
  12. sorry if anyone asked this but wonder if they will add the new styles of homes to our already made mailboxes for more choices,i think that would be a good idea unless they are planning on giving us a even bigger parcel,otherwise the homes we all have now will become like Meadowbrook area and all the older homes where no one will want these anymore so all the work they are doing now and have done will be a waste in a way so giving us the new styles of homes to chose from as well at least all of the work into seperating and planning all the land would still be used.....
  13. i need to go and check it out to see if its anything i like,didn't think it would be yours lol and right before that there was a boat
  14. i think i may just have gotten yours lol...i can't even seem to log in yet lol
  15. seems to not be much coming up today...had a few boats come up and campers but no trads....wonder what will be released tomorrow
  16. i think i may have just gotten this but like you i am more into grass and rivers...it is truly a beautiful location,nice corner lot with beach behing the house....is anyone interested in a sandy lot? If anyone is interested i will be letting it go in 5 minutes http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Badger Beach/196/150/28
  17. I just saw it it's behind Greenbow and wow that area is coming along nicely,no houses yet but they seperated the lots nicely and put alot of fences and flowers compared to most i have seen.....
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