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  1. I mean group chat transcripts. I used to just click that button and have this window pop up so I could copy/paste my last message from it, and repost it. But for some reason it only saved a few messages, then stopped saving them, so I can't view them in the transcript window. https://gyazo.com/502cf2030e9a62e645905d104a2b0919
  2. Any suggestions as to why it still wont work?
  3. Yes, these are my settings, but still no luck. https://gyazo.com/c85ee82a7167e123c92eff508b92b076 https://gyazo.com/fc9fd6e7cdeaa2b8b4acb5d58f5dcd5f
  4. I recently had to do a windows reinstall and so I had to reinstall Firestorm again and previously I had no issues with saving my chat histories but now it doesn't want to save them. IM's save fine, but my group history is not. I've set it to save log and transcripts, as well as nearby chat. Any help with this?
  5. Join us in The Queen's Arms pub for a party fit for the gods. Theme this week is Gods and Goddesses. You can come as you are and worship us, or come as a god yourself! ;D The DJ is Syn, and Alexis as your host. I will be doing a few themed trivia questions with gacha prizes included. Don't forget there is a later version of this party at 9PM-11PM with DJ Khaotic for those who can't make this one. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Land Rentals/20/164/36
  6. Hm, okay the printing thing sounds easier I suppose. I know that my bank will charge me if I requested a paper statement which I did want to avoid. Will see what I can do. Thanks for the help.
  7. I do have a bank account but all my statements are online, so I don't have a paper doctument for proof of address.
  8. Okay, will send in a ticket. Reason I was asking mostly was incase anyone else had the same issue with me and had managed to resolve it. Thank you.
  9. Join us at 6pm STL TODAY for DJ Khaotic Giggles and Host Alexis Crowley for an apocalyptic quarantine party at The Queen's Arm Pub!!! So dress up and come dance your quarantine blues away!!! You don't have to dress up but the theme is anything like Fallout, Madmax, post-apocalypse, ect. It would be great to see some awesome outfits!
  10. Hello Forum. I was hoping to exchange some Lindens into real currency at some point in the future and was wondering how to go about this. I know I need to show some proof of identification. I will provide my passport for Photo ID purposes but I gather I need a proof of address as well, it says from this list: Current utility bill Bank, credit card, or financial statement Cell phone bill Rental agreement or lease Tax form Voter registration Insurance statement However although I've lived in the UK all my life, I do not actually get any of these documents, so how would I go about that? Are those the ONLY forms of address they're accepting or would something like doctors/NHS letters work as well, as I have those.
  11. I know some people can hear when you take a snapshot but I don't like this as sometimes I like to be subtle lol. Is there a way to silence this?
  12. Ah I see. Things changed a little since I was last on SL. So now most or all new clothes are being made to a mesh system? Because some of the older items I have contain both types.
  13. My avatar base is this one here, if that helps. - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DD-Complete-Mesh-Avatar-Lola-Bento-Head-and-Hands/17143256
  14. Today I got a skin which is lovely. I know how to play with the alpha hud to remove body parts that stick out of my clothing, ect. But those 'painted on' clothes, the standard ones will not show up over my skin alpha layer. If I remove that, my avatar becomes blotchy and ugly, so I keep it on but I can't wear clothes, unless they're the detatchable kind. Any help?
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