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  1. I know some people can hear when you take a snapshot but I don't like this as sometimes I like to be subtle lol. Is there a way to silence this?
  2. Ah I see. Things changed a little since I was last on SL. So now most or all new clothes are being made to a mesh system? Because some of the older items I have contain both types.
  3. My avatar base is this one here, if that helps. - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DD-Complete-Mesh-Avatar-Lola-Bento-Head-and-Hands/17143256
  4. Today I got a skin which is lovely. I know how to play with the alpha hud to remove body parts that stick out of my clothing, ect. But those 'painted on' clothes, the standard ones will not show up over my skin alpha layer. If I remove that, my avatar becomes blotchy and ugly, so I keep it on but I can't wear clothes, unless they're the detatchable kind. Any help?
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