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  1. Surely we can choose to expand the "men" category, if we judge it would best achieve fairness to female athletes.
  2. Just curious, where are you going with that? What's the point you're trying to make?
  3. Creators - and by extension us consumers - are about to find out. I, too, am looking forward to September, but I'm also a bit nervous. 10,000L$ for a fatpack? Hell no. Thing is, at that price, creators don't need that many customers, and I have no doubt they will find them. So...too bad for the rest of us?
  4. That's interesting, I didn't know that. As far as I'm concerned, we as a society need far more conversations around the issues.
  5. I just wanted to say I don't understand the above line. I could have used a "confused" emoji face on your post, but that felt a bit too dismisssive. Also wanted to add - maybe instead of having 2 categories based on sex, there could be a range of categories based on more specific criteria specific to the given sport. In weightlifting, weight and muscle density for example.
  6. Who's limiting? Laurel Hubbard could have competed in the men's category (except that he probably wouldn't have qualified). There's a reason most sports are sex-segregated. We probably need a third category, but I doubt that's workable.
  7. Well, I kinda agree with that bit at least to an extent, but I guess it's easier to have a sledgehammer approach. And the regulation that's coming is to stop that way of selling entirely. But wether I agree or not is irrelevant, anyway. The regulatory environment is what it is, and LL have to err on the side of caution, it'd be commercial suicide on their part not to.
  8. Yeah, but you could have gotten 4 of the same tops, all the same colour. At average (old) gacha prices, that would be around betwen 250l$ and 500 L$. For one top. If you're lucky, you're happy with the colour. (If you're not...tough luck, eh?) Which you might still deem good value, and that's your prerogative. But you had no way to know. How is that not a gamble???
  9. Buy full perm models and make it yours with your own textures? Full perm models are not just for reselling.
  10. Maybe. Possibly. But you never know what somebody's circumstances are. Maybe they needed the money to pay for medical bills, or something. (Then again, of course, maybe not.) Money's nice. Honestly, if I was them and had found a way to make lots of (relatively speaking) money... I'm not sure I wouldn't do it. Though I hope I'd be smart enough to have a backup plan (and a high interest savings account...not there are any of those left...)
  11. I'm neither a gacha seller or a gacha customer, but I'm willing to bet the honest answer is: because they can make (far?) more money that way. I don't know how much more, but I must say this thread has been quite the eye opener...
  12. That's not a bad thing, I think. For me as a buyer, it's much nicer to be able to buy the item I want without faffing about with random outcomes. I do think it could have been achieved by mandating that anything that could be bought from a gacha should also be on sale in the regular way (at a reasonable price - and I'm aware that "reasonable" is a subjective term). Seems to me that would please both the set of people who enjoy the gambling aspect and those who don't, but, eh, I don't make the rules.
  13. And I'd add: prices not to be more than - say - 10L or 20L or something equally low, to minimise losses to the buyer. How's that?
  14. No they won't. They have a choice. If they want to, they can just walk away and come back later to see if the item they want is the current one. Kinda like checking a lucky chair to see if your letter is now showing. (That's in the stores... at events, I would imagine the queue would move quite briskly. In fact, as has been pointed in the thread by several people, events could become a clusterf.... quite quickly.... But that's another issue.) I'd be interested to know whether the new system will have a periodic built in reshuffling of the queue, though, and at what interval. Otherwise, it's bound to get stuck on some items, which is good for neither the seller or the buyer.
  15. I can TOTALLY relate to that. I'd write TOTALLY in even bigger letters if I could!
  16. Not to mention a big part of social media. "How many likes did I get for that instagram post?" 345648484 likes. OMG!!!!! I'm the best! What, zero likes. No, no, no, no, that can't be true. I just want to die right now.
  17. Siri, show me an example of a rhetorical question. Sorry. Could resist.
  18. Interesting reply, but you're the one bringing morality into it. It was nowhere in my mind when I wrote my post. Yes, I would rather support creators than resellers (and I say this as somebody who buys a lot of things second hand, in RL, and who loves thrift stores and fleamarkets). Virtue? Pffffft. It actually makes economic sense. Nobody will want to create anything to offer for sale if they don't sell anything, surely? And if the primary market dwindles, so does the secondary market. The "work" involved in selling a gacha item is minimal, especially considering the work involved in creating the item in the first place. I mean, it's like comparing a grain of dust to the Great Pyramids of Giza. Skill? Don't make me laugh. Most of the resellers on the marketplace don't even bother writing anything, they just upload a picture of the gacha sale poster, usually low res, so that you have to squint REALLY hard to see what item corespond to the gacha item number. That's if they add the number in the first place. Free advertising? Have you ever seen a gacha reseller giving the the slurl to the original store?
  19. Presumably, some people would then buy the fatpack to break it into pieces for selling on the marketplace individually. As somebody said somewhere in earlier in this thread, I'd rather give that money to the creator. So, if a creator would like that money...we're back to selling things the time honoured way... Actually, for every item in a store, I think it would be great to have two options to buy an item: one that is copy/no transfer, and one that is no copy/ transfer (I think I have seen some stores that do that).
  20. Yep - selling the "regular" way. Quite a few stores do that... I agree, it's so much nicer for the consumer....
  21. Stupid question, probably, but if fishing is OK, because you're buying a known item (a token? bait? I don't fish, but I'm somewhat hazy on the details), and what you get via the token? Bait? is no transfer… why can't the game formerly known as gachas (let's call it "gotcha!") use the same structure? You buy a token, and feed it in the gotcha! machine and get a (no transfer) random thing. Wouldn't that be OK? Never mind that the token in itself is absolutely worthless: you can't wear it, or use it as décor, or do anything with it… You know what you're getting and anything after doesn't matter, apparently. Seems strange to me that that's OK. (To be clear, I've only played gachas a few times, when I was quite happy to get whatever from what's on offer, and I'm certainly glad if the way forward is to know what I'm getting, so I'm not trying to save gachas or anything…. as far as I'm concerned, good riddance to gachas.) Also I've only the faintest idea of what's involved in fishing (maybe that's obvious?). But I'm just puzzled - what would stop sellers of gachas doing that, sell tokens to be used in gacha machines (and make the random items no transfer)? Am I missing something? I HAVE tried reading the whole tread…but I wouldn't want to be quizzed on it…
  22. Something I can say for sure I'll never suffer from. Hey, why is everybody running away?
  23. The more classes I go to, the more I agree with that.... Also, I definitely found that some of the classes are quite... forceful at fishing for tips. Which I can understand, but as somebody who's not from North America, I do find that slightly offputting. Also, what's with not offering class notes? It can take me about an hour to edit a chat log, and every minute that I do it I feel really pissed off that I have to do it. So I'm "paying" with my time, and on top of that I have to tip you? Nope. Is it just me who feels that way?
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