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  1. Or alternatively, to copy some teleports to a specific folder? I can't see an obvious way of doing it, but maybe I'm missing something?
  2. Vespertine has a 5LI kitchen on the marketplace, when I get a home, it's definitely on my shopping list...
  3. oh, nice! Would you mind sharing where they are from? I'm not "in" with the cool kids, so I have no idea where they might be from.
  4. If you're using the Chrome one, you can set it up as default, so you don't have to type it in every time (now that you know how to spell it....) - maybe you know this already...
  5. It seems to work magic for a lot of people...Good luck! :-)
  6. I LIKE this thread. I (well, my alt with the premium account) must have missed out on about 50 (100?) homes since the big houseboats release, I can't even remember when that was, and it does make me feel less frustrated to know I'm not alone. If you have a home already, nobody's asking you to visit this thread! Oh, and I've been using Auto Refesh Plus on Chrome since Marianne Little first mentioned it (thank you Marianne), I'm on a 1 sec refresh rate, and I can't click any faster - at the end of the day, there are not enough homes yet and it's more like a lottery than anything else. Gah! I know it's only pixels...but still.
  7. So if I get a premium membership today, I still pay the old price, and on June 4th, I can lock in that price for another year, so I get two years at the old price? Asking for a friend fellow alt... 😉 (Pretty good value if that's the case...)
  8. Just a quick note here to say that I'd love to be able to have a customized membership type thing (not sure how easy it would be to implement, of course). See, I don't care for most groups (IMs are something else…) (yeah, OK, I'm in a minority, possibly a minority of one*), and I REALLY don't care about the premium gifts, the priority entry to whatever it is, or Premium only areas. I do care about the stipend (one of the best incentive for going premium, AFAIK) and I do care about having a Linden Home (especially the new ones, which are wonderful) and enough prim allowance for decorating it. Other people will obviously value different things. So being able to tailor what you're getting for your money would be absolutely fantastic. Any chance of that happening, or is it a utter logistical nightmare and a complete non-starter? PS I fail to see how lowering the group limit for basic members is a good thing - won't people simply be creating more alts, just to get group slots, anyway? And I wholeheartly second people who say - don't apply the lowering of group slots to existing users, apply it to new users only. How is taking something away from people a good idea???? PS2 group housekeeping on the Linden side sounds like a great idea to me. A lot of platforms monitor inactive users and deactivate their accounts. Makes sense to me… *As far as keeping up with new releases by creators, that's what blogs and Flickr (and the RSS feeds associated with them) are for. Though certainly group discounts are a sweet deal.
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