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  1. I recently changed my payment method from Paypal to a credit card, and I did not have to agree to anything (as in: "please provide us with gov approved ID otherwise you can't go further"), so it looks like giving money to LL is easy, it's the taking money away part that requires verification... LOL. Oh well, regulations are what they are, and at the end of the day, they are put in place to protect people. I hope.
  2. LOL, now that is an interesting point! Now much I can do about it, of course, but it means in theory, the UK could choose to stop slapping VAT on top of most things... but apparently the value of VAT to the government is about £120 billions/ year (I could be wrong, I only did a quick scan, so don't quote me - it's a LOT of money, at any rate). So the probability of VAT disappearing from tier (to stay within the context of SL) is probably quite...remote. And either LL will keep UK as part of Europe for their accounting purpose, or there will be a separate TOS for UK only, but from a user's POV
  3. Yeah, I've crunched the numbers, and using a premium account is about the same price as paying land use fees, in my specific circumstances, so that's probably what I'll end up doing. It's good if the info contained in this thread can be useful to anybody else - there's not much out there (that I could find easily) that deals with managing group land with respect to payment of land use fees, in a really practical way (ie in a way that similar to what Pussycat Catnap outlined above). I've assumed in my calculations that land use fees ARE subject to VAT - do you know otherwise @Alwin Alcott
  4. @Pussycat Catnap THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! That's exactly the information I needed. Purely out of curiosity, what happens if I don't do that, or don't do it right, for whatever reason? I mean, I AM going to do the right thing...but I'm curious: does the system have internal checks to make sure people/ accounts pay the right amount?
  5. Oh, OK, I'm with you. But from the POV of seeing what the most economical way is to pay for a parcel, I'm only interested in the free 1024 that comes with the account. I figure that once that's used up, it doesn't matter what account levels up...
  6. @Alwin Alcott Excellent - thanks for clarifying that. @BJoyful I did think about using a premium account vs paying land use fees, but that's why I'm trying to find out more about paying the fees, so that I can compare better and can make a decision as to what works best. Now about the premium reducing the cost of an account … I'm not sure I get it (I've seen the argument before), I'm sure I'm missing something. Seems to me it only reduces the actual cost of an account if you take money out of SL (the stipend converted to USD) back into your account. What am I missing? Anyway,
  7. So I have bought some land, and I ended up not needing to use auctions, and was able to buy for the group. So no land fees - nice. But one of the accounts in the group (not the group owner) has a premium membership that expires soon, and I don't want to renew, so their contribution to the group will stop, and I'll start paying land fees. Questions: - I'm assuming that when land is group owned, the charge goes through the account who is the group owner, am I correct? Do I need to set anything manually in the Land Use Fees page or is that adjusted automatically? (If it doesn't go throu
  8. BINGO! I was wearing the group tag, but did not have the Ability - thank you!
  9. Oh, now I have another question, but it's on a similar topic, so I figure I'd use this thread rather than start a new one... I didn;t win the auction, but I did find some land I'd like to buy... but the "buy for group" button is greyed out. I am wearing my group tag, and the group has more land to it than the amount I want to buy. The land for sale is owned by a group, however. Is that why the "buy for group" button is greyed out? What should I do? How can I buy this land? Does anybody know? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks, good to know. Now would this work? - buy land at auction with account 1 (let's assume the bid is successful) - deed land to group (the group will have land enough to cover land usage even without the contribution of account 1) - set account 1 land contribution to 0 - account 1 sells land to account 2 (who is also in the group, and does contribute some land) - account 1 gets downgraded to basic - land belongs to account 2, who holds it for the group, and the group has enough land that account 2 doesn't need to pay additional fees OK, I kinda feel
  11. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. So I'll be able to see the payment date due somewhere in my account? Good to know.
  12. Great, thank you @AdminGirl and @Lindal Kidd - both your answers helped a lot. I don't think there is any way I'll avoid paying for the increased tier, since the parcel I'm looking at is greater than the individual 1024 allowance, but I might try and use an account that has the full allowance (the original account I was planning to use has a camper, and zero intention of giving it up - I love the location too much!) Anyway, thank you both for your replies.
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