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  1. Something I can say for sure I'll never suffer from. Hey, why is everybody running away?
  2. The more classes I go to, the more I agree with that.... Also, I definitely found that some of the classes are quite... forceful at fishing for tips. Which I can understand, but as somebody who's not from North America, I do find that slightly offputting. Also, what's with not offering class notes? It can take me about an hour to edit a chat log, and every minute that I do it I feel really pissed off that I have to do it. So I'm "paying" with my time, and on top of that I have to tip you? Nope. Is it just me who feels that way?
  3. Ah, but is it a choice if there's only one? ...I'll see myself out. PS uh? new people and people playing the GoH get the same screen, so that comment had me scratching my head, I must say...
  4. I was kinda hoping for that, actually. I just didn't want to ask a specific instructor at a specific class...
  5. I've been thinking about taking some classes at Builders Brewery, and I know you're supposed to tip the instructors. I have no idea how much I should tip. I don't want to come across as a cheapskate, but on the other hand I don't have unlimited amounts of money… So, would anybody be willing to give me a guide as to how much the tip should be? I have NO frame of reference for this at all! And yes, I do find it embarrassing to ask... (I suppose I could ask the instructor, but that's even more embarassing)
  6. I finished Mahogany last night, so I'm only slightly late... Looking at the picture, I'm thinking the background is mahoganier (what do you mean, that's not a word?) than the top. Oh well. My socks are actually liver, but you'll have to take my word for it.
  7. Taking a break from exploring with some hot chocolate.
  8. I love this place. There's a minimalism to it that reminds me of AM Radio's builds. It's not just a landcape, it's a landscape with a story (and what looks llike quite a grisly one, at that). The abandoned police car and the broken down snowplough are only the start. Once you've found the bloody axe, you won't look at the homely dinner table quite the same way... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noweeta/36/151/3502
  9. That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain. The only way I've ever worn a skin is by double clicking on it... I'm certainly not about to start with appliers (I imagine they are on their way out now?). And as far as I can tell, BOM layers work just as well without a mesh body, so it's like being back in the old days, lol.
  10. Ah - it took me a while to understand what was meant by BOM mode, but I got it. Thank you. I still don't understand everything, but I'm getting there.
  11. Thanks. But when I wear the Lelutka head, I do need to wear one of the alphas provider, otherwise it doesn't look right, so that's pretty confusing. I thought that BOM was a layer that goes onto a mesh head/ body, the way systems layers back in the day went on the default avatar body; and that mesh heads/ bodies are mesh objects that go over the default avatar body, like mesh clothes but, well, body shaped, and that's why you need alphas, to hide what's underneath. So I've got it all wrong? Is there a handy guide somewhere, written for absolute idiots like me, that explains these thing in
  12. I picked up the Akeruka gift head for an alt, and when trying it on with the included alpha mask, it looks bright tomato red. Like this: It looks fine without the alpha, so I'm not complaining, but does anybody know what's going on? Is there some kind of setting I should be playing with?
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