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  1. I've been using an Esode skin since someone nice bought it for me when I was new. I really like it and it has such a pure , younger look. I went and checked out the Session skins and got lots of demos last night and OMG! they are so detailed and beautiful. It completely changed my look but made me look older and I'm not sure if I can change. I would recommend it, though.
  2. Thanks to all for the helpful responses. I didn't realize that there were so many groups inside out of of SL to get information. I guess I'm still something of a noob.
  3. Thanks a ton for this. I didn't even know there were sites or groups set up outside of SL.
  4. I gave up my original Linden home right after Bellisseria started without knowing that it would take me until July 30th to actually get a new home. I did the whole refresh thing, was too slow a couple times, then FINALLY IT HAPPENED! I clicked through accepting the house so fast that I didn't know what I got until I TP'd and found out I had a Houseboat. I was soooo excited I could barely think. Here I am 2 weeks later and I'm missing my old home. I see a green dot in my region or close regions every now and then, but I have never seen another person. I haven't seen all these comm
  5. I got a houseboat about 10 minutes ago. I've been refreshing constantly for days. I saw 4 pop up yesterday but wasn't fast enough to get it. Feels wonderful after abandoning my first home and being homeless for months. I was really starting to hate it.
  6. I finally got a houseboat about 10 minutes ago. I've been refreshing my phone almost every minute the last couple of days. I saw 4 new homes pop up yesterday but wasn't fast enough and missed it. Just got really lucky. I was feeling the same as everybody else. I abandoned my first home a couple months ago and have been homeless ever since because I could never get a new place. Good luck everybody. I know how much it sucks.
  7. Is there some kind of training or somebody to learn from? I joined SL because I'm abnormally shy in RL and thought this would be a good way to try to be more open. I'd like to try being a dancer and am willing to learn and do my best.
  8. I never come to the forums and didn't k owed how the new homes worked. I abandoned my old home yesterday and went to pick a new one but only got the option to pick the old 512 homes. So, I come to the forums and see that they go super fast and I might have to wait another month. I spent the time removing all my stuff and now I'm homeless. I would be OK with it because it was mostly my fault, but then I come here and see that some people have many new homes for them and all their alts. It would be nice if those of us with only one avi could may e get priority over somebody's 5t
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