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  1. I was so slow on the new linden homes!! But if anyone is abandoning there new linden homes (which is unlikely), please IM me <3
  2. i see a lot of people asking me about roommate. Sorry but no longer looking for one !! :)
  3. Currently we are still looking for roommates! IM me for more info!
  4. Lindal thank you for your advice. What I did atm was removing my card, and yes that did help. But I buy stuff on marketplace / in world stores too, and second life is not letting me buying anything unless i have a payment method which frustrates me as well. About the tax, from what I see on my profile I'm not applied to VAX. Yes I did notice I had more than 1024, but I immediately abandoned my Lindens home. Now its 1024 L no charge at all. According to the information it charges around 4 usd per month but u can see its not a monthly charge…so I doubt it… And yes I do check
  5. I have been taken money out of my credit card, for no reason. This is the entire story… On 8/31 I noticed my credit card was charged for nearly 30 usd, which in my account history I couldnt find any matching information. I talked to live support and they asked me to fire a ticket. I did and in the end I noticed it was actually a late transaction from 8/29… On 9/5 I used my credit card to purchase Lindens, that costed around 13 usd. When I checked my visa card. It was immediately charged 13 usd, later that night I checked my bank account linked to my visa, showing that beside that 13
  6. Hi, to all of you. I left second life years ago, and came back recently because I wanted to see if I can meet more people. I may seem out going, and energetic, inside im fragile. I would always took up the courage to say hi, but in the end scared them all because I'm probably just too annoying … ? wanting to chat with ppl and maybe hang out with them. But so far I dont regret meeting people here. I've found many cool people by accident, lots of talented people I admire! But hey if u dont mind an annoying friend … QAQ pls give me some of the hugs.
  7. why quit SL care to share your opinion ?
  8. Hello Ladies and Gents. Do you have a partner in SL? Do you think you are compatible with each other? Thanks for reading this Forum Q1. Who are we? A1: We are >>Parallel Universe Pageants Ltd<< Q2: What events have you guys held before? A2: Ever head of The Miss Parallel Universe Pageant 2018, we are proud to announce the next event in our portfolio, The Power Couple Competition !! Brief Intro of the Event: Power couple promises you a realistic beauty pageant experience where second life couples will compete with each other to win the ultim
  9. Update: I got IMs and because I'm from GMT +8 sorry for late replies. Currently found one room mate, looking for more! If you wanna come live in or shortly use the rooms IM me and yes it's free
  10. Currently we are having only one room available ! It's free sharing this house. If you like staying with us and want to help with rent its grateful if not we dont force you! IM me at Alic3W
  11. Looking also for a friend, if you also need a place to stay! I got you
  12. If roommates wanna bring close friends over yo share a room , its totally okay too! Just make sure you bring them over too ! Or ask them to IM me
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